The old proverb say Medice cura te ipsum, ‘Physician, heal thyself’.
We will say; become your own healer!

In the 1970s, Dr. Aaron Antonovsky coined the term “salutogenesis” as part of his work in sociology and medicine. Rather than focusing on pathology, the focus was on creating health (saluto-genesis).

I invite you to explore
• what is health – the signs of good health
• how to assess if you are you getting healthier
• the relation between organs and emotions
• the senses
• remedies for self help
and much more

We live in a time with increazing autonomy; anybody can publish and marked themselves and increazing freedom. I deeply believe the best way to healt is the same as the best way to self-realization, self-actualization or mastery of life (read more here).

I want you to be master of your own health and to understand and be able to improve your health yourself. Of course you have to understand there are limits both to what you or anybody can do or what your body is capable to attain.
You can always do something to improve and you can always do something yourself. When in doubt, if you are uncertain or if you want to deal with serious conditions please contact a proffesional health provider as well.

Here are your next steps:


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