What is Thy Kingdom? by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Here you can read about the kingdom in your life. How big is it, how do you reign and with which level of awareness?

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5 thoughts on “What is Thy Kingdom? by Andreas N. Bjørndal”

  1. Thank you for the lovely article. It is kind of like a pit stop for drivers at a race track. What is my level of awareness and the next step is a good question indeed. Perhaps like yourself my mind is drawn towards the Pythagorean doctrine of the transmigration of souls. Even though my soul is intermeshed with materiality/body, it yearns to return to the One. Sometimes my yearning is misplaced and I am inclined to fill that emptiness with crude levels of energy, which takes me further away from the Monad, and at other times my soul is inclined to integrate more and more subtle layers of spiritual light, enabling my soul to couple with more rarified levels of body, until there is no distinction between me and Self. At such a stage there is no me or individuality to behold, instead there is only sight beholding the One, so to speak. This level of focus or concentration or contemplation is most beautiful. On some level both you and I are perpetually existing at that level of Divine Mind. From this degree, Love is set free, giving birth to deficiency. Which in turn allows the One to become many, so that as other, we may fully know the One from all potential possibilities or perspectives, orientations & frames of reference. So Andreas in this moment perceives the Monad from a worldly point of view but in truth he perceives the Monad from all possible perspectives at once through the eyes of sentient beings who reside in the various layers of multiplicity (multiverse), because his true state is the One itself; therefore Andreas as a man who lives in Norway on planet earth is but a reflection of a reflection of a reflection… of ever denser layers of matter in which he sees a mere reflection of his true Self. Wherever one might focus their attention along the celestial ladder is (for that time being) there level of awareness. For my part I am eternally in awe of the One and desire all of you to be One with me as I am One with the Father. Thank you for putting out the question. Perhaps my response is a little more than you bargained for, but either way, what are friends for…
    Love & Light,

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    1. Ditto! Thank you for your nice and well put reply Jason.
      During 2015 + 1/2 of 2016 we explored gemstones. A realization from that journey was the connection with a state where past and present just is. Where all is One and time and space delusions.
      Love & Light to you too! 🙂

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      1. What kind of gemstones in particular? Where did you locate them exactly? Was there a Lecturer present explaining to you how it is that the stones were connected to eternity? What was the turning point for you, that is could you tell me about the moment just prior to your realization?

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      2. Many years back I realized there are many ways of knowledge, all pointing towards a truth we normally only recognize fragment by fragment. Since 2008, ten years now, I have performed 10-11 experiments every year to explore a few things;
        • single, double, triple and quadruple blinding -is it at all possible to blind is my question.
        • how group work can enhance over evolution by increasing our holonity with the group.
        • getting information through holonistic knowledge, using the subjective experience as in qualitative research and based on grounded theory extracting more objective information.
        From the first bull-point above we experimented gemstones with single and double-blinded intention experiments. We compared the results with the availble knowledgebase. Which confirmed.
        If you read the article – https://holonity.com/2018/08/07/sensing-the-spiritual/ – the fourth step illustrates the turning point, but for most of the participants it is a gradual process.
        Difficult to explain in short, hope this made it a bit more clear my friend 🙂

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