Be­come! – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

The old Egypt­ian word for be­come is Kheper, and it re­veals such a beau­ti­ful un­der­stand­ing. An un­der­stand­ing that we can use for in­ner or spir­i­tual growth.

First of all the hi­ero­glyph used was a scarab. The Egyp­tians saw the scarabs po­ten­tial as trans­form­ing the dung of an­i­mals into it­self.

The scarab dig tun­nels which they fill with dung balls. Here they lay eggs that when they be­come lar­vae feed on the dung. The pu­pae stage last for many months and then the new scarabs come for­ward like from noth­ing. This process of let­ting your in­ner po­ten­tial come for­ward or the cre­ative power within ma­te­ri­al­iz­ing into the phys­i­cal realm is the mean­ing of Kheper.

Many pharaohs had names com­posed with the Kheper word to show the par­tic­u­lar power they were man­i­fest­ing or about to man­i­fest.
One of the com­mon was Men-(kh)eper-Re = strong-trans­form­ing-Ra or The trans­form­ing strength of Ra, Ra´s pow­er­ful trans­for­ma­tion etc.
Ra is the Sun-God and he was re­lated to the power of the ruler, the pharaoh. Ra’s po­ten­tial to reap­pear every morn­ing was be­lieved to come from Khepri.

Kheper is not only be­com­ing it means to trans­form, to change, to be­come, to de­velop, to come into be­ing and to cre­ate.

I nice play on words us­ing kheper is:

Kheper-i kheper khep­eru, kheper-kuy, m kheper n khepri khep­eru m sep tepy

The mean­ing is “I be­came, and the be­com­ing be­came. I be­came by be­com­ing the form of Khepra, god of trans­for­ma­tions, who came into be­ing in the First Time. Through me all trans­for­ma­tions were en­acted“.

We are al­ways on the way of be­com­ing. The true mas­ters knows what they want to con­nect to, what they wants to fill their minds and aware­ness with so that it one day will man­i­fest into the real world as them­selves.

What you eat, is one thing, but mu­sic you lis­ten to, pic­tures and art you look at, who you have ex­changes with and the qual­ity of those ex­changes are all sub­tle im­pulses that are on the way of be­com­ing the fu­ture you to be­come.

i-Kheper, kheper-You?

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