Numbers – from quantity back to quality

Today we mainly use numbers to quantify, but in the old cultures numbers were primarily a quality.

One was the biggest number because it was the whole Uni-verse, the Oneness. To perceive two you had to divide this oneness in two smaller halves.

Pictograms become symbols and in the beginning the symbols could be used both for numbers and letters. In the Hebrew alphabet each letter was also a number. A was 1 and B was 2 etc.

This is an important key to the quality of numbers. The meaning behind each letter completes and suplement for us the meaning in the numbers.

Number One

Number one represent oneness and unity. It represents The All, The Omnipresent God.

It represent the dilemma of All = Nothing.
Because when all is unified, there is no space, there is no time, there is no thing except the one-thing hence No-thing.
Mathematically it is the fraction 1/0 or a singularity.
One is the coherence behind everything, all volume, time and creation interconnected in a singularity.

One is also the first, the beginning.
The initiator, creator or head. That which comes into being first or president (prae-sedere = before-sit), the governor, the head, the face.
In old cultures the king or pharao was the representative of God.

Every holon is a one in a bigger oneness all the way to the One Oneness.

The individual (In-dividable) is also one. The self or seed of our being.

Monotheism is the belief in the One-God.

Sokrates: All I know is that I know nothing

“Only nothing is true.”
― Bernardo Kastrup, More Than Allegory: On Religious Myth, Truth and Belief

Number Two

Number two is the first splitt from the One, hence it is creation. What God separated out of himself, the creation.

For something to appear unity has to separate it from itself.
This is reflected in the use of B = 2 or the letter Beith in the words beginning (Bereshit) and created (Bara). Because the sound B as in “boble” creates a sphere or boble ( just try to say it).

Creation is a separation of a boble within the one (God) and then multiple bobles within the bobles. Holons within holons are fractals of number two.

The closest we can get to perceive a unity is by perceiving its polarity. The split that is the foundation of its existence. Any individual is a primal split, a ‘dissociated alter’ or holon within a bigger holon.

The manifested world is the biggest opposite to the unmanifested, the explicat order to the implicate order (Bohm).
In the circle of numbers five or manifestation is opposite to 9-0
Manifestation is intrincical to polarity.

The manifested world is a world of polarites; Light and Darkness, Good and Bad etc.

The creation in the bible ( Bereshit ) is about separating to create or manifest.

Number Three

The exchange between God and creation.
Exchange, communication, transport between and within holons.

Communication, language, transport, interchange, exchange, transit etc

All divitions in three parts:
Trinity: God Christ Holy Ghost
Alchemy; Sulphur, Mercury, Salt
Astrology: Cardinal, Mutual, Fixed
Antroposophic medicine: Head, Rythm, Life

One is energitic, creative, initiating (Cardinal, Sulphur)
One is rytmic, interchanging, balancing (Mutial, Mercury)
One is stable, structured (Fixed, Salt)

Number four

Stability of the four corners, four legs. The fixed point of a crossing.

Four elements
Four legs of table
Four directions, four walls, square

Cross – Take up your cross…….
God, exchange, creation changen, creation stuck ( Time line )

Beth is two is container, 2+2 = 4, 2×2 = 4, 2 in second potency is 4. Four is two 2´s = two rooms.
Four is the choice between two rooms or states. Choice or differentiation.

Number five

Five senses
God, exchange- Life -changed creation, fixed
The Leonardo da Vince Man
Five cardinal virtues

Number six

God, Exchange-life+life-changed&unchanged
3+3 – exchange on to levels
Anima / Animus – Conscious – Unconscious
Creation can now create
Heaven & Earth, Heaven & Hell

Number seven

Sealed connection
7 th heaven
Completed – Alchymical Wedding

Number eight

Exclusion – inclusion
Need to return on a lower level
Back to eternity / chaos – ∞
Fixed destiny, karma, DNA – 8×8 = 64

Number nine

Cycle – circle
Seed – nuclear – hibernation
9,18,36,72,144 – 2160 – 25920

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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