Ex­plore the best way to treat your­self – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

You might think treat­ing your­self is com­pli­cated and some­thing you have to leave to au­tho­rized pro­fes­sional peo­ple. Ac­tu­ally you, your­self, are your best healer! Let us ex­plore how you best can treat your­self.

Nr 1 Ex­er­cise
Work­ing out makes you fit, makes you strong. But that goes for the whole of you and not only your mus­cles. Ex­er­cis­ing the im­mune sys­tem is good for you. If you never ex­pose your kids to bugs, it is rather risky. Who would carry their kids around to all kinds of ac­tiv­i­ties, do their home­work and dress them un­til they are 20? That would make them weak and de­pen­dent. Let your kids play in na­ture, taste sticks and suck on stones, taste earth. Ex­pose them and your­self to the chal­lenges of life, but guide them.
Any re­sis­tance makes you stronger. Life has a beau­ti­ful way of putting you into the sit­u­a­tions you need. I like to imag­ine a weak­ness as an in­den­ta­tion in our en­er­getic field. It is just that place, that spots that gets you, that bugs you, that is where you can eas­ily get hurt, it is just that spot where you need to ex­er­cise and get stronger so you can push the in­den­ta­tion out and be­come com­plete.
When chal­lenged ask your­self how can this strengthen me?
And do not get afraid of bugs, bac­te­ria or virus most of them are there to make you stronger.

Nr 2 Sleep and rest
One of the most im­por­tant fac­tors to be­come health­ier is sleep, rest, re­lax­ation or va­ca­tion. Many peo­ple live with the il­lu­sion of hav­ing to be ef­fec­tive all the time, us­ing prod­ucts to in­crease en­ergy or per­for­mance.
It could be cof­fee, cof­fee con­tain­ing drinks, gin­seng, vi­t­a­mins or other boost­ers. None of them can give you more en­ergy, they can only boost or squeeze your sys­tem to per­form. Af­ter­wards you need even more time to re­gain, re­load and re­pair. Those prod­ucts just make the need for rest and sleep higher. There is no bet­ter source of en­ergy and vi­tal­ity than sleep and rest. You need to praise and value that. Be kind to your­self, go to bed early enough, take a nap, spend time in na­ture, sit down and lis­ten or lie down on the floor and feel the state of your body and all its parts. Ap­proach every as­pect of your­self with care and love. Na­ture has made us sleep one third of our lives for a rea­son, it is the best way to re­store, clean, pu­rify, sort out things and process what needs to be processed. By go­ing into your­self, med­i­tate or con­nect with a big­ger whole a big­ger holon from within, you can also gain the same qual­i­ties as when you sleep.

Nr 3 Mean­ing
Re­flec­tion and aware­ness is im­por­tant for hu­man health to­day. If you can see your chal­lenges as a mean­ing­ful process with pur­pose it helps to in­crease your health. The more you can per­ceive all the dif­fer­ent as­pects in your life in a uni­fied way the bet­ter. An im­por­tant key in per­ceiv­ing that is to be­come aware of the po­lar­ity in your life. Some ways to help you dis­cover that is through map­ping what you like and dis­like as well as who you like and dis­like.
Every one of us have cer­tain fea­tures or strengths that are op­po­site to our weak­ness or vul­ner­a­ble sides. This axis of what we like and dis­like is a nice way of be­com­ing aware of our theme in life. Make a list of the qual­i­ties you like and dis­like in oth­ers and ask your­self what it re­flects in you. What do you do to pro­tect the weak spots in your­self in­stead of ex­pos­ing them and let them grow and ma­ture?

(Learn more about your po­lar­i­ties here.)

Nr 4 What feels good or right
We read, we ask, we search for in­for­ma­tion as to what is right and wrong, what is healthy, what we should eat etc.
It is much bet­ter to cul­ti­vate the abil­ity to sense, to feel what things do to you. What is good for one per­son does not need to be good for an­other. What one per­son needs might not be what you need. When you eat things, you re­act to them, that is ob­vi­ous, but make a habit of watch­ing how you feel 30-60 min­utes af­ter eat­ing some­thing. Then you know what is chal­leng­ing for your sys­tem and what makes you feel good. Go be­yond food, make a habit of ob­serv­ing how you feel af­ter most of the things you reg­u­larly do as well as oc­ca­sional things. First of all, be­lieve in your own ex­pe­ri­ence. Your sys­tem knows some­thing sci­ence can never even get close to. This is more im­por­tant for you than what you read on the in­ter­net. How would you re­act if I told you sci­ence has dis­cov­ered that the av­er­age need of shoes in New York is size 5, go and get it! Nope, rather trust your gut! Re­mem­ber that cer­tain things feel good in the be­gin­ning but come with a price; like al­co­hol, choco­late, cof­fee etc. And some things might feel hard in the be­gin­ning but make you feel good af­ter, like ex­er­cise, work­ing in na­ture, clean­ing up etc. The first ef­fect is not the im­por­tant one it is the last­ing ef­fect upon you that counts. Re­mem­ber, this is not a switch it is a grow­ing process so give it the time it needs. Be happy each time you make the bet­ter choice. There is noth­ing good in blam­ing your­self. If you have to be a sin­ner, be a happy sin­ner and rather give your­self credit for what you have achieved so far.

Nr 5 Mas­ter­ing
Just the knowl­edge that your life and your health is some­thing you can in­flu­ence and mas­ter is the first step to­wards self-heal­ing. Heal­ing and evo­lu­tion are two sides of the same coin (Read more here.) Mas­ter­ing is the same as cul­ti­vat­ing virtue. A virtue in the soul is a qual­ity that is in­cor­rupt­ible. Hav­ing all the virtues rep­re­sents a soul with­out in­den­ta­tions. The ex­tent of pu­rity, jus­tice, love, wis­dom and truth that you man­i­fest is a di­rect re­flec­tion of your level of health. Never for­get you have two forces within your­self that are work­ing all the time to make you a bet­ter ver­sion of your­self and a health­ier per­son. This two forces I call the dri­ver and the con­nec­tor. You can read more about them here.

Wish­ing you health+whole­ness = “whealth­ness” or in­creased holonity

If you want a con­sul­ta­tion to ex­plore your theme in life, send me a mail: an­dreas at nan dot no

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