Holonity and heal­ing – from above down – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

This article was first published in The Magic Happens Journal (June 2016)

There are strong re­la­tions be­tween growth, evo­lu­tion and heal­ing.
I would even go so far as to say they are more one process than three dif­fer­ent processes.
Let us look at some phe­nom­e­non in life and ex­plore one of the main prin­ci­ples of growth and heal­ing.

When peo­ple and an­i­mals start to move, you will ob­serve the move­ments al­most al­ways starts in the head. They look to­wards the aim, where they want to move to­wards, or they get to see some­thing that makes them want to move away. Both im­pulses from the head, that turn into the de­sire to move or the fear of stay­ing and both end up as ac­tion in the limbs. In the hor­i­zon­tal an­i­mal this is a di­rec­tion from head back­wards in the ver­ti­cal hu­man from head down­wards.

Many child­hood dis­eases as measles and Ger­man measles start in the up­per re­gions and move out and down the body. This we also see in the nat­ural pro­gres­sion of heal­ing.

Al­ter­na­tive or com­ple­men­tary ther­a­pies as home­opa­thy and acupunc­ture, sys­tems that stim­u­late the bod­ies own heal­ing sys­tem, cre­ates the same re­sults. A pa­tient with pim­ples might say; “It cleared up in the fore­head first, then my cheeks and fi­nally my chin, neck and shoul­ders”.

There are so many ex­am­ples of this when na­ture takes care of its own heal­ing, that home­opaths says one of the heal­ing prin­ci­ples is; “from above down­wards”.

It may be rheumatic pain in joints, eczema or other phys­i­cal com­plaints that start to move from shoul­ders to el­bow, hands and fin­gers or down the lower limb as they are on the way out of the sys­tem.

This, the main di­rec­tions of heal­ing is from above down. It can also be un­der­stood as from the higher as­pects of man to­wards his body.

Of­ten in the process of heal­ing the mind is the first to heal and the body is chang­ing later. Some­times even the body gets worse for a while al­most as if the ten­sion moves from the men­tal through the emo­tional to­wards the phys­i­cal on its way out.

If we look at an­i­mal evo­lu­tion you can see how the early an­i­mals like jel­ly­fish or an oc­to­pus is just like a big head, then with the de­vel­op­ment of fish, that head gets a chest but still no limbs, first as an­i­mals start to crawl on land they get limbs. In short you can say head de­vel­ops into chest and then limbs. This is also from above down in man, or from the front back­wards in an­i­mals.

If you take a plant, it is in many ways op­po­site to an­i­mals. Plants grow and grow, an­i­mals eat and eat, plants have their re­pro­duc­tive or­gans the flower at the top, an­i­mals and hu­mans at the bot­tom. If you imag­ine the root of a plant be­ing a head, with hair, the leaves be­ing the breath­ing or­gans and the flower the re­pro­duc­tive or­gan you can say; plants are hu­mans up side down.

Also plants grow out of their head, the root and fi­nally get flow­ers, so the di­rec­tion is the same – it is just that plants and hu­mans are op­po­site di­rec­tion vice.

These are just a few ex­am­ples how growth, de­vel­op­ment and heal­ing can be seen as parts of the same process.

To stim­u­late your heal­ing and growth, search to con­nect to a higher holon, to what in­spires you, what makes you feel con­nected to a group of peo­ple or na­ture.

You can read more about this here.

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