Natural phenomenon

Remedies from natural phenomenon are not well known and the information is spare. The most updated list you find in

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Grando (Hail) organized after Bjørndals archetypes ( Read about archetypes here)

Hail is water that has turned to ice, this cold quality shows the energic influence of The Old. Also confirmed in shrinking, old, dead and the cross ++.
Hail can have a destructive impact, a quality from Mature Man also shown in red, fire, cut, sharp, destruction, injury ++
Since these two archetypes dominate we expect the axis of the remedy to be between them, which is confirmed in the combined qualities of feeling trapped with a desire to break out or wanting to eliminate a uncomfortable condition. Having desire to pursuit or feeling arrogance or expressing blasphemy is also between the old and mature man.

This places the remedy near the snakes, but also remedies like Nux-v and Coloc.

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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