Letters, pictograms and archetypes

Letters, pictograms and archetypes
Letters started as pictures. Imagine the letter A upside down og you realize how it was picturing the ox. With time the ox head turn 90 degrees a was lying and later turned to become our present A. Each letter started as a picture or a concept.

The structure behind Persian, Arabic, Greek and Hebrew letters show a relation going back to common roots. The structure seems planed and has been found in the old Egyptian culture too. The old Egyptians perceived creation in different myths. One was in a hierarchy of 9 creative Gods, the Paut-Neteru (Nine-Gods), and in these old alphabets the structure of nine is strong. In Egypt every town or village had their triads of Gods, and trinity is frequent in many theologies and mythologies.

When ever we see 3, representing a unity or wholeness, one will represent stability, action and the last balance. By combining 3 with 3 with 3 you get 3x3x3 or 33, the 27 basic letters. In the hebrew alphabet the first nine letters represent the numbers from 1-9, the next nine letters the numbers from 10-90 and the last nine letters the numbers from 100-900.

So with 3 principles combined one gets 27 basic concepts and they are pictured with simple pictures later to become letter-numbers or symbols. These nine fundamental principals could be described as:

1: Existence, being or singularity
2: Container, background or matrix
3: Exchange, motion, communication
4: Resistance, differentiation or choice
5: Life, manifestation and unfoldment
6: Connecting, fertilize or seal
7: Perfection, wholeness and mastering
8: Elimination, destruction or chaos

9: Seed, hibernation or completion.


These 9 principals are then described in 3 levels; The basic archetypes (1-9), these manifested in life, incarnated (10-90) and then transcended and returned to the source (100-900).

1 Aleph means Ox, energy source, the potential of getting things done, getting more cattle. Equivalent of your interest in the bank, a tractor, power station, or a jeep (4W & winch etc.) This is pure energy, pure power, creative energy, but also unity with the source, the highest of highest. It is the unity where all and nothing becomes one.

2 Beth means House, a container, the space where the creator manifests, and the manifested creation. Keep and contain. Creator and Creation, two-ness. The preposition “in” as “In the beginning”. Which could be read as “the container of beginnings”. Here Aleph can manifest and dwell.

3 Gimmel means Camel, transport, communication. As you can see in exchange of thoughts, persons and goods – trade. Any exchange between two units; energy, thoughts, words, looks, ideas, things etc. Now one Beth can relate to another Beth or commute between Beth´s.

4 Daleth means Door, e.g. inside or outside, left or right, choice, differentiation, friction, regulation. Now gimmel become regulated, slowed down, adjusted and differentiated.

5 He means Window, breathing hole, respiration, pulsating life and autonomous manifestation. Like man as a pentagram, the five senses and unfolding life. Now Aleph has reached the biggest distance to itself on the circle and can perceive him-her-self, as opposed.

6 Vav means Plug, nail, connection. The conjunction “and”, and all that connects, merges, grows into another, combines, joins, fixes and seals. But also penetration and fertilization. Now “He” can join “He” in fertility and company.

7 Zain means Sword, regalia, sovereignty and diplomas. This letter represents all potential possibilities that is mastered. Now the creation is in tune with the creator again. 

8 Cheth means Fence, border, exclusion. Dissolution, destruction or chaos. All is broken down to the basic elements and returning to potential use. Again they can be part of a new Beth.

9 Teth is a coiled snake, the circle is completed, the plant turned into seed. Hibernation, rest, coiled potential in a seed to become the big tree. Aleph returns home to itself, enriched with experience. 

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