Evolution – vertical hierarchy

Evolution is an ongoing process in all parts of life. Cellular life, plants, animals and humans all evolve. So does planets, and galaxies and the whole universe.
When human involve themselves with pets, the pets evolve. When higher beings involve with humans, humans evolve.

Evolution depends on involution. From the one-ness of the uni-verse, the creation happened through splitting. The Big Bang was a Big splitt into the known universe and its opposite mirror. All manifestations manifest from the splitting of the one. Dao becomes yin and yang. As God took his hands appart the whole universe appearead and as s/he puts them together again all becomes re-united. Evolutinon meets with involution and become one. When the highest has involved with the lowest the lowes has evolved to the highest and all is one again as the hands of God unite.

The journey of evolution can be seen in steps from the mineral-kingdom, through vegetable, animal and human into the spiritual hierarchies all the way to God. These steps form a vertical hierarchy or The Ladder of Jacob, The Tree of Life or Hermes Caduceus.

All vertical models represents parts of this hierarchy. They might divide it differently but they are analogies of each other. (See illustrations under) They are all a result of time and driven by time. As the hands of God unite time ends. With time all things evolve. Evolution follows fractals of cycles. Periods in the day, each day, each month, each year or bigger periodic cycles of 36, 72, 354, 504, 2160, 25920 years make evolution and involution follow cycles turning into spirals of growth and development.

To evolve or develop is to master things. It is the same as self-realization or self-actualization. It is also called individuation. This process of growth is the same as healing. To be healed is to evolve and to evolve is to be healed.

To compare psychological and other spiritual models of evolution see the link under: Ken Wilber´s famous tables by Hugh & Kaye Martin.

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