Your health is your potential to evolve – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

There is a fascinating relation between your health and your ability to evolve or master life.

Let us look into this important mystery of life and see how it brings together modern psychology, old Chinese medicine and principles of healing that we see in complementary therapy and particularly homeopathy.

The old Chinese spoke about the three treasures in life or San Bao (San = three, Bao = treasures). These were; Jing, Qi and Shen.


You are born with an inherited potential that determines your life span, that is Jing. It is difficult to increased it but possible to some extent. I like to look at it as the quality and quantity of the vitality you get and pass on from or to your ancestors.

For woman childbearing, lactation and menstruation uses their Jing, for men ejaculations do the same. Sexual sublimation is hence one of the paths to strengthen the Jing. Slow quality sex is good for Jing as opposed to just having an orgasm.
Also overworking or staying up night after night or any activity that squeezes your resources exploits the Jing.

I have found that the easiest way to increase Jing is through spiritual work. You are a unit or holon (A holon is a wholeness and a part at the same time). You consist of smaller units of organs (also holons) that consist of cells (also holons), but you are also a part of a bigger holon. You are part of your family, of the human kind, of the living earth as well as the universe.
This is your ancestral roots; family, race, human kind, all life on earth and the whole universe back to Big Bang. If you work spiritually to harmonise your connection with these higher holons you get in touch with the source of Jing and it will increase within you. Every time you connect spiritually to a bigger holon a small drop of Jing is added to your Jing account.
As you connect deeper with your roots you also lay the foundation for a brighter future, strong deep roots gives your tree the potential for a high strong crown.

Qi is your daily vitality. After a good nights sleep or vacation you  feel fresh. After a walk in nature, working outdoors, sun-bathing, yoga, breathing deep or eating healthy food you can feel your health gets fresh and vital.
With every breath you take Qi is distributed to every part of your body.
To compensate for unhealthy living you spend your Qi to recover. A good Qi gives resistance to disease and a disease requires Qi to re-establish your state of health.

Shen is awareness, consciousness or mind. If you are tired, sleepy or in a state of indifference and loathing of life your Shen is weak. If you are present in the moment, inspired and spiritually awake your Shen is strong. A good Shen is reflected in your posture, your presence, your complexion and appearance. A good Shen sparkles through your eyes.

You can read more about the three treasurer here.

The old Qi Gong masters said:
Refine your Jing to replenish your Qi
Refine your Qi to replenish your Shen
Refine your Shen and return to the void

The void is the same as Nirvana (nothingness) in Buddhism or Ain (nothing) in the Kabbalah-tradition. It refers to a state where everything is so deeply connected that The All and The Nothing becomes the same thing. This is close to the term singularity in modern physics.

The Qi Gong saying tells us about the tree qualities that determines your health as well as how they relate to spiritual awakening. Let us look at some other principles regarding health.

Healing principles
When healing takes place it follows certain principles or directions. I have collected them and organized them here;

  1. Downwards
  2. Outwards
  3. Reversing
  4. Unifying
  5. From more vital to less vital organs
  6. From severe pathology to lighter pathology
  7. Increased comprehension
  8. Increased presence
  9. Increased meaningfulness
  10. Increased mastery or manageability
  11. Increased coherence
  12. Increased holonity

1. Downwards
Having worked with patients for forty years, I can confirm Hahnemanns observation (a German doctor that discovered the principles of homeopathy) that healing often has a downward direction. It can be understood in two ways. The most obvious is in the body itself. When young people come to me for pimples it is striking to see how the forehead clears up first, then the cheeks, chin and last the back. The same you see in eczema or rheumatism.
The other way you see this direction is that mental challenges become emotional and emotional become vital and the last physical. Patients with severe mental pathology can, during healing, get serious physical pathology, but it will still feel as an improvement.

2. Outwards
This we see as internal problems surfacing. It can be a longer healing process ending up in a skin condition before the patients is cured. It can also be mucus or other excretions from the skin, perspiration, urine and stool. This is regarded as an elimination from within outwards.

3. Reversing
Often we hear patients say; I have not had this for the last 10 years, or I got back my old problem. This is a passing process and can last from a few hours to a few days and with some patients you can follow their timeline backwards as healing takes place. It can be seen as cleaning up your desk or garage and as you go deeper you find older and older stuff.

4. Unifying
Every patient has a split or polarity that decreases as you heal. This you can see from Jungian psychology as an increased awareness of your opposite unconscious side, your anima or animus. Or as the bridging of the archetypes in your psyche. A person that is very responsible and organized (see archetypes) tend to have a need to cultivate the connection with his needs. One part is too grown up and the opposite child part in the person is an area that they have not developed enough, are not aware off or supress. This creates a tension between those to sides of life. You can read more about this split here.

5. From more vital to less vital organs
A person with repeating kidney problems could develop frequent bladder infections as they cure and get healthier. A patients with asthma could develop hay-fever as they cure (often also a reversing) etc.

6. From severe pathology to lighter pathology
Healing will often move from destructive pathology, to conditions of proliferation or excessive excretions and then to conditions where the underlying weakness reappears. In homeopathy there is a whole science about this under the heading miasms (See my book on Miasms).

7. Increased comprehension
As you heal you start to understand why you have certain complains or challenges, you start to see patterns in your life and symptoms. You become aware of disease as a process with its causations and an increased predictability.

8. Increased presence
says a healthy state is required to realize your potential in his Organon (§9), Jung uses the term individuation, Mazlow, self-realization, Rogers, self-actualization. It all is about the same thing about a potential to present something better in your presence. Very much like an increased Shen. I would say that working with patients four decades one of the most striking features of a healing person is how they become more of themselves, how their potential gets realized, how their inner core gets stronger almost like a willow becoming more and more like an oak, or a weak light becomes more and more brilliant and radiant.

9. Increased meaningfulness
As you become healthier you also feel confident of a meaning and purpose in life. This is represented by a providence full of wisdom and love for you as well as anything else. You feel an increased sense of trust and confidence as well as connection with something transcendental.

10. Increased mastery or manageability
has selected the term manageability and it is so close to my term mastery that I will put them together. Manageability is about competencies, skills or abilities to take care of challenges in a controlled way. The perspective of mastery takes it one step further and puts the emphasis on virtues as the source of mastering as well as the way to describe the manageability of your life.

11. Increased coherence or synchronicity
Antonovsky uses coherence as a heading and says it consist of comprehensibility (7), manageability (10) and meaningfulness (9). I think it should be a quality by itself and that it is so close to synchronicity that they could be put together. A person that has reached a certain level of development will realize that things are coming together in their life more and more. They stop believing in coincidences or that things happen by chance. They go with the flow, or Shakti and they see how external circumstances are in tune with their life on many levels. This is similar to number 4.

12. Increased holonity
A holon is both a wholeness and a part of a bigger wholeness. An organ that works in harmony with the body has a higher degree of holonity than an organ that is in disharmony with the body. A person that abides to the bigger wholeness or acts out of the principles of the best for the all has a bigger degree of holonity. Holonity is the degree of harmony between a holon as a part and the bigger holon it belongs to. As people get healthier you see an increased harmony with their family, and also that they consciously take a role as to increase that harmony. If your health is even stronger you can start to work for the better of the community, society, your nation or the entire earth.

Healing crisis
It is not uncommon in a natural healing processes to have a healing crisis. When you know this 12 principles you will see that a healing crisis is a healing process. If you like you can formulate it as a separate principle.

Principles 1, 2, 3 and 5 where formulated by Hahnemann, Antonovsky formulated 7, 9, 10 and 11 as factors for salutogenesis (“creation of health”) and I have formulated 4, 8, 10, 11 and 12.

I also have shown that all of them are one and the same thing, or different aspects or ways of explaining the same phenomenon (Here you find a live lecture that explains it all easy, illustrated and with much more information).

Evolution of life
From a metaperspective the healing principles and the evolution of life follow the same laws and are very similar phenomenon. It is not enough space here to go into much detail but I will give you some examples.
If you look at the first principle moving from above downwards or from the head to the feet, you will see that animal evolution follow the same sequence; head, chest, feet.

Jelly fish and the very first animals had mainly radial symmetry. Like you find in a ball or bell. Radial or rotational symmetry is that it looks the same even if you turn it around, or from every angel. Then in worms and fish you see a line that becomes a spine and a bilateral symmetry. You get two sides, left and right. Fish have a head and a chest but hardly limbs. When fish develop to amphibians and later become animals on land (tetrapods) the limbs develop to carry the animal on ground or in the air. The sequence is head, chest and limbs.

Also in the womb the foetus is like a ball or mainly head that gets a chesty body before limbs become more and more differentiated.

The second and eight principle can be seen in how new abilities or skills (10) are internalized as evolution takes place. When cells go from procaryot to eucaryot they get a centre or nucleus, when plants go from monocot to dicot the seemingly unorganised or scattered vascular bundles become arranged in concentric circles as if a centre is present, when animals goes from ectoterm to endoterm, they get a central distribution of the self-created heat. All these are examples of a manifestation in the core or centre of a new ability as evolution takes a next step.

Also as life develops it gets a higher and higher level of differentiation and organisation in accordance with principles 8, 10 and 12.

So we can conclude that your improved health or your personal development are two sides of the same coin. As you get healthier in a natural way you grow as a person. As you grow as a person or work spiritually you become healthier. This should open up for some priorities when it comes to education of children and make the focus on the health of children that struggle with the educational system.

To heal is to evolve, to evolve is to heal!

Have a look at the online-course!

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