Onyx was explored 17-03-2016

SUMMARY with some Key-themes

Separation and death – returning into the dark, the night, staying der, feeling its presence – something there both separated from all at the same time connected to everything.
Feeling closeness through the darkness – separation
Separation – Connected through the night is to be connected through God

Takes away the delusion of separation like Granat (( AND ALL OTHER MINERALS/Crystals ))

“In the dark all cats look grey» (Norwegian expression) – the difference between us are erased entering a bigger holon, the extended humanity
Elk in the sun-set

The path between Hod-Tipheret? The devil? Confronted with your demons – you are the only one that can sort it out
Opposed to the wise – carrying the light source of insight ((See Kabbalah – Tarot))

Sun and moon connected at the time with full moon, both seen on the sky, extreme low tide – bottom of sea comes to become visual – the dangerous rocks are standing forward

Desire to meditate, need to find the dark inner peace, rest in a peaceful state
Retire into my own space and disappear

Doing exercise knowing and looking forward to the stretching
Listening to Eckart Tolle «The per of now» – felt thinking made me restless
Spent 3 days at «Farris SPA» sitting in the sauna watching sun sets
Just disconnecting with thoughts and feelings

A conversation behind me on the tram got my attention , stock marked and immense amount of money (40 million €)

Laid-back – relaxed evenings
No structure

Deep sorrow, black, peace, dark corners

Met a manipulating person, gave me a fitness programs that was not fitting the gear I got – need to get a PT appointment
I was manipulating and PT gave me 2 free appointments after a 40 minutts chat. 
I manipulated him completely

Discussing the immense separation the Norwegian terrorist is still placed in (Hardly see any people, no TV nor news etc.)

Criticizing others looking them straight in the eyes – they are just a mirror of yourself – the error is actually inside myself
Reflecting on the eastern mystery – dead – resurrection – returning into something new
Noe i deg dør – noe nytt opstår
Something with dies, something new appears

What is sin? Realize what I did was not so smart, as I mature and undertann and improve, yes it was too bad, but I have to continue with a new start
The deepest sin is to manipulate the will of the other
Resolves superstition

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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