Remedies in the amophous category

Orbital 1 Mineral-mineral
Hydrogen (P.T.) [Hydrog]

Orbital 3 Mineral-plant
Alumina oxydatum [Alum]
Helium (P.T.)
Neon (P.T.)

Orbital 5 Mineral-animal
Mercurius vivus [Merc-v]

Period 1
Hydrogen (P.T.) [Hydrog]
Helium (P.T.)
Neon (P.T.)

Period 3
Alumina oxydatum [Alum]

Period 6
Mercurius vivus [Merc-v]

Plants (5)
Rumex críspus
Thea chinensis
Hyoscyamus niger

Gemstones and crystals
Amber [Amber-im/st]
Jet [Jet-st]
Moldavite [Mold-im/st]
Obsidian-apache-tears [Obsid-ap-im]
Obsidian-black [Obsid-blk-im/st]
Obsidian-black/green [Obsid-blk-gr-st]
Obsidian-rainbow [Obsid-ra-im]
Obsidian stone [Obsid-st]
Opal-blue [Opal-blu-im]
Opal-chrysopal [Opal-chr-im/st]
Opal-black [Opal-blk-im]
Opal-fire [Opal-fi-st]
Opal-green [Opal-gr-st]
Opal-pink [Opal-pk-im/st]
Opal stone (general) [Opal-st]
Opal-white [Opal-wh-im]
Pele’s Hair [Pel-h]
Tektite [Tekt-st]

Organic compounds
Alcoholus (P.T.) [Alco]
Succinus purum [Succ]

Imponderables (P.T.)
Luna [Luna)

Synthesised chemical
Lysergic acid (P.T.) [LSD]

P.T. confirmed by Peter Tumminello
D – Dimorphic with alternate crystal structure
P – Probably – not yet confirmed
A.N.B. Andreas N. Bjørndal
Remedy confirmations by Peter Tumminello are differentiated by source; cr = crystal presence, imm = gem immersion, st = stone

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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