Four elements – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

The division into four has its roots in many of the old cultures all the way from American tribes to ancient Egypt and the old Greek philosophers.

The division into four elements made it obvious there would be and analog in the body (macrocosmos = microcosmos) and its fluids. It is also the reason we have 4 seasons. Other cultures with 3 or 5 elements accordingly choosed 3 or 5 seasons.

Earth element

Melancholic – Black Bile – Cold & Dry

Materialisation, condensation, precipitation, solidification and structure.It represents all that has become slowed down and materialized and coagulated.Anything that has been cooled down like water turning into ice, or made slowed down by cold.

Anything that has been dryed out to become pure structure, withered, fragile like a skeleton without fluid full flesh.

It is retention and control with a firm grip making it astringent and compact.

It is represented in bones, teeth and solid dense structures as cartilage.

The ability to make a solid body from light, air, water and food.

The ability to hold a frame of mind, concentrate and persist.

The ability to keep the organs in place, grow scar tissue, grow bones or heal wounds.

Can give too much cooling and chilliness, to much coagulation, thick blood that clots, or calcification and stone building in teeth, kidney or gallbladder.

This person is quiet, withdrawn and observing.

Characterised by pragmatic realism, objectivity, caution and prudence

Can be pessimistic and depressed.

Traveling through life they make sure to bring money and enough food, security and provisions.

Water element

Phlegmatic – Phlegm – Cold & Wet

Flowing, surrounding, filling, moistening, dissolving, purifying and lubricating.It represents humidity, dampness, fluids and phlegm.

In the body it is tears, mucus, saliva, lymph, and other bodily fluids.


The ability to nourish and take care, surrende and go with the flow, to nurture and feel nurtured.


Phlegm moistens, cool and lubricate

Phlegm nourish and builds flesh

Phlegm dissolves, eleminates, expulses and purifies

Phlegm gives a protecting surface and a surface that can absorb


The fluids of phlegm runs in the lymphatic system, the veins and intestines, around all organs in the protecite membranes, in all joins to lubricate. We see them as salivation in the mouth, tears from the eyes, ear wax in the ear, greasy hear, shiny skin, constant hawking of mucus or the formation of crusts in the nose.

This person is passive, emotional, subjective with a strong need to beloning and care.They are devoted, sensitive and a mother figure.

Can be sentimental, weeping easily or lethargic.

Traveling through life they make sure to have nice company.

Air element

Sanguine – Blood – Warm & Wet

Communication, exchange, connections and analysis.

It represents all that is exchanges and communicated; info, data, messages, letter and oxygen in the bloodstream.

Anything that is on the move, in transport, in metabolism like a signal or nutrient, a hormone or reflex.

It differentiates and makes connections of nettwork, it is outward going finding new connections and repeating old always on the move.

Ability to move, adapt, adjust, exchange and communicate hence the vital force, the imune system and the nervous system.

This person is optimistic, happy, out ward going, communicative, symphatetic and often attrative.

Can become restless nervous and even anxious

Travelling through life they bring their smartphone and a good book.

Fire element

Choleric – Yellow Bile – Hot & Dry


Combusting, burning, consuming, transforming, creating

Digestively it is the heat of metabolism, splitting things to smaller parts.

It is penetrating and inflammatory, warming and combusting.

Inflammations, fever, too much acid with heart burn, smarting fluids from the eyes, nose or even the stool or urine smart and feel hot
This person is enthusiastic, full of exitement and inspiration.They are bold and full of courage and turn people in fire for their cause.Can be irritable and angry, easily provoked , jealous and full of envy

Yellow Bile provokes, excites and emboldens the passions.  Being inflammatory, irritating and caustic,

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