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A holon is a part and a whole at the same time. Holonity is the degree of coherence between the parts of a whole. In a human being that reflects the degree of awareness, know thyself and the state of health, wholeness.

Empowering the patient

Today I will attend the online meeting in the Quintessence Forum from Belgrade.

I will publish my presentation here after the lecture

If you want to join the quintessence forum this is the link:

We invite you to the 11 th QUINTESSENCE FORUM Symposium:
Empowering the Patient

Thursday, March 30th, 19.00 CET, 10.00 am Pacific Time, 1.00 pm Eastern Time

Please click the link below to join the webinar:
Passcode: Em17
Webinar ID: 882 6625 8716

(There is no registration before needed. You can share the link with your friends and colleagues.)

As homeopaths we embrace healing from the Inside Out, relying on the Vital Force to manifest wholeness and healing in the patient’s life. Yet the experience of being a “patient” can intrinsically foster a power imbalance if the homeopath is not attentive to this possibility.

Please join Roland Gunther, Deborah Collins, Angelica Lemke, Roman Buchimensky, Andreas N. Bjørndal and other members of the Quintessence Core Team for a discussion on Empowering the Patient. When should we or shouldn’t we share the name of the remedy with our patients? To what degree should we let patients determine which remedy or potency to take? How do we give patients confidence to embark upon their own homeopathic learning and prescribing? How do we keep ourselves and our ego in the background so that our patients become self-directed masters of their healing process?

We are looking forward to you,

Here you can see the presentation slides

Levels of knowledge

I was recently asked to explain what a homeopath, physician or therapist could gain from perennial philosophy with the knowledge of kabbalah, astrology, alchemy and numerology.
In these articles I will explain how they helped me and how they relate to levels of awareness and levels of knowledge or learning.

Part 1
The hierarchy of knowledge based on Auguste Comte. Then expanded both downwards into the unconscious (obfuscated) and upward into the superconscious (spiritual) realms.

Part 2
A short summary of the path through the upper realms.

Part 3
The different levels of knowledge from Blooms revised taxonomy and how it is reflected in different levels of homeopathic practice.

Part 4 ( To be published soon)
My own journey and the role of perennial philosophy and classical esoteric sciences in my own discoveries of archetypes and miasms.

Part 5 ( To be published soon)
When the homeopath transcends homeopathy. A higher holonity or unity of client, remedy and practitioner.

The sun behind the sun

The sun behind the sun, the dark sun or the galactic center is aligning with us.

I would like to share a message of hope with you at this darkest period of the year. Not to mention the challenging times with lock down and limiting regulations all over the world.

With the solar solstice behind us (21.12.21) we are getting longer and longer days. There was also a full moon around the same time. 19.12.21. This full moon was unique.

When the moon is full it faces the sun from the other side of the earth. The moon earth and sun were on the same line so they were aligned.

Seen from the Earth the sun was in the sign of Sagittarius and the moon in Gemini.

This is significant in a time when we are faced with fake as fact and facts are doomed as fake. As the saying goes; my mind is made up, so don´t confuse me with facts.

With the sun in Sagittarius the bigger truth, the truth from inner knowledge, the deep realization from the soul, what you know to be true from the knowledge of the heart is activated.  On the other side the delusional facts or even lies and fractions of facts, the fake news are activated by lunar energy. This is an opposition that many people feel as part of their life these days. With the moon in Gemini it might feel safe to follow the fractional facts from the masses, the marketed narrative of all the “Big- industries”*. With the sun in Sagittarius this is challenged with the inner knowledge, the Big Truth.

In astrological language the sun is opposed to the moon, they are facing each other. This is the aspect needed to see the other side more clearly, it is not only confronting the opposite like taking the bull by its horns, but as much finding the balance. This is a good time to see clearly the difference and to find a balance between fake and fact, lies and truth.

There are full moons every month and solstices every year. What is unique this time is that this line between the 3 most important celestial bodies to humans also aligned with the centre of the galaxy.

The moon revolves around the earth and the earth around the sun. The sun revolves around the centre of the galaxy. All these were aligned. It will take 19 years until they are aligned like this again. It is called a Metonic cycle or moon node cycle.

The centre is the source
The sun is unique in the solar system. It is the source of light, the source of heat, the source of all life-giving conditions and all energy sources on earth. In the same way the galactic centre is the source of the sun and all other stars.

This center is a huge black hole and the most powerful energy source in our galaxy, the heart of the galaxy if you like. 

I believe this center is what the alchemist and kabbalists through inner knowledge, meditation or intuition were aware of and called «the black sun» or «The sun behind the sun”.

We can see it in art, where there is a second light source above or behind the sun often amongst God or celestial beings.

Egyptian astronomy
Also the old Egyptian must have been aware of the center of the galaxy by ways we cannot understand except from a spiritual perspective. Senmut the courtier, lover and architect of the Egyptian female pharaoh Hatshepsut had a very peculiar representation in his burial chamber (See drawing). Here we can see a womb like figure with small stars in and around.

The hieroglyphs read womb or belly of the sky gods, or womb of the stars and contains within its meaning both the inner, the core, the most secret or holy of hollies. They have as well the meaning of qualities of elimination or cutting of from existence as you would connect with a black hole.

Is this representing the black hole in the center of the universe, the center of the galaxy and the source where all stars were born?

This alignment is like all are tuning with the same tone, like they are in resonance and hence become coherent with each other.

It is like being aligned with the highest, most inspirational, most initiating and most fundamental in our galaxy – the source of the whole galaxy. 

It is like in this dark challenging time a spark of inspiration through and alignment has sowed a seed. A seed that will grow each year and not only challenge us but also inspire us to relate to a higher truth.

Planted at the darkest point in the soil of the universe ready to give us a new birth. It happens to be the time of the birth of Christ, Christmas and the birth of the new year too.

This is a good time in your meditations and in the first days of the year to align yourself with the centre of the galaxy.

The middle pillar
According to Kabbalah and the Tree of Life, there are three pillars.

The middle pillar consist exactly of those celestial bodies that just were aligned. The earth or Malkuth, the moon or Yesod, the sun or Tipheret and the Galactic centre, or first swirling, the primum mobile behind all movements in our galaxy or Kether.

From a Kabbalistic perspective there is a time were we can align all the way to the influence of the upper most sphere or Kether more easily.
It is like a new beam has worked its way to inspire us to a deeper, higher or more real truth. A truth that is not made by the interest of industries or politicians but by the spiritual world to remind us of what is important

Regardless of your situation these days all humanity is united in the same initiation. Never has the world been so coherent, never have we been faced with what is the most important things in over life like in this time. The truth is not separating or condemning. The truth has no fear. The truth knows that from a spiritual perspective all is well as we take the next step of human evolution.

*Big Pharma, Big Money, Big Media, Big, Food, Big Agriculture

St. Michaels

The year has four turning points representing four different changes of direction and focus in the human path.
We have just finished the summer with its out-going warm energy manifesting into nature.

Approaching winter and the most introverted time, we now are at the meeting point, the autumnal equinox.
Standing here between light and darkness we can prepare for the darker and colder times.
This is the time of the celebration of the archangel Michael, Mikaeli, St Michaels.

Michael is a Hebrew name meaning Like God or The like of God, Gods simillimum, and analogy to God. In Kabbalah Michael is related to Tipheret the sphere of the Sun and the cultivation of virtues.

It is through the challenges of ”dark times” that we become strong and full of virtue. It is by aspiring to become ”like God” that we cultivate virtues.

Entering the dark season, this is a time to be vigilant like St. Michael or St. George. It is a time to challenge the dragon or animal within. The animal represents the unaware or undeveloped part of our awareness, the unconscious realm of darkness. Ask yourself what you need to confront, what you are afraid of or avoiding? Within that “mud” there is a radiant gemstone.

It is time to find the strength, the internal sword so we can approach the weakness with courage, with love and with light. Remember the pain of the soul is the soul growing.  One day you will crack open with your own light, love and life manifesting your virtues.

Sacred geometry art by Jon Asle Rivelsrud

I have always been facinated with the language of sacred geometry. It is pure it is universal and it has a way to make complex things simple.

It can be used to meditate, to focus your mind and organize your thoughts or to get inspiration.

Last weekend I got one of the pictures of Jon Asle Rivelsrud. I liked it so much I thought I would make my readers aware of his art too. (Go to his page

Tree of Life
Is the most condensed symbol created.

It belongs to the Kabbalah tradition and could be defined as spiritual mathematics

If you want to read more about Kabbalah look at my kabbalah pages here.

Farwell to the summer!

Farwell to this sunny nice summer! Now I am feeling full of warmth and ready for the challenges of the cold season.

After almost two years of extraordinary measures, so many people and their immunity-systems have been deprived of their natural exposure to virus and bacteria.
To be fit your muscles need friction, to keep your mind sharp you need to use it, to have a strong immunity-system it also needs to be used and challenged.

What can you do to be prepared for the seasonal flu and the autumn and winter colds?

Keep your body warm

• Be physically active

• End the shower with cold water

• Walk bare feet in the morning grass

• Eat spicy and have warm meals

Winter is hibernation

• Get extra sleep

• Take more time to rest
• Meditate and contemplate,

• Go down your inner memory lain

• Write down your dreams

Be kind to yourself

• Give yourself a treat

• Sit in front of the fireplace

• Get massage, acupuncture or reflexology

• See your homeopath, healer, guide or coach