4 thoughts on “Sensing the spiritual”

  1. Thank you Andreas, this is an interesting development by far, which can also open the ‘doors to fortune telling’! What do you mean by this? And how can fortune telling enhance ones spiritual progress?


    1. Thank you for you interesting question Jason.

      The first step on the spiritual path is when a person becomes aware of the existence of “something” more between heaven and earth. They are not very clear about what it is; anything psychic is as exiting as anything else. At this stage you become aware of something more subtle than the material existence, but you are not yet very clear about how things connect or what the purpose is.

      Just the fact that it is immaterial, non-causal, unexplainable etc. is satisfying enough. They are enthused about the fact that there is more to existence. They are almost blinded by it having little spiritual critical sense.

      At this stage many people are preoccupied about psychic phenomena as going to fortune-tellers, looking in crystal balls which both today is often done through phone services or online services. They start using the pendulum, or meditate, or getting in touch with people that can talk with their dead relatives etc.
      It could be many kind of activities; meditation, trance, regression or prayer, sacrifice, touching holy objects as well as feeling the bliss of newly becoming religious.

      To understand the enhancement on this level it has to be compared to the limited materialistic or realistic perspective on life.
      Hope this clarified your question 🙂

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