At the university in a class of philosophy the professor asked the audience of 4-500 students; does any one here believe in angels?
I raised my hand, but sitting in the first row I did not realize I was the only one before I became aware of the buzzing sound fast spreading behind me. I turned around and realized.
I could not take my hand down fast enough, but neither too fast to make it look that I minded.
The feeling was strange, like being a stranger amongst your own kind.
When the attention was back on the professor to see his reaction and the room was silent he said: I am pleased with the two of us still believing there is jet hope for the world.
My heart was about to jump out of my chest, but again I sat there without anything but a silent smile to the professor.

In the modern academic world angels are regarded non-existent, but they are more present than you would imagine.

Angel comes from:
Engel (Old English)
Angele (Old French)
Angelus (Late Lating) – messenger
Angelos ἄγγελος (Late Greek) – messenger
Angiras (Sanskrit) – a divine spirit
Angaros (Persian) – a messenger
A-ke-ro (Mycenaean – Linear B) – a messenger

Malak (Arabic) (from Hebrew)
Malakh (Hebrew) – a messenger

ךְאָלְמֲ Mem – Lammed – Aleph – Kaph (Final)
mal’ak, mal-awk’; M(ah)L(uh)A(ah)Kh

It comes from an unused root meaning to despatch as a deputy; a messenger; specifically, of God, i.e. An angel (also a prophet, priest or teacher) — ambassador, angel, king, messenger.

Mem 40 Transform – Water – surface between two realms
It is a surface to the unknown, the prefix of; who, what, when, where, why and how
Lamed 30 Ox goad – Light – Verticality – Communication
Lamed throws light on things, to, towards, extended arm or wing
Aleph 1 All-nothing – God – The unity – Universe
Endless, timeless, infinite, eternal continuum
Final Caph 500 Higher life, spiritual life, holding life in your own hand = eternal life, excarnated

The concept in Christianity can be traced to the Hebrew and their time in Babylon, but many cultures have named beings not bounded by gravity (winged) that come with “a message” of advice, guidance, clarification, comfort, solution etc

Socrates spoke about his “daimon” helping him to prevent wrong decisions.

Assyrian “kerubim” were charioters of God
Akkadian lord of the underworld, the lion-headed Nergal became the angel Nasargiel
In Zend Avesta Aeshmadeva became the angel Ashmedai
The Maori call the Anahera
Javanese bidadari og the obviously hebrew linked malaikat
Amongst native American tribes they are called Nitika, Angeni and more.

In many cultures it is difficult to distinguish between pantheons of Gods and spiritual being and their similar roles to angels.
In Theosophy they speak of Devas with same attributes as many angels.

If you do not only perceive the universe as material or even only energetic, or living but can perceive all as awareness, you can perceive angels as the intermediate awareness from us upwards through the spiritual world all the way to God.

In daily life they can remind you with a message, help you find things, give you insight, make sure things happens in the best possible way, guide your way, protect and save you.
They help increasing the holonity of mankind, meaning they synchronise, harmonize each individual with the higher units they are part of; family, groups, nation, mankind, the universal white brotherhood, and the divine world.

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