Aspects in ASTROLOGY

Here are some mathematical relations of astrological aspects: fractions and angles. All the red, based on division by 2 are of importance when your are working with medical astrology.

The divisions of the circle / zodiac into opposition, square, semisquare, quartisquare, quartisemisquare and quartiquartisquare are parts of 64.


Queen Victoria the 64 divitions aspects and the heredity of her Saturn/Mars midpoint and Saturn 28 degrees in Pieces as related to the transmission of hemophilia in the royal families of Europe.

Here you can read more about her chart.

Her children prince Leopold, princess Alice and Beatrice manifested/carried hemophilia

Grandchildren via Alice:
Irene Princess of Hesse and by Rhine 11.07.1866
Friedrich, Prince of Hesse and by Rhine 7.10.1870
Alexandra, Czarina of Russia 06-06-1872

Others in the family

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