Let go! – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

You can lis­ten to an au­dio ver­sion of this ar­ti­cle, look fur­ther down.
From a spir­i­tual per­spec­tive the uni­verse is wise and car­ry­ing. Every­thing is or­ga­nized with deep wis­dom and every thing is acted out with love. Each of us has an in­ner dri­ver, a di­rec­tion or goal that will com­plete us. Like the re­turn­ing of the lost soul we will head back to a place we came from, but with gained ex­pe­ri­ence. The re­turn­ing is like wind­ing back your life, is like stop­ping your con­tin­ued mis­takes and act­ing dif­fer­ently as you start to fol­low a higher good, a higher will. Higher in the sense that it ben­e­fits a big­ger whole a big­ger holon.

In Qi Gong the mas­ter is search­ing to re­turn to the the “void”, in Bud­dhism this is called “Nir­vana”, in Tao­ism is it called 無極 Wuji (With­out Ul­ti­mate) and in Kab­balah the name is Ain (Noth­ing­ness).

From this per­spec­tive we are noise in the ma­chin­ery of har­mony, be­cause we do as we want un­til we learn by the free­dom of will to fol­low the ac­tions that do good for the big­ger whole. We are noise be­cause we make things take time, we get in­volved, we slow down and we block. As we gain ex­pe­ri­ence we see that what is good for the big­ger whole is good for us too. The big­ger holon could be our fam­ily, our com­mu­nity, so­ci­ety, the na­tion, the whole hu­man kind or even the earth and the uni­verse.

To go within re­con­nects us with this deep state of peace and noth­ing­ness we once came from, our spir­i­tual home. It is, per­haps, nec­es­sary to make the point that the noth­ing­ness is The All unit­ing, and when all is one, it is also noth­ing.

As im­por­tant as re­con­nect­ing with your own in­ner path, is to make sure you do not keep on stay­ing stuck, re­peat­ing the same mis­takes as if you have to lis­ten to only that one ra­dio sta­tion.
Most im­por­tant of all is not to block the path of oth­ers. Some­one said, the biggest sin a hu­man be­ing can com­mit, is to di­vert the will of an­other. In the worst case, this is killing, but also harm­ing, block­ing or di­vert­ing the path of an­other to such an ex­tent that is stays with the per­son for years or for life.

One thing is the per­son hav­ing to deal with it, but the per­son that has in­flicted it has a longer re­turn and might even have to ex­pe­ri­ence the suf­fer­ing they have in­flicted upon oth­ers, not as a pun­ish­ment, but as a means of re­al­iza­tion, or ex­pand­ing their un­der­stand­ing to go be­yond their ego.

Ego­ists, nar­cis­sists, psy­chopaths and oth­ers that take no con­sid­er­a­tion can be re­garded as closed into a shell of ego­ism that closes them off to their sur­round­ings. This is like a shell that needs some ma­jor hits and strokes be­fore it cracks open so they can ex­pand and gain sen­si­tiv­ity, sym­pa­thy and em­pa­thy. Some­times they be­come iso­lated, so they are forced to move out of their ego struc­ture and some­times they might suf­fer so they start to ask for the help of oth­ers.

Do not think this is your jobs, it is taken care of ei­ther in this life, in the here-af­ter or in a next life. Their path and re­turn­ing to the void is taken care of that, just be happy it is not your path and pray for them as you let go of the suf­fer­ings they might have placed on your path.

Just let things other peo­ple have done go, let go! If it made you stronger, wiser or more car­ing, you might even man­age to feel grat­i­tude. Noth­ing makes it eas­ier to let things go than feel­ing grat­i­tude.

If you think you need to make them see or un­der­stand, even ask for for­give­ness you risk be­ing dis­ap­pointed, it of­ten is bet­ter to let prov­i­dence take care. If you have learned from it, if you have con­tin­ued, if you can let go, let them go too.

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