Healing from within

First published in The Magic Happens Journal August 2016

One of the heal­ing prin­ci­ples is that the di­rec­tion of cure is from within out. This is not only a prin­ci­ples of cure it is a prin­ci­ple be­hind all evo­lu­tion and all spir­i­tual growth.

The cen­tre be­ing the source or the ra­di­at­ing prin­ci­ple is some­thing we see in the uni­verse, in the so­lar sys­tem, in an­i­mals with a heart, in cells with a nu­cleus and even in the atom.

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Let me give you some ex­am­ples to il­lus­trate. When the very old sim­ple cells took a big step for­ward in evo­lu­tion it hap­pened through the man­i­fes­ta­tion of a nu­cleus within. A nu­cleus acts like a cre­ative cen­tre or a sun of ge­netic ra­di­a­tion if you like. A cen­tre of the DNA code is ra­di­at­ing into ac­tion in the cell. This step made it pos­si­ble for mul­ti­cel­lu­lar be­ings like most of the be­ings we thing about: plants, fungi, an­i­mals and hu­mans to ap­pear on earth.

Ad­vanced plants that are able to cre­ate flow­ers can be di­vided into to kinds, those that sprout with one leave (mono­cots) and those that sprout with two leaves (di­cots). The or­ga­ni­za­tion of the stems of the more ad­vanced di­cots are also fol­low­ing a cen­tral prin­ci­ple through the con­cen­tric dis­tri­b­u­tion of vas­cu­lar struc­tures in the stem and branches.

When we move to an­i­mals a big step in evo­lu­tion is from ec­totherm to en­dotherm. The ec­totherm an­i­mals are de­pen­dent on the tem­per­a­ture of the sur­round­ings while the more ad­vanced en­dotherm an­i­mals have an in­ner heat, the are cre­at­ing their own body tem­per­a­ture from within ra­di­at­ing it through the cir­cu­la­tion from the heart.

A big step in your per­sonal evo­lu­tion is when you stop to fo­cus on the ex­ter­nal en­vi­ron­ment as the cau­sa­tion or con­di­tion­ing of your life and start to fo­cus on pro­cess­ing it from within and even cre­at­ing it from within.

In all this ex­am­ples we see how the cen­tre ra­di­ates or con­tains new qual­i­ties as life evolves to more and more ad­vanced stages.

Let me just re­mind you that the cen­tre and the top is the same thing. Imag­ine a cone from the side and the top be­comes a sharp sum­mit, but seen from the top it is just the cen­tre of a cir­cle, it is a ques­tion of per­spec­tive (See il­lus­tra­tion be­low).

The same goes for us as our in­ner aware­ness is the sum­mit of our ex­pres­sion. Our sum­mit or our cen­tre is the same thing. When ever you are chal­lenged or are in trou­ble start by go­ing within, or if you pre­fer the ex­pres­sion, climb the peak of your aware­ness. It rep­re­sents the high­est ex­pres­sion or your ideals.
If you find it dif­fi­cult you can start by imag­in­ing a peak, and pro­ject your­self to the top. See your­self ob­serv­ing all from above, from the top, from a more de­tached place, a place of el­e­va­tion.

You al­ways have all the right an­swers within, that is the right place to start to look, not in a cave in the Far East or an old book, or even both­er­ing a friend. There is no doubt a friend, a ther­a­pist, a guide or mas­ter can help and in­spire you, but a true ther­a­pist of mas­ter will just fa­cil­i­tate your in­ner process.

Mas­ter­ing your life to get true hap­pi­ness or free­dom starts with be­ing in­de­pen­dent from the ex­ter­nal world, be­ing free from it, not long­ing for any­thing in it, but find­ing your own cen­tre, the joy in the source within, your in­ner sum­mit, a state of deeper con­nec­tion and peace.

From this cen­tre your fo­cus will be to ra­di­ate what you find within or at the top of your peak into the ex­ter­nal. From here you ra­di­ate your in­spi­ra­tion, your virtues your love, light and will to man­i­fests the high­est you can into the ex­ter­nal world. When you per­ceive life like that you will look at any chal­lenge you find any trou­ble, as a ques­tion of which of your in­ner qual­i­ties or pow­ers you need to cul­ti­vate to over­come, un­der­stand, trans­form or stand in the prob­lem. And you will meet it with a kind of in­creased de­tach­ment as an ex­ter­nal cau­sa­tion and an in­creased at­tach­ment as your own story.

Work­ing like this all chal­lenges be­comes a gift a bless­ing to work with from within. In this way you let peo­ple make you stronger, wise and more lov­ing.

Also when it comes to health the prin­ci­ple is the same. A healer, a home­opath or natur­opath or other nat­u­rally based ther­a­pies will al­ways see that a good cure mainly gives an in­ner strength, the core be­comes stronger, the po­ten­tial within man­i­fests. The per­son be­comes more him­self. His high­est, his best is man­i­fest­ing. Peo­ple get more beau­ti­ful and more peace­ful. This is what you see when peo­ple choose a nat­ural ap­proach to heal­ing.

Some­times when things starts to cure from within, we see an ex­ter­nal elim­i­na­tion, that can be per­ceived as an ag­gra­va­tion but it is just tem­porar­ily and a part of the cure.
This can be an erup­tion on the skin, in­creased se­cre­tions or even changes in urine, stool or per­spi­ra­tion as they carry with them the sub­stances the body is elim­i­nat­ing.

Look at this il­lus­tra­tion it can be seen both as the peak and the in­ner cen­tre.

Heal­ing, mas­ter­ing and free­dom all comes from within from the peak of your aware­ness.

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