Com­pare, com­pare both here and there – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

A twist of Ein­stein’s apho­rism would be every­thing is com­par­a­tive. Ac­tu­ally all we do is to com­pare. All we see, hear or sense is con­stantly com­pared with the pre­vi­ous mem­o­ries, every per­son we see is com­pared with peo­ple we have met, any idea we hear we com­pare with other ideas.

As small chil­dren, we live in the now and here but al­ready be­fore we start to go to school we start to com­pare. The first years at school you re­al­ize that oth­ers are bet­ter in per­form­ing dif­fer­ent things and hope­fully there is some ac­tiv­i­ties where you also are peak­ing.

As you grow and ma­ture, the things you com­pare change. You com­pare po­ten­tial boy and girl friends, jobs and places to go to for va­ca­tion or where you want to set­tle. In the aca­d­e­mic world, you com­pare de­grees, pub­li­ca­tions and re­search. In the spir­i­tual world, you com­pare virtues such as jus­tice, pu­rity, love, truth, wis­dom and kind­ness.

Com­par­ing is tightly re­lated to choice and the things that get cho­sen make up the fu­ture of hu­man kind. As we com­pare, se­lect and copy, we re­peat the same mech­a­nism as hap­pens in ge­net­ics; the dri­ver for evo­lu­tion. The evo­lu­tion of cul­ture and so­ci­ety is based on what we se­lect, what we like and what we choose to get or copy. This is “sur­vival of the fan­ci­est“, what seems to have best quality or exceptional appeal.

There are mil­lions of other plan­ets where cul­ture has gone through the same steps. Some plan­ets have got­ten fur­ther than us, oth­ers are still at a place we used to be, I be­lieve.

Every part is en­veloped by a big­ger whole­ness, a big­ger holon, that again is part of an even big­ger holon etc. What we tend to for­get in the mod­ern world, is that this is not only dri­ven from be­low, but there is a se­quence of pat­terns that fol­low the same uni­ver­sal laws. Every se­quence has an anal­ogy to the ba­sic pat­tern in the uni­verse.

As you let your­self come in tune with the big­ger whole, with hu­man­ity and the uni­verse and you let your­self merge with a big­ger and big­ger holon, you grad­u­ally stop com­par­ing. As “The All” merge to­gether it be­comes “The One” and “No-thing”; all is noth­ing when all is united.

Noth­ing com­pares with the void of one­ness.

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