pandemic 2020 = Corona? COLD? Flu?

Explore homeopathy to strengthen yourself

Homeopathy has empiricaly shown good results in epidemics.
Research has shown its possibilities in upper respiratory track infections*.

Remember; homeopathy do not have spesific remedies for spesific conditions. It will only work when the symptoms of the immun-system matches the symptoms of the remedy. This is regardless of the causing agent being a virus or bacteria.

Homeopaths all around the world are working to find the best possible remedies to help our immunsystem fight different epidemics. Particularly this year with so much fear of contamination as well as serious outcomes and strong international regulations.

From a holistic as well as spiritual perspective epidemics are collective diseases and every epidemic unique. Also the agent is not as important as the symptompicture.

Here we will collect and make available the most used remedies covering the symptom picture of the annual epidemic.
This is work in progress and the main indications of the collected remedies will be added.

Based on experiences with earlier epidemics and the lack of other possible interventions homeopathy could be one of the best possibilities also for this years flu-like cases.

In any uncertainty or doubt contact your professional health workers.

*HRI – Australian report


This are some of the
suggested and tested remedies

Continously updated

• Aconitum napellus
• Abrotanum (Artemisia abrotanum)
• Aceticum acidum
• Adamas
• Ailanthus glandulosa
• Amygdala amara and other cyanids
• Antimon tartaricum
• Antimon arsenicosum
• Apis mellifica
• Arsenicum album
• Arsenicum iodatum
• Asclepias tuberosa
• Belladonna
• Beryllium
• Boletus see Polyporus
• Brassica
• Bryonia alba
• Bugarus div (and other snakes)
• Camphora
• Carbon dioxygenisatum
• Carb-fullerene
• Carbo vegetabilis
• Chininum muriaticum
• Coca see Erythroxylon coca
• Convallaria
• Corvus corax principalis
• Croton tiglium
• Crotalus horridus (and other snakes)
• Cryptococcus neoformans
• Drosera rotundifolia
• Erythroxylon coca
• Eupatorium-perfoliattum
• Ferrum phos
• Ganoderma (See Polyporus)
• Gelsemium
• Gratiola
• Hydrastis
• Hydrocyanicum acidum
• Juglans regia
• Justicia adhatoda
• Kalium bicromicum
• Kalium carbonicum
• Kali ferrocyanatum (and other cyanides)
• Lobelia inflata
• Lobelia purpurascens
• Lycopodium
• Mercurius solubilis/vivus (and other Merc-x)
• Mobile phone
• Muriatic acid
• Nosod Covid-19?
• Nux vomica
• Oscillococcinum
• Opium
• Ozonum
• Phosphorus
• Phosphoric acid
• Pinus silvestris
• Pix liqida
• Polyporus lucidus (Boletus lucidus)
• Psorinum
• Pyrogen
• Radium bromatum
• Radon
• Rhus toxicodendron
• Rumex crispus
• Sambuca nigra
• Sanguinaria
• Senega
• Spigelia
• Stannum
• Sticta pulmonaria
• Succinum
• Tuberculinum
• Tussilago Petasites
• Vacuum
• Zincum metallicum

MATERIA MEDICA A-Z – to be continued


First choice – when you suspect being infected! Stage of panic!
This is the remedy at the onset, when symptoms come suddenly and when you feel acute panic of having been infected with any kind of infection. It is the remedy of choice in the state of panic and fear.

It is also the remedy of choice when symptoms starts after becoming cold, or being exposed to cold wind.

Dry cough, chill and fever.
Cold feet and hands.
Respiration difficulty.
Restlessness and anxiety. Fear death.

Confirmed improvement and prevention of further developement is experienced when taken early enough by more than 3 of the sources.

Abrotanum (Artemisia abrotanum)

Great anxiety and depression.
Raw feeling in lung. Impeded, difficult respiration. Dry cough following diarrhea. Cold air causes a raw feeling in respiratory tract.
Hectic fever with chilliness, very weakening, and marasmus

Regarded a genus epidemicus by Jan Scholten


Is an important cough & respiratory remedy – suggested remedy

Ailanthus glandulosa

A remedy for throat and upper respiratory track infection. Regarded as almost spesific for mononucleosis (Kissing-disease). Low fever with prostration, lack of vitality and tiredness.
Fetid odor of nose and mouth.
Thick, oedematous, and dry choky feeling in throat.
Expectoration daytime only.
Pain on inspiration.

Ammonium carbonicum suggested

Antimon arsenicosum

A suggested remedy with excessive dyspnoea an cough with mucus secretion. Catarrhal pneumonia with influenza and heart affection. Affinity to left pleura.
Sensation of weakness.

Arsenicum iodatum – suggested

Antimon tartaricum

Productive or rattling cough, drowned in mucus. Difficult respiration. White coated tongue.
Increasingly apathetic, drowsy, dull, sweaty and relaxed.
Despair of recovery. Apparent death.
The desire for pickles has been comfirmed in some cases.

Many reports of improvement in early stages, many cases and sources recomend this remedy when symptoms fit.

Antimon arsenicosum if Ant-tart works partially

Apis mellifica

Oedematous swellings. Burning, stinging pain.
Choking, worse clothing.
Cought on lying down. Generally worse lying down.
Difficult respiration, better by open air.
Stertorous respiration, short respiration
Stupefied and crying out from sharp pains.

Suggested, some positive experience.

Arsenicum album

Recomended by Indian Health authorities CCRH, based on the 2009 fluepidemic and repertorization of Chinese cases published in Lancet for covid-19.
Remember that the right homeopathic remedy is the remedy that cover the symptoms.
Here is the symptoms of Arsenicum:

Anxiety about health, fear death and infection with a need to try to control.
Neurotic behaviour.
Restlessness, anxious and exhausted.
Burning pain, better by warm applications!
Burning with chills.
Thirst for small quantitites of warm drinks.
Complains are worse after midnight (03.00)

Confirmed cases here too.

Asclepias tuberosa

Affinity to lungs. Close to Gelsemium.
Profuse perspiration and diarrhea in pleuro-pneumonia.
Better sitting up.
Worse motion.
Stitching pain.

Used by Yakir M. in Israel with succes, also profilactic.


Particularly in children with high fever, red face and tongue.
If you speak Norwegian see more here.

Experience with good response in children when symptompicture fits.

Beryllium a suggested remedy

Brassica a suggested remedy


In states with BCG-itis in the patient history or history of adverse reactions, lack of reaction or multiple injections with BCG vaccination. With a picture similar to or when suspecting Tub. Bov. Kent.
To be considered for Kawasaki disease (KD) / Kawasaki syndrom (KS) also to be considered in PIMS “pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome” with other remedies in the rubric “ailments from vaccination”.

Bryonia alba

One of the most frequently recomended remedies.

Bryonia is worse from motion, want to lie still and undisturbed.
Irritability if disturbed.
Financial worries, concerned about their job and income.
Desire to be at home; safe and undisturbed. Averse movement.
Dry cough. Dryness in general.
Thirst for cold drinks.
More often constipated with dry stool.
Pain stitching.
Headpain and fever.

Good response confirmed in China and Italy.

Bungarus and other snakes are suggested


This is also one of the most recomended remedies for the serious stages of covid-19 with collaps and breathing problems.

This is the state of fever with collaps. With icy cold hands and feet.
They feel isolated, alone with fear of punishment. Hopeless with fear of being alone.
Cold to touch, but desire to uncover. Or great heat and sweat with aversion to uncover

Sankaran R. confirms cases from Iran and Mangiallavori M. from Italy.

Carboneum dioxygenisatum

This is suggested as genues epidemicus by Jordi Vila

Carbo fullerenum

Dry cough, small chunks.
Restricted breathing; tight, can´t expand lungs properly, breathless & congested.
Pain ribs; Stabbing or knife-like.
See proving

Carbo vegetabilis

This is also for the collaps state, with breathing problems. Desire for open air; “fan me”, “fan me”. Has been called a life-saviour in such stages.
Weakness in daytime with restlessness in the evening and night.
Fear of dark and death.
Icy cold.
Bloated abdomen.

Recommended and experienced

Chininum muriaticum

Cough with rattling in bronchi with fatigue, no expectoration going into exhaustion.
Prominent prostation and weakness.

Convallaria majalis

Dry suffocative sensation in throat.
Dyspnoea standing or sitting, worse walking.
Congestinon in chest and hydrothorax.
Desire lemonade, something acid.

Worse in warm room, better open air

Corvus corax principalis

Theft, deception, trespasing and invasion.
Feels unprotected and dreams about conspiracies
Difficult inspiration, obstructed, with heart complaints. Accelerated respiration.
Fever with external coldness.
Fever with intense heat.

Suggested by Sherr al. as potential.

Croton Tiglium

Has deep desire to breath, but it is difficult. Cannot expand lungs.
Cough from irritation in airpassages. Persistent cough. Has to sit up not to suffocate.
Coldness of hands and feet and burning heat in face and scalp
Mentally hide-bound; can’t think outside of himself, feels all pent up inside, and no chance for the thoughts to flow out.
Gurgling and diarrhea from taking in anything into stomach.

Suggested by Sherr J. et al. based on pandemic analysis.

Crotalus div.

Are amongst some of the sugggested remedies.

Drosera rotundifolia

Anxiety alone, mistrust and restless.
Chilly with profuse perspiration at night. Perspiration from coughing.
Violent spasmodic cough, deep, barking and hollow.
Feeling of cough not being deep enough to get mucus out.
Holds chest when coughs.
Oppression of chest when talking.

Confirmed improvement.

Erythroxylon coca

Due to similarity with challenges in high altitude. Coca has been suggested.
No experience confirmed

Eupatorium perfoliatum

Mostly used for flu and other febrile illnesses, also malaria.
Fever with bonepains as if every bone was bruised or broken.
Bryonia is similar but has more perspiration and want to be undisturbed and quiet while Eupatorium has scanty sweat and is restless by the pain.
Chill comes in the morning or in the morning one day and evening the next. Chill by drinking water.
Cough with kneeling with head towards pillow.

Confirmed improvement.

Ferrum phosphoricum

A remedy for the acute onset.
Sensitive to cold, particularly head and back.
Thirst for large quantities.
Perspiration from slight exertion, profuse at night.

Confirmed improvement particularly in children.


Feeling heavy sweaty with trembling weakness during fever.
Heavy eyelids.
Anxiety and vertigo.
Chills up and down the spine.

For Norwegians read more here.

Confirmed improvement.


Cough paroxysmal 19.00 in the evening
Dry cough on rising
Cough from oppresion in chest and irritation in air passages.
Respiration difficult, impeded, obstructed.

Juglans regia


Kalium carbonicum

Cough night, breathing deep, becoming cold.
Cough with difficult expectortion of small balls flying out from mouth.
Respiration difficult, obstructed lying with head low, better sitting bent forward with head in hands, arms resting on knees.
Chilly with sensitivity to drafts.
Catching cold after overheating.
Stitching sharp pains.
Tendecy to water retention.
Complains worse after 3 am

Mercurius – remedies

There are a few


A spesific for flu like states –




Cough paroxysmal eleven a.m.
Respiratory; slow, difficult, obstructed, desire to breath deep.
As if lungs filled with water.

+ apple juice


a remedy

Phosphoric acid

a remedy

Pinus silvestris


Pix liquida



a remedy

Rhus toxicodendron

a remedy

Rumex crispus

a remedy

Sambuca nigra

Obstructed nose.
Strangling suffocative cough on falling asleep.
Woken by cough.
Profuse perspiration while awake.
Respiratory troubles when perspiration disappeares.


Dryness; cought, throat
Acrid discharges.
Burning in chest.
Sensitive to odours.
Red cheeks during fever.


Cough in paraxysms.
Suitable to cough in old people.
Weakness feels like coming from the chest.
Sensitive of chest wall to touch, moving of arms, percussion etc.
Perspiration which ameliorates.
Secretions ropy, clear, white.


Cough from irritation of air passages or mucus.
Cough short, racking and violent.
Respiration difficult with weakness of respiratory organs.
Chest impeded, obstructed or tight with feeling of emptiness.
Weakness from talking.
Tremulous weakness.

Tuberculinum -remedies

Dry , hacking cough.
Suffocative cough.
Cough on becoming cold.
Respiration difficult lying, wants fresh air or open windows.
Desire for deep breath.
Rattling without expectoration.
Fever with chill from uncovering.
Fever intermittent:

Remittent, intermittent, repeating, paroxysmal and relapsing states

Tussilago petasites

Cough spasmotic
Suggested as genus epidemicus by Anne Vervarke


Pain in throat. Dry hacking cough. Breathing difficulties during cought. Difficult to breath deep. Fever alternating with chill. Icy coldness. Chill with perspiration.
Fear of armed forces or war like states. Soreness leg.


Dr. Manish Bhatia,
Dr. Avs Prasad – see completedynamis
Vervarke, Anne
Mikal Yakir
F. Swoboda
P. Vladimir
Hong Kong Association of Homeopathy

How to use it


Remedies come in D (X), C, M and LM of Q potencies.

Be pragmatic and use the potency you have.
If you want to buy it choose a D or C potency and 30 or 200.
D30, C30, D200 or C200


If very acute expect improvement within 30-90 min max.
If less acute give it a few hours.

If the remedy improves your state continue with it.
If there is no improvement try to see what other remedy could match your symptoms better.
If you do not get needed help contact your professional health care provider.


Remedies come as granules, pills, tablets or fluid.

Be pragmatic.
The amount of pills, tablets or granules is less important.

The frequency of the dose is what counts. Take it pr 30 min. the first 2-3 hours the each second hour.
In an acute stage continue pr. 30 min.

What is improvement?

Your body can react in many ways.

Improvement can be experienced in many ways:
It can be an increase in general wellbeing, in energy, a more optimistic or more peacefull outlook on things.
Getting a higher fever, or resent symptoms coming back is ok if it last only for a short time and gives a clear improved stated afterwards.

Share your experience for the benefit of humankind

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