Why holonity?

There are many ways of knowledge, but the majority think it is only one.
Knowledge has become the golden calf, the main criteria for judging every action or decision. But there are different ways to knowledge.

  • We know we can bike, swim, go, skiing etc.
  • We know what we did yesterday and we know what we dreamed
  • We know that 2+ 2 = 4 and much more
  • We know what we feel about something or someone
  • We know the name of things, what it is called in a different language, what colour or taste it has etc.

skjermbilde-2017-01-11-kl-11-53-35We know through reason, we know through our senses, we know what we feel and we know through language or should we say exchange or communication of ideas. Often we combine these. We could say that in the evolution of man sense perception, emotion, language and reason can be seen as a sequence analogous to our evolution.
Some have also added intuition, imagination, faith and memory as more ways of knowing.

A trend the last 10 years is that a few people have become so religiously involved in knowledge that they become fundamentalists. This scientism as it is called is prevalent among sceptics (The non critical sceptics) and human ethics or humanists (The non ethical human ethics) and only a few scientists. They often reduce knowledge to only accepting rigid scientific knowledge. They seem to be so afraid of the subjective that they do not perceive they are as subjected to it as anybody else. The good thing is that this is a trend that seems to be waning.

But still we can say that the scientific form of knowledge has become the religion of modern society and its publications are regarded as the verses in the holy books. To raise a voice of critic to the method itself is to the scientism community like swearing in a church. But there are as many challenges here as with any other holy book, or human endeavour.

The holy books have to be interpreted, or read in the original language, or understood in layers, or in their historical context.
In scientific papers you have to claim your competing interest. Regardless of that, interests of fame, position and profit repeatedly create scratches and diminishment of the position of this kind of knowledge. We often read that 50% +/- of publications are false or manipulated with, we read that less than 10% has a quality that can be used to say something about reality etc.

Many different ways of knowledge have been described, but the source of knowledge that arise from a higher unit than the individual human, as a higher holon, has gotten little attention. This blogSkjermbilde 2017-01-11 kl. 11.53.35.png is dedicated to holonistic knowledge, as a contribution to the many facets of human knowledge.

Holonistic knowledge is gathered from the collective experience in a group of people. It is subjective in nature but at the same time the coherence in the group makes it more objective. It relates not only to the inner subjective experience of one person but aims at extracting the common coherent state in the group, and rather eliminate or reduce the “noise” from the individual.

We have performed 10-11 experiments yearly since 2008, to refine and evolve the methodology.
Some themes repeated in the single individual clearly stand forward as personal.
Themes that are specific to the particular experiment and at the same time appearing in many of the participants are the ones that stand forward.
The methodology is similar to the ones used in qualitative research based on grounded theory. Some of these exploratins are shared on this pages and this blog.

Also other areas of knowledge that can be seen from a holonistic perspective are included, enjoy.

Here you can read what we have concluded so far, and what we have gained from this work.

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