Group 14

Here we will explore group 14 in the periodic table with some critical evaluations of the consented knowledge base in homeopathy today.

Group 14 consists of 6 Carbon, 14 Silicium, 32 Germanium, 50 Stannum, 82 Plumbum, 114 Flerovium

After Scholten moved carbon to group 10 and silica to group 3, there has been little questioning of the gain or loss from the move, nor the justification. The move has silently been accepted.

The same goes for the number 18 as number of stages, a divition with no more justification than 2, 8, 32 or 50 – read more here.

Let us explore the moving of the elemens in groups 14 period 2 and 3.

We see a quality of not been seen nor having an identity. Jeremy Sherr has expressed this in a very good way: Carb who?
This is understandable when we think about remedies as Natrium carbonicum, Calcium carbonicum and the other carb-salts.

The carbon salt of Natriums, Magnesiums, Calciums or Kaliums come forward as the basic salt, the foundation salt. This is due to the nature of carbon as a basic and structuring quality as well as these four salts all belonging to the S-orbital. ( S-orbital reflects the mineral kingdom)

In carbon there is a challenge to come forward and out of the door.
On one side there is a black dulness on the other there is a fiery explosive white light.
In the fire place the charcoal is black but has potencially explosive fire inside.
In the carbon remedies going through the door is like coming forward to the light into the world of action and full blown life. With the danger of being observed.

Here are a few notes from Roger Morrisons extensive exploration of the Carbon world:

Due to Baryta carbonica it has been a confounding of the sensitivity to be observed as a quality of group (Column, stage 2). This is not a group 2 quality but a carbon quality, also pointen out by Jeremy Sherr.

We all know Silica as shy, timid and yielding as well as fixed and monomanic. A person with academic education but struggling with manifesting it into a job.

Let us start by looking at what Sankaran and Scholten say about the stage, groups and colums at stake 4, 10 and 14.

But let us be aware of the challege that if C and Si are eliminated they should not inform the stage, group or column quality. Which I think they do better than group, stage, column 10.

Structure is central to both the elements, its foundation and it being challenged.
Weakness is something we can find in all remedies, and the carbons and silicas are no exception.
The eliminated quality could be experienced by both when not going out of the door into real life, just being spectators.
Diverting is central to number four it is a question of choice, left or right, differentiation.
Irresponsibility goes well with the yielding silica, but also the overwhelmed Calc carb. that has both sides.
And we can continue down the list and easily recognize group 14 qualities in both elements.

Stage, group og column 4 is very much in accord with Silica and Carbon

I find stage, column, group 10 as the most difficult to fit.
Perhaps the princess quality of silica? But it is more related to the crystal qualities, of a fixed image they are afraid will fail.

Group 14 have some polarities:
Black – White
Death – Life
Exit – Enter
Block/Close/Filter – Open/Passing through/flow
Implicate – Explicate
Saturn – Moon
82 – 28

The door
Do I? Can I manage?
From the internal world out to the external
Fear of being observed, fear of failing, fear of invation, fear of destruction
The closed door is both a filter, a transistor and a structure of protection, blocking radiation.

Carbon is the door into life, or death.

Silica is the door into social life, in a fixed monomanic way or yielding with fear of failure.

Germanium is the door into society, structure and efficiancy or invasion and feeling unablee to manifest or protect.

Stannum is manifesting with social expansion or shrinking into voiceless exhaustion.

Plumbum the door into conventional control or the unexpected strangest dangers can enter.

This short points are only ment as a teaser to appreciate the value of nature allocating of carbon and silica in group 14.

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