The Leptons reflects a polarity at the gate of creation, the mouth of God where the verb of creation (The Word) is manifested or just dormant potential. Leptons are so deep within the structures of matter as being on the edge of the unmanifested. They represent the famous quote from Shakespeare; To be or not to be

In a persons experience of life Leptons can help when the manifested seems stuck, impenetrable, full of impossibilities, hopelessness, suffering or chaotic stress. The Lepton will re-establish the connection with a state of deep peace and trust and a realization that all is as it is meant to be, all is well.

The Leptons stand at the threshold between the manifested or unmanifested, between the infolded or unfolded universe the implicate or explicate in the words of D. Boom. They stand between the 3 dimensions with time that we experience as reality and the 7 dimensions that are beyond our awareness. They represent the polarity or horizon between light and dark, consciousness and unconsciousness or rather the portal between the time and spaceless and the manifested existence. As such they are at the threshold of creation. They also reflect that split second between breathing in and out where nothingness takes place again. The presence at the gate between death or birth.

In situations where the past, your destiny or circumstances seems impossible, the wall is impenetrable, the distance too far, the threshold to high Leptons help you to enter the spaceless-timeless state where all is, was and always will be solved, connected, unified and at peace and then come back into reality in a resolved peaceful state of mind.

Their effect can be experienced as a quantum leap, a jump between parallel universes, dimensions or states. They give your the experience of opening an invisible gate in the wall, they make a bridge in time and space, in just a split second as by magic, they place you in a different state. A state that you experienced impossible to achieve and now the resolution seems obvious and as if always present.

The old Qi Gong masters describes the journey in life as sublimation or refinement in four stages (Read more here) the last is the returning to the void.

The lesson of the Leptons is to realize that you come from the All-nothing or void and one day return to it. As Gods hands go apart they give you your the time-space, as they come together again you return again as a part of God (The clapping hands og God). Both God and your I experiences itself through the created.

The Kabbalistic perspective of creation are in the words in the beginning of the Bible; In the beginning created God (BeReshit BaRa Elohim). They state just that. The Beth is number 2 and the principle of a separate container, the Resh is number 200 the spiritual containers. In short creation can be said to be the creation of the container of spiritual containers of all forms of existence in the universe (Man, animal, plant, fungi, minerals and the higher hierarchies too).

In the Tree of Life Leptons are at the gate between Kether and the Ain Soph Aur, but also the meeting point between Kether and Malkuth.

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