HOW TO FIND THE Archetypes from YOUR horoscope

First you need to focus on unification and simplification. The zodiac of 12 signs is condensed into 6 signs or archetypes and Leo is placed in the middle. It is like a mini-kabbalah or mini-zodiac. No duplications just the core energies.

Capricorn becomes the same as Saturn or The Old
Cancer becomes the same as moon or The Child
And they are united into the axis Old-Child

Libra and Taurus are Venus or Young Girl
Aries and Scorpio are mars or Mature Man
And the are united into the axis Mature Man – Young Girl

Sagittarius and Pisces are Jupiter or Mature Woman
Gemini and Virgo are Mercury or Young Boy
And they are united into the axis Mature Woman-Young Boy

Leo and Aquarius are Sun or Master and become the axis Centre-Periphery.


First step is to look for the 3 axes and see how many points they get each.
Any planets in Capricorn or Cancer gives each a point to The Old-Child axis. If you have their rulers Saturn or Moon in any of them it gives dobble points.
If you have Sun, Moon, ASC or MC axis in any axis it gives triple points.

The same is for the axis Mature Man-Young Girl and planets in
Aries, Libra, Scorpio or Taurus. And again if Mars or Venus are there it counts dobble and Sun, Moon, ASC and MC triple.

And the same is for the axis Mature Woman-Young Boy and planets in Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces or Virgo and if Jupiter or Mercury are there it counts more, etc.

The sun or ASC-axis or MC axis in any of the 3 counts more. If the Sun, Moon and ASC MC collects around two axises only, they are the most likely to be dominant.

If you have oppositions between Saturn and Moon, Mars and Venus or Jupiter and Mercury that is a very strong indication. If the opposition additionally is strongly aspected or has aspects to the ASC or MC it migth determinate the domination.

You might add promint houses into this too if you are uncertain of where the domination is.
If the axes seem evenly balanced you need to consider the last axis; Centre-Perifery.
Here it is not only the Sun or Leo but also Aquarius with both Saturn or Uranus that confirms its presence.
This axis both comes to play with a polarity to Uranus as to Saturn.

Decide on each of the two most dominant axes you have which side is the strong one.
If it is The Old – Child do you tend to use The Old (Saturn) or The Child (Moon) most or easiest?

The same for Mature Man or Young Girl etc.
Each person tends to use one of the sides to master challenges in life.
This side is the side you have developed and the focus needs to be on the other undeveloped, suppressed, irrational or weak side. That is what you have to focus to cultivate to become balanced healthy and to evolve as a human soul.

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