Different worlds and the ladder of spiritual evolution

We live in different worlds without realizing. There are perspectives and dimensions around us, here and now that only some people perceive. Perceiving these dimensions is part of our spiritual potential. But there are also opposing realities today, challenging the realization of our inner potential.

Language as a world
If you have the luck to know a few languages you might have experienced that already on your way to a different country or even days before going, you start to have an internal dialog and think with the new language. You might even dream in that language. If you have experienced this, you might also have felt that the other language creates a different atmosphere in you, it is as if going into a different cultural room. You might even feel that it makes other changes in you too. This is like opening a door between cultures.

You can choose to explain this phenomenon in different ways as connecting with cultural, historic and geographic associations or that there is a unique field of energy that connects all these in a coherent way and that you have opened the door to this field with your awareness. You can even perceive this field as an identity with awareness of its own, as a higher group-awareness that you are contacting on a spiritual level, encountering the soul of the nation. This is in different spiritual traditions said to be on the same level as the archangels. 

Three ways of perception; materialistic, energetic and relativistic
We have now introduced three different world perspectives; the materialistic, energetic and relativistic. Let us explore them further.

The materialist believes that all can be explained as molecular or particle interactions, the energetic think that all is a flow of energy and the relativistic think that everything is consciousness.

People walk upon the same earth, in the same streets and sit around the same table and still they can experience their reality as completely different. For the materialist the two others live in fantasy or speculation. For the relativist focusing on awareness, the materialist lives in a delusion with their limited perception.

People that reduce reality to a material world are typical realists, materialists and skeptics. Their belief system is called scientism. (Read more about scientism and the different approaches to cure here)

In their world evolution is run by accidents, arbitrary incidences and rare luck leading to changes were “survival of the fittest” decides the new selection.
For them human feelings and thinking is advanced biological chemistry created by the same arbitrary incidences. Hence there is no soul, no organic chemistry and of course no spiritual phenomena, not to mention a God.
For them psychological challenges and psychiatry are all due to chemical failure in your brain. Chemical intervention is therefore the solution to help the imperfect struggle in the brain chemistry. In the same way as they explain you fall in love because oxytocin levels are increased.

If you are able to perceive the more subtle aspects of life, you realize you fall in love and then that makes the oxytocin levels increase to prepare your physical system.

In the same way you understand that when you feel tired, frozen and weak, the bacteria in your throat or other places take the opportunity and you get sick. The bacteria or virus are not alone the reason you got sick and they are not the enemy to be fought.

You need to strengthen yourself as the refined advanced system you are. You are a holistic and integrated system with a coherent energy field of much higher complexity than a bacteria or virus.
All you do, all you consume, feel and think is adding to the wholeness of your wellbeing. A sunbath or glass of water can influence every part of you energetically by making your general wellbeing more radiant.

This energy-awareness makes you choose more natural foods, connecting with healthy environments, and being in settings with people that make you feel good in a good way. You naturally tune into nature and prefer to wake and go to sleep with the sun, walking barefoot in the grass, preferring water when thirsty and enjoying breathing as a question of vitality.

With this awareness healthy food, healthy living and complementary medical interventions becomes a natural choice. You want to make the body heal itself to have a strength that prevents you from getting sick again and again rather than staying imbalanced by letting drugs do the work you could do as you become more energetic and healthier version of yourself.

All this is possible in the early stages of any functional imbalance. As long as the imbalance is still on an energetic level this is even the only way to improve it.

Relativistic – all is consciousness
But the journey does not stop here. As you open to the even more subtle realms you experience synchronicity more frequently, you feel connection with others before they call you or you happen to encounter them around the next corner when you just had them coming to your mind.

On this level people realize they can influence their own life from the level of their mind. Positive thinking, wishful manifestations, the meaningfulness of health challenges becomes obvious and the whole existence becomes different aspects of consciousness.
Now you acknowledge that all is consciousness and there is nothing but consciousness.

Let me try do condense how consciousness manifest in the different kingdoms:

In the rock consciousness rests in deep universal space- and timeless sleep, it flows through plants as a stream of dream, in fungi it opens and closes the door of awareness, animals move in the external while internal sphere is moved with emotion and in humans the external is reflected in patterns with an inner world of meaning representing symbols.

The higher worlds
There are even higher spiritual realms. Which also influence human life and cultivate us like we cultivate plants and animals. Angels inter-connects us, archangels clarifies us and principalities stimulate our spiritual growth. There are even higher beings in the esoteric traditions but we will not explore them in this article.

These three higher steps reflect in us as expanding awareness, as we enter into the perception of other worlds or dimensions.

The angelic influence
As we become aware the work of angels we start to align and participate in their work of making families, groups or teams cooperate in harmony and mutual consideration. Your own emotional life transcends towards the benefit of the “we”. Your feelings are no longer limited to yourself but sustain the whole group. Love becomes more detached from your ego and physical desires. Your love for other humans, animals and nature gets filled with care, consideration and a sense of belonging. Humanistic, altruistic and idealistic work becomes a part of who you are.

The inspiration of archangels
With awareness of archangels we start to evaluate the inner-knowledge, the knowledge that comes from experience and reflections from our soul. We appreciate insight as more valuable than just short-lived objective facts.
We started with understanding or under-standing. The word implies a distance. Then we stretch towards knowledge desiring it, which turns it into grasping. With grasping the knowledge touches us. Finally it integrates into something we acknowledge an inner-knowledge as something interwoven into the core of our being.

This is the meaning when the pharaoh in old Egypt said “I am Horus, I am Ra” meaning I not only know and understand or grasp the qualities but I have the same qualities as Horus and Ra and acknowledge that.

This is knowledge that no one can take from you it is always there and you need no effort to remember it, it is a part of you. It is knowledge of life and how things are connected from experiencing a higher perspective. It is wisdom. You could say this knowledge is like the top of a mountain where you can see how it can be applied to all different places at the bottom of the mountain. Like a rock could role down in so many directions down the mountain.

While information at the bottom of the mountain needs to connect to neighbouring information as a step by step process headings its way towards a higher more coherent level of insight and one day reaching all the way to the top as wisdom. This is what archangels cultivate in us, a higher clarity as insight.

At this stage the awareness has expanded from the group-levels to the level of the nation. The nation with its language, history and culture has its unique identity or way to perceive meaning and values, often with specific concepts and words. In the same way as personal thinking is connected with the feeling of identity, higher thinking is also connected with identity on a much more collective level. I am a Norwegian, German, British or Spanish is a feeling of having certain qualities or attributes, it is an identity. The shadow of this identity feeling can become a nationalistic limitation if you are not able to perceive other nations as part of an even bigger wholeness, where all nations are of equal value. You also need to understand that the life of a nation is not endless.

Principalities grow souls
With principalities awareness expands beyond the level of a nation all the way to what unites all nations, the whole earth. If you would be one with the earth you would perceive nations as minor parts of less importance, almost like body parts or organs.

On the earth level of awareness you perceive the daily turning towards the sun and the yearly cycle as an integrated part of seasons and weather changes. At this level space becomes more and more one with time in what we can call space-time.

Here we enter the level of awareness of weather reflecting the state or “emotions” of the earth and of all human kind and all living beings. We enter the realm of the change of weather and seasons, the driving force behind growth in nature and evolution of humans.

Here you realize how the earth has a breath like the plants with spring and autumn on opposite sides; breathing in breathing out, or spring and autumn. A breath for the earth takes a whole year.

When the earth has a cold on the winter side, we call it a flu epidemic. At this level you also easily recognize the importance virus play in our evolution and spiritual growth. Viruses are re-programing humans. They are recoding our DNA.
Did you know that 50% of the human genome is derived from previous viral infections? We own many of the advanced functions of the human body to programming in our DNA that is directly derived from virus through earlier viral infections.

At this level of awareness we perceive how principalities stream towards us in the flow of cycles and seasons. They work through time and they involve themselves to evolve us by influencing all aspects of human culture in periodical sequence. 

When you are aware at this level you start to perceive the stream of time, you start to look into the river of time as it flows towards you through the work of principalities. You start to know what is waiting for you around the corner, what is about to happen, as you start to perceive the timeline.

Your focus changes from relating to a group, a nation into a collective process where you want contribute step by step to the historical period together with everybody that work to realize the spiritual influence of the principalities within themselves, society and the world. You go with the flow of time.

A bigger wholeness
As you can see one central aspect of spiritual growth or evolution is the feeling of connecting to a greater wholeness, a bigger holon. This could be a sense of connecting with a spiritual group, the whole human kind, the living earth, the universe or God.

It is a desire to be in harmony with a bigger wholeness, to be coherent with a higher will. This is what we call a higher degree of holonity. This higher degree of holonity is to be in harmony with something that transcends our personal limitations. It expands us and elevates us.

We can feel something similar when we play in a band, sing in a choir, meditate in a group, a feeling of coherence that lifts and elevates us into the bigger field or bigger holon.

The magic mirror
Another aspect of spiritual growth is what is called the magic mirror or the awareness that you cannot go forward without dealing with your past. You cannot reach upwards without facing your deepest roots. When you meditate, when you are alone or there is a quiet moment in your life, you get to stop and connect with this debt within.

Unfortunately many people experience this less and less since all the natural opportunities for re-connecting are challenged by hand held screens that steel our attention.
This inner space reflects our past and unresolved issues. Issues that often belonging to the more animal like awareness within us. For some people this inner space is scary, it is like meeting a wounded animal, an angry tiger, a scared mouse etc. People do all they can to prevent getting in-touch with this unpleasant reverberation of past challenges or experiences. They rather go outwards to meet someone or be active or escape the animal within. They will always listen to something on their air-pods or watch something on a screen to prevent being aware of their challenges. This is perhaps the most testing aspect of the invasion of the screen-world into human culture. (Read more about how to use the magic mirror here)

The sea or the deep well reminds us of our deep unconscious, a place where we have a memory of all actions, feelings and thoughts. Here they reverberate as ripples on the water until they are resolved. How to deal with this?

Let me explain, but concentrate and keep your breath for the next sentence: To evolve you have to unfold all that you infolded as you involved yourself with the experiences of existence. You might want to read it again.

First, let me tell you that this is also the meaning of the story in the Bible when Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of knowledge of good and evil.

According to spiritual tradition we came from the innocent state called Paradise (Gan Eden). We got a free will at a point in our evolution so we could learn from mistakes and learn to make the right choices and aligning with a higher will. The word evil in the original bible is “raa” and its meaning reflects involvement in all possible possibilities. The word good is “tov” and reflects accomplished and done.

When you choose something you involve yourself with it, you experience it and it becomes a part of you. A part of your thinking, your feeling and even your body, depending of what it is that you did choose. If you decided to indulge in something unhealthy you might get stuck and dependent and struggle for years to let go off a bad habit. You have to unfold what you infolded or involved in so you again can evolve.

First steps of entering new worlds
Many spiritual traditions start with purification or strengthening your will by regular rituals, fasting or extended concentration.

With things you need two hands to hold, you can only hold one of them. Entering the spiritual path you need both hands, your whole self and cannot hold on to the material world at the same time. You need to sacrifice something to get something new. To purify is to sacrifice.

You cannot hold on to the screen and at the same time turn inwards, looking at the magic mirror or expanding your inner sense of connecting with a bigger holon. You need to sacrifice screen time to get inward time.

To day this is the first step for many people. It is the investment that will give you maximum gain. The net, w.w.w. or virtual world is eating up the time of the inner world.
Remember time is your most valuable resource. If you have all the money you can wish for or the best health you can imagine, but you only will live a few more days? I am sure you would rather be poor and not so healthy but live for years.

Today people are mainly challenges between three worlds; this physical common objective world, the inner psychic or spiritual world that we have explored in steps here and the virtual world. Some people are so much in the virtual world that the time for the inner world only is there when they sleep. You can read more about these three worlds here.

Karl von Eckarthausen
I will end this article by quoting Karl von Eckarthausen from his six part article “The Cloud upon the Sanctuary” in the periodical “The Unknown World” (1895).
It gives a nice complementary description from a spiritual Christian perspective on some of the same steps as was shared with you in this article.

My only comment is that the last is not the last. The next level is a level where the focus is upon cultivation of virtue as the incorruptible gold of the soul. Read more here.

He talks about the higher levels of awareness:

The first and lowest degree consists in the moral good, by which the single will subordinated to God, is led to God by the pure motive of willing with and to Jesus Christ, which it does through faith. The means by which the spirit of this school acts are called inspirations.

The second degree consists on the rational intellectuality, by which the understanding of the human virtue, who is united to God, is crowned with wisdom and the light of knowledge, and the means which the spirit uses to produce this is called interior illumination.

The third and highest degree is the entire opening of our inner sensorium, by which the inner man perceives objectively and really, metaphysical verities. This is the highest degree when faith passes into open vision, and the means the spirit uses for this are real visions.

People live in different worlds or realities. You can be lost in the virtual world, or live in the objective materialistic world. The last you can perceive as energetic or a manifestation of consciousness and finally you can start to enter the spiritual worlds. The journey through the spiritual domains is a cooperation with higher beings, they involve themselves to evolve you.
You cannot jump steps but need to take one by one.

I hope you with this article could recognize your own world and perhaps see in what direction the next world will take you.

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