Altais (Star) 07-04-2022

Rite 7. April 2022 Veldige startvansker, noen hører ikke, noen ser ikke, dårlig dekning. Aiq ringt dobbelt til Haniel, satt ham på vent, mens jeg ringer til ham på nytt. Telefoner hoppet mellom 4G og 5G. På vei innover kone skulle ha hjelp med innlogging som trøblet. Pegasus Hektisk på jobben, med flyt. Bytte primær. … Continue reading Altais (Star) 07-04-2022


The Leptons reflects a polarity at the gate of creation, the mouth of God where the verb of creation (The Word) is manifested or just dormant potential. Leptons are so deep within the structures of matter as being on the edge of the unmanifested. They represent the famous quote from Shakespeare; To be or not … Continue reading Leptons

Your health is your potential to evolve – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

There is a fascinating relation between your health and your ability to evolve or master life. Let us look into this important mystery of life and see how it brings together modern psychology, old Chinese medicine and principles of healing that we see in complementary therapy and particularly homeopathy. The old Chinese spoke about the … Continue reading Your health is your potential to evolve – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Refresh – a question of new life – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Here you can read my article about “refresh” (April issue 2016 in The Magic Happens Now Magazine). It is a short text about how you can refresh yourself and gain new “life” or vitality. Learn how to turn down the cockpit and connect to the black dark to dissolve all impurities. You might also like … Continue reading Refresh – a question of new life – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Tree of Life – kabbalah

In this article you can find the main concepts related to the Tree of Life in Kabbalah. Many of the hebrew terms are translated into english and synonyms from different traditions are also listed. (Press for Norwegian / Norsk versjon) The Tree of Life as a concept is used in 3 ways. 1. It is … Continue reading Tree of Life – kabbalah

Garnet – 1 First holonistic gemstone exploration

Garnet was the most commonly used gemstone in the Late Antique Roman world. Its name comes from the middel english word “gernet” meaning dark red. Which comes from the Latin word granatus (Seed, grain) most likely referring to pomegranate (Punica granatum) with its shiny red seeds. Even if it is mainly associated with red as seen above, today we know the chemical … Continue reading Garnet – 1 First holonistic gemstone exploration