Holonistic knowledge – what can we gain?

When we in 2008 started our “proving” experiments, with new ways of gaining knowledge we had some assumptions:Skjermbilde 2016-06-30 kl. 12.15.27

• It would stimulate our personal development – that has been confirmed

• It would open up the doors to knowledge lying hidden or dormant or in another realm or dimension – also confirmed

• It would stimulate the intuition, a sixth sense and critical thinking amongst us – also confirmed

• It has also helped us in understanding and improving this new methodology

• It has opened up the understanding of the groups dynamic as a beneficial influence on health, the individual health and the health of the group

• It has revealed that the nature or qualities of all the things and concepts we have explored, can be perceived as a polarity

• It has been a direct experience of a higher holon, as a changed state or presence influencing the group, like the presence of an energy or a being, having both impact, intention and knowledge

• It has stimulated a better balance between the subjective and objective perspectives in us

• It has made us aware of the presence of synchronicity on a national and even global level

• It has given us an increased mastering in our individual lives

• It has given us a deep understanding of the substances or concepts we have explored

• It has taking us from a level of observing or knowing about a substance/concept, to grasping and interacting with it, until it has become an inner awareness an integrated part of ourselves

• It has shown us that the material presence is not necessary to experience the influence, neither is an energetic transmission, the consciousness is all it takes and it transcends both time and space

• The importance, consequences and application of these points are still in the making

You can read more about holonistic knowledge here

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