18 Mini Materia Medica – Helios

Here are a list of remedies for common conditions you can deal with yourself. Remember to contact a professional healtpractitioner if you do not get help or are qualified to assess the situation.

If you look for the remedies that have been used for the pandemic 2020, be it influenza, upper respiratory track infection or a common cold look here.

With gratefulness to John Morgan and Helios Pharmacy we have the permission to present the information from the home-kit:
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Please note: No. 1 Remedy = Most frequently prescribed. To ensure your prescribing is as accurate as possible always
match the symptoms as closely as possible to the medicine.

No. 1 Remedy for nipping colds in the bud.
Useful in the early stages of colds, fevers, inflammations. Suits healthy people whose complaints come on suddenly. Possible
causes: cold / dry wind; fright / shock. Characterised by extreme restlessness and fear. May specifically have an unfounded
fear of death. Dry, hot skin. Symptoms worse evening / around midnight. Thirsty for cold drinks. May say everything tastes
bitter, except water. Better: fresh air. Worse: touch.

No. 1 Remedy for bites and stings.
To be effective symptoms should generally fit the following picture. Oedematous swellings. Redness. Pains burning and
stinging. Restlessness. Thirstlessness. Better: cold applications. Worse: heat; 4-6pm.

No. 1 Remedy for accidents / shock / physical exhaustion.
Should be a first choice after most accidents, injuries or physical ordeals. Given early it will reduce swelling and bruising.
Patient has a fear of being touched, because of the pain and may want to be left alone. May claim to be alright when they
clearly are not. Classic response of someone in shock. Upper body is hot, whilst lower is cold. Memory may also be poor.
Worse; jarring; lying on injured part.

No. 1 Remedy for food poisoning.
Characterised by great physical prostration with mental restlessness. Patient does not want to be left alone. May have a fear
of death. Pains and discharges are burning, yet the patient feels chilly and all symptoms, except headache, are better for
heat. Thirsty for frequent sips of (usually) hot drinks. Better: warmth; lying down. Worse: midnight – 3am.

No.1 Remedy for very high fevers.
Inflamed area or entire patient (!) is burning, red and hot. The eyes are glassy and the pupils dilated. Onset of
complaints is sudden. Possible cause: chill to the head. Pains are violent and throbbing. Rapid pulse. Patient is angry,
may be delirious and even have visions. Thirsty, may crave lemonade. Better: lying down. Worse: touch or jarring
movement; 3pm.

No. 1 Remedy for dry, painful coughs.
Dryness of all mucous membranes. Great thirst for large amounts at long intervals (opposite of Arsenicum). Patient lies
absolutely still; all symptoms are much worse for the slightest movement. Pains are stitching. A “bear with a sore head”
who is irritable and resentful of being questioned or fussed over. Better: firm pressure. Worse: 9pm; after eating
cabbage, beans.

No. 1 Remedy for the intense pain of burns.
Often effective in the treatment of cystitis, where there are burning pains before, during and after urination. Intense mental
and physical irritation. Onset is sudden and violent. Pains are cutting and burning. Patients have a burning, intense thirst,
but are worse after drinking (especially cold drinks). Better: cold applications. Worse: touch.

No. 1 Remedy for teething children.
Especially if child has one red cheek. Characterised by over-sensitivity. Pains are intolerable and appear to be out of all
proportion to the illness or injury. Suited to bad-tempered children who are only quiet when carried and constantly request,
then reject things. They are hot and sweaty (especially the head). Better; for being uncovered. Worse: 9pm – midnight.

No. 1 Remedy for flu.
Especially if there is shivering up and down the spine. Characterised by paralysis. The remedy is known as the “glass coffin”
because although there is complete physical prostration, it is coupled with mental alertness. Patient trembles, has aching
muscles and heaviness especially of the head and eyes – even the eyelids droop.

No. 1 Remedy for injury to nerves.
Useful first aid treatment for lacerated wounds from sharp instruments or any injury to nerve-rich areas (e.g. slamming door
on fingers or falling on the coccyx). Pains are extreme and shoot along the nerves. Reputed anti-tetanus properties.

No. 1 Remedy for recent bereavement / emotional shock.
Useful for treating symptoms which follow acute loss, grief or disappointed love. Patient may not be able to accept what has
happened and reacts with a sense of disbelief. Other signs may include hiccoughs, involuntary sighing or yawning. Can be
used to treat fainting and hysteria. Better: warmth. Worse: tobacco; fresh air.

No. 1 Remedy for puncture wounds and black eyes.
Like Hypericum has reputed anti-tetanus properties. Use to treat deep wounds (e.g. those caused by nails) and bites from
both animals and insects. Pains are sticking, tearing and throbbing. Area is swollen, blue and cold but, strangely, feels hot to
the sufferer. Better: cold applications. Worse: heat.

No. 1 Remedy for mouth ulcers.
Suits those people who are human thermometers, incredibly sensitive to both heat and cold and better moderate
temperatures. They have very smelly breath and discharges (which may be streaked with blood). They are prone to swollen
glands / colds and sweat profusely. Excessive saliva, especially at night, but they are extremely thirsty. Worse: in bed at night.

No. 1 Remedy for hang-overs
…and over-indulgence in rich food. People who need this remedy are very chilly. Emotionally they tend to be tense, irritable and
over-sensitive.They suffer from digestive complaints and although they feel much better for vomiting, they find it difficult to
do so. They often work and play very hard, surviving on a “diet” of coffee, alcohol and tobacco, despite the effect it has on them.
For best results take the remedy a few hours before going to bed. Better: rest; warmth and hot drinks. Worse: in the morning.

No. 1 Remedy for childhood ear infections.
With this remedy the symptoms and the patients themselves are very changeable. Emotionally they are moody, tearful and
crave company. Children are clingy and whine. Pulsatilla types are thirstless and are much worse for being in a stuffy room;
their mood improves dramatically when they go out in the fresh air. Discharges are thick, bland and yellow-green. Complaints
may come on after getting wet, chilled feet. Better: bathing; crying; movement; pressure. Worse: twilight; wet, windy

No. 1 Remedy for sprains and strains.
Stiffness, coupled with terrible restlessness. Pains usually around joints, which ache, feel sore, bruised. The pain gets worse on
first movement, with a tearing or stitching sensation, but this eases after continued movement, provided it is not too
strenuous. Patients who need Rhus Tox hate damp, cold weather. During colds, fevers, flus, a triangular red tip at the end of
their tongue is an excellent confirmatory symptom. Children who need this remedy crave cold milk.

No. 1 Remedy for injuries to tendons and bone surface.
(Periosteum). Ruta’s action is deeper, but it has a less distinctive picture than Rhus tox. It is less restless. Bone feels damaged.
Worse: lying on the affected part.

No. 1 Remedy for forcing out splinters, etc.
In first aid treatment excellent for forcing foreign bodies out, but beware if you have a pace-maker, grommets, metal pins etc.
In acute illnesses suits chilly types, who keep getting infections, which are very slow to clear up. Thirsty. Perspire easily. Better:
heat. Worse: cold, damp, wet weather.

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