Eastern, time to be reborn

After somedays of water fasting, I look forward to eastern and a nice dinner with good family friends.

I have been inspired by all my colleges and friends in the countries of the orthodox church. The respect for the holy, their family Saints and the practice of fasting step by step weeks before eastern is still so alive there. This year it has also been in alignment with Ramadan.
When many people do something coherently it becomes so much more powerful. When you let go of something, something new can take its place.

When you let go of materialistic needs there is place for something more subtle, the feeling of your system getting cleansed, of something from within that reestablishes itself, the quietness in the physical gives place for a sacred space.

It feels as you can crucify past transgressions, wrong choices, trauma, stress, poor choice of foods and drinks with a new birth, a new start.  

The resurrection process is so beautifully described in ancient Egypt. The pharaoh could say I am Osiris, meaning I have within me the qualities of building a bridge between life and death, the dead and living in me.

Osiris the king of the underworld is mummified but has a green skin. He represents how the apparent dead seed looking like a hard stone can transform and start to sprout and bloom with flowers and fruit.

When the spiritual life, love and light from the sun becomes closer and stronger the apparently dead earth gets reborn. The same thing is for our souls when we align with the eastern mystery of rebirth and the spring.

You can do that by spending time in nature, eating and making teas from the new leaves, drinking the sap of the birch, eating salads and drink lots of freshwater. Letting the rays of the sunrise inspire you and giving space for the sacred and spiritual aspects in life.

What a nice day to take the first swim in the sea; sunny and still patches of snow as winter is slowly losing its grips.

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