Paths in Life – Belgrade 16-18th Nov. 2018

Lecture and workshop in Belgrade!

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Friday the 16th – States in Life
A lecture for new-comers to give you all the preliminary knowledge you need to attain the workshop in the weekend 17th & 18th of November.
This covers an introduction to the Tree of Life in Kabbalah with its main structures and the ten Sephirot. They represent steps in the evolution of man and all living things, the different psychological states, the spectre of emotions, the span of archetypes as well as the different planetary qualities.

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th – Paths in Life
The mystical paths are almost impossible to find information about, they are kept as secret and little understood aspects of life.
Based on earlier workshops, ritual work and personal experiences Andreas N. Bjørndal will share with you the very essence of each path and even help you to discover it yourself.

Every state or situation in life has been mapped in the Tree of Life and its “32 paths”. We can move in and out of the paths or move in either direction making 64 options.
Also the I Ching (the book of changes) describes life as consisting of 64 different stages. Even the genetic code consist of 64 possible encodings. The number of paths is a question of differentiation of the path of regression or progression.

These paths connect things, states or stage in life. From early history humans have searched and aimed at understanding how things connect and relate. The paths are the keys to this quest.

A good psychologist, doctor or homeopath is a therapist that is able to recognise how the information from the client connects together. A unified perception is the first step towards releasing the potential to cure.
A good researcher sees the connection in the data.
A good performer is able to connect meaning, emotions and performance so it becomes inspiring and magic.
Connecting thins in your life is the main feature of your evolution.

This workshop is more than a syncretic approach to esoteric tradition, the arcana, kabbalah, astrology, archetypes and other ancient traditions, it is a unified understanding that make things simple and easy as well as practical.

Every quality or aspect in the universe is represented in the Tree of Life. The mystical paths connects all these aspects, but there are also hidden paths.

In this workshop you will not only learn to find and see the connections, but also create a unified perception within your own mind and brain.
With this unified perspective you can achieve better understanding and results in many fields of life and professions. There is hardly any area of life that will not benefit from this unification process in your mind and soul. The most important is that it is the most efficient way to stimulate your own evolution.

To have maximum benefit of the workshop you should be familiar with the main concepts, qualities or spheres (Sephirot) in the Tree of Life. This you can achieve in the seminar on Friday 16th of November.

Registration fee: 150 €

Early birds – for payments up to 1.11.2018: 120 €

Additional discount to members of “Simillimum” association – 10%

Book a place on this workshop by phone +381 64 3067465 or email


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