4 thoughts on “The unknown senses – by Andreas N. Bjørndal”

    1. Weekly fasting is great!

      Short accurate concise definition;
      Holonity is the degree of coherence between a unit (holon) and its parts (holons).

      In other words the coherence between holons one step up or down the holarchy.
      Like the degree of coherence between the organs of the organism being an expression of the level of health. Or one step up, the degree of coherence between different people in the same group/family/association or society, leading to a group manifesting its optimal potential.

      With increased coherence the higher holon emerges, manifests, rules and gives a higher level of expression, or development by uniting the lower holons coherently within itself in steps of increasing holonity. This is evolution in steps leading to quantified development with higher and higher complexity.
      It is how I like to see involution as the process coming towards evolution and challenging the concept of entropy 🙂

      Similar words:
      Synarchy is a very close word but is often used to denote rule by a secret elite. In its original meaning in the writings of Saint-Yves, Marquess of Alveydre it was used as a political formula leading to a harmonious society.

      The concept challenges the evolution seen as “by chance” or Spencers “survival of the fittest” by accepting the higher holons being there already; implicate, nested or potential, only waiting for their time to unfold, like they might have done many other places in the universe long time ago.

      The higher holon present is in Hebrew expressed with the word Qereb. This word has 3 letters or semiotic symbols; Qoph, Resh and Beth.

      Qoph is the symbol of the process of manifesting the higher potential, the centre or spark of a higher holon.
      (read more here: https://holonity.com/qoph-back-of-head-occiput/)

      Resh is the symbol of a higher container (the periphery of a higher holon), in successions of higher holons/containers.
      (read more here: https://holonity.com/resh-head/ )

      And last Beth, the principle of container as such or of being “in” or “with”.
      (read more here: https://holonity.com/beth-house/ )

      I know it is often translated with the Greek word “entos” but that is your area of expertise 🙂

      In this way qereb, and synarchy are words closely related to holonity.
      Increasing holonity is also manifesting as increasing synchronicity.
      Using Aaron Antonovsky it would be the same as an increasing salutogenesis.
      ( read more here: https://holonity.com/2017/09/02/your-health-is-your-potential-to-evolve-by-andreas-n-bjorndal/ )

      Thank you for asking, hope the answer was not too elaborate, I just think you might be able to appreciate it 🙂

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      1. Thank you Andreas for providing this information. It is my wish to get a better handle on this subject. Do you mind if I ask you a few more questions about Holonity, one question at a time, and could you give concise answers only? (Just a few lines will suffice.) You may feel boxed in at times but please trust in me to lead and ask appropriate followup questions. Perhaps you would prefer to carry this correspondence over to email instead? Is your email address still the same: andreas at nan.no

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