I am like I am – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

I am like I am.

Let me ex­plain this magic for­mula that can solve many prob­lems. Even the high­est name of God in the es­o­teric tra­di­tions of Kab­balah is sim­i­lar. I am that I am or Eheihe es­her Eheihe is the high­est name of God (See more here or in link be­low). It re­flects God as just pure be­ing, ex­is­tence with­out any lim­i­ta­tions or frag­ments. The all be­ing one, every­thing con­nected mak­ing all be­come noth­ing. God is all and noth­ing at the same time, God just is, just be­ing.

This state we too can as­pire to just gain, just to be. In the back of the book Il­lu­sions by Richard Bach it says. “Here is a test to find if your mis­sion on Earth is fin­ished or not. If you are alive, it is­n’t.” (Here you can read my re­view)

We are here to learn, if we do mis­takes we look at them, we re­flect and we try again in a bet­ter way. Some mis­takes are just be­tween you and your­self, other times they are due to oth­ers be­ing un­aware, in­con­sid­er­ate or ego­is­tic. But as long as you are in touch with them or re­act to it, you have some­thing to learn.
Per­haps you should have rec­og­nized in the first place and avoided them. Per­haps you should have spo­ken up for your­self and said, no!

Re­gard­less, ac­cept!
Ac­cept this is where you are. This is where life has led you. This is were your strengths and weak­nesses have placed you. Any­body else with the same pre­con­di­tions would have done the same. If you can learn to un­con­di­tion­ally, ac­cept your­self as you are, with all lacks, mis­takes, im­per­fec­tions, in­com­plete­ness, as well as pos­i­tive sides, you can more eas­ily let go and just be the one you are. You are ready for the next step.
I am like I am!

The law of at­trac­tion or res­o­nance makes you at­tract what you need to get back into bal­ance, back into peace, back into ac­cep­tance.
This is the beauty of home­o­pathic treat­ment, it searches for the rem­edy in na­ture that can cre­ate just the symp­toms and state you have. That cre­ates the magic of the min­i­mum dose. It starts the self-heal­ing and it gives you peace. It is res­o­nance. Like cures like.
I am like I am!

What ever you feel at­tracted to or you dis­like, re­minds you of some­thing in your­self. Like or dis­like is a po­lar­ity. Any qual­ity you have, you have be­cause the op­po­site qual­ity is less. What is strong in your aware­ness or con­scious side is op­po­site of what is strong in the un­con­scious. A re­spon­si­ble per­son tends to be weak and clingy or com­plain no­body takes care of them when ir­ra­tional or hurt. The strate­gies you have in life to sur­vive are al­most al­ways ways to avoid your weak­ness, which rep­re­sent and op­po­site qual­ity.
So, what you like and dis­like, just re­flects the po­lar­i­ties you have in your­self and are part of what makes you re­mem­ber who you are.
I am like I am!

Birds of a feather flock to­gether is say­ing that peo­ple of a sim­i­lar char­ac­ter tend to as­so­ci­ate, that is be­cause they help you to un­der­stand who you are.
I am like I am!

To ac­cept and re­mem­ber who you are as you are, is the se­cret of many spir­i­tual paths.
So just re­mem­ber: I am like I am!

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