Classification resources

Here are some links for classification or systematic approaches to nature, man and holons

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Earth archive – beautiful pictures and facts from all kingdoms

Minerals (for gem colors see under)

Periodesystemet (Norwegian)

Web elements

Time line of element discovery

Database of different periodic tables

Geologues prospecteurs with alphabetic list of minerals from Earth Archive

Classification of minerals

Mineral classification

List of classified minerals from IMA

Tree of life projects

Tree of life – web project

Visual Tree of life

Tree of life, visual

Visual Tree of Life

Classification of plants after APG IV ++

“Bryophyte Phylogeny Poster” 2021

“Tracheophyte Phylogeny Poster” 2019

“Angiosperm Phylogeny Poster” 2019

Latesr poster from Berlin University



MO Database list

The Plantlist

USDA plantdatabase

Henriettes Herbal

Plant GDB

Nice poster of APG IV

World of plants; Sources for botanical courses

Identification of trees in the backyard (tip from Noah)

Overview of Compositae / Asteraceae  – the TICA Alliance

Plant morphology, with illustration and explanaition of terms

Classification of Birds

Tree of life – birds

Systematics in homeopathy

Jörg Wichmanns remedy index with taxonomy and links

Sholtens Qjure

Stephanie Nile – Structural homeopathy

German site with families/groups

Color affinities and homeopathy

Developmental psychology, spiritual stages, levels of awareness

Introduction to integral psychology – Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber´s famous tables by Hugh & Kaye Martin


Emotional wheels

Emotional wheel

Lomas´s Positive Lexicography Project


DISC model

Big Five explained

Big Five with online test

Bjørndals Archetypes

Enneagram intro

Enneagram and gnostic circle

Free enneagram tests

Zodiac signs

Zodiac sign and MBTI

Myers-Briggs + Big Five Rorschach test

Tree of Life

Concepts in the Tree of Life (Norwegian)

Concepts in the Tree of Life (English)

Color systems

Site with many different colour systems

The meaning of colors as in crystal and healing

Flavour, taste, smell

Smell categories

Body odours – smells

Fragrance wheel – vocabulary





coffee +

Organic compounds & smell

Food pairing

Food pairing – science – free trial

Müsli ingredient preferances


List of E-numbers

Visual overvies by James Kennedy

E-numbers to avoid

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