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Here are some books you find on the net that I like

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The Secret of The Golden Flower


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The Egyptian book of the dead / What is in the Duat

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The Mystical Qabalah, 
Dion Fortune 
ISBN 0-510-41001-4
A classic introduction book in the Golden Dawn tradition.
Can be downloaded as PDF: 

The Kabbalah Unveiled
translated by S.L. Mac Gregpor Mathers

ISBN 0-87728-557-8
From the latin classic ”Kabbala Denudata”
You find it here:
or here

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The Cipher of Genesis
 Carlo Suares 
ISBN 0 900306 75 0
ISBN 0 87773 141 1
Deep understanding of letters in the text.
To be downloaded as PDF here:

Click to access THE%20CIPHER%20OF%20GENESIS.pdf



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Hebraic Tongue Restored (vol 1&2) 
Fabre DÓlivet 
ISBN 0766126064
Deep understanding of hebrew roots (Two and two letters)
With a translation of the 10 first chapters of  Genesis.
Download PDF here:

Click to access hebraictongueres00fabriala.pdf

Or here:

Sepher Yetzira Diff. vertions and sites:

Click to access syie.pdf

Click to access SepherYetzirah.pdf

Click to access SeferYetzirah.pdf

Search for Sepher Yetzira + online/pdf and you might find more or updated pages


Click to access zie.pdf<

Search for Zohar + online/pdf and you might find more or updated pages







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