Paths in Life – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

As long as we go through life and are in a process, we move from one state to­wards an­other. Many peo­ple re­peat the same les­son again and again in the same way chil­dren love to re­peat the same game, story or act as a process of learn­ing and mas­ter­ing.

A path has a be­gin­ning and an end point. It needs those two to be sep­a­rated so as to be­come a path be­tween them. Hu­man evo­lu­tion or our process of mov­ing from one to the other state is re­unit­ing them again within each of us. As we walk life we re­unite what cre­ation has split apart. All moves back to­wards uni­fi­ca­tion through cy­cles of cy­cles and aeons of aeons.

 Many cre­ations myths ex­plain this by the One-ness be­com­ing Two. When God cre­ates he splits him­self up by sep­a­rat­ing dif­fer­ent as­pects of him­self. When we evolve and mas­ter things we re-unite and move back to­wards the One-ness within God.

The Kab­balah speaks about 32 paths, the I Ching about 64 states. It di­vides one into two and then again two into two you get four, di­vid­ing them again gives eight then 16, 32 and 64.

Freema­sons are ini­ti­ated in a se­quence that is an anal­o­gous process to the evo­lu­tion of the soul. The Wal­dorf schools build on the prin­ci­ples of let­ting the child un­fold and ex­plore things in an anal­o­gous process to the un­fold­ing or grow­ing of the soul too. The evo­lu­tion of life, or any of its king­doms are rep­e­ti­tions of the same anal­o­gous se­quence. Each step is sus­pended be­tween the pre­vi­ous and the next.

Each step in life is a path be­tween two states. We are liv­ing in a po­lar­ized state be­tween life and death, night and day or good and bad with many mi­nor vari­a­tions.

Af­ter some years of prac­tice, I started to see cer­tain of these po­lar­i­ties where stronger or more fre­quent. The first I no­ticed was that peo­ple that take re­spon­si­bil­ity are struc­tured and like to have con­trol of­ten have a chal­lenge to take care of them­selves and their needs. They take charge of oth­ers but not them­selves. I la­belled them as be­ing dom­i­nated by “The Old”. Some­times the in­ner-child had suf­fered from mor­ti­fi­ca­tion, grief or very high de­mands from their par­ents mak­ing them su­press or avoid that as­pect of life. De­pend­ing on the to­tal pic­ture and the vari­a­tion of the theme this would lead me to dif­fer­ent home­o­pathic reme­dies to help them, all hav­ing this theme in com­mon (such as Kalium car­bon­icum, Na­trium muri­aticum, Co­nium, Car­ci­nos­inum +++).

In other peo­ple it was just the op­po­site. Their in­ner child dom­i­nated the pic­ture and they where strug­gling to grow up and be­come in­de­pen­dent (such as Pul­satilla, Lac hu­manum, Baryta car­bon­ica +++). I la­belled these “The Child”.

It also be­came clear that cer­tain con­di­tions played them­selves out along the same po­lar­i­ties.
The po­lar­ity above is the same as we see be­tween neu­ro­sis and psy­chosis or anorec­tic and bu­limic to men­tion two.

The anorec­tic has too much con­trol and does not let them­selves suc­cumb to their nat­ural needs. They are dom­i­nated by “The Old”. The bu­limic on the other side can let their need be­come in­dul­gences. That is par­tic­u­larly when the day turns to­wards night and the nat­ural needy com­fort na­ture be­comes strong through the need for sleep. They are dom­i­nated by “The Child”.
You can say that the bu­limic is on the path to­wards anorec­tic and the anorec­tic on the path to­wards bu­limic. The Old needs the Child and vice versa.

The bu­limic needs to cul­ti­vate con­trol and dis­ci­pline, they need to help the in­ner child to grow up and take charge. They need to say “Okay, I know I will eat a lot of ice cream this evening, but I will set a limit at 1,5 box from this week. Then they need to grad­u­ally re­duce and take charge through dif­fer­ent ex­er­cises to cul­ti­vate the pos­i­tive sides of the old.

The anorec­tic on the other side needs to get in touch with the in­ner child. If it is an ath­lete I would ask them to just lye down on the flour, or grass and put their hands above the so­lar plexus and lye their for 1-2 min­utes and feel every part of their body. With a hard work­ing woman I would ask her to do the same thing when com­ing home from work. These peo­ple never rest, never feel how the state of their body is, they need to cul­ti­vate a con­nec­tion with their ba­sic needs for sleep, rest, va­ca­tion, food, wa­ter etc. They need to cul­ti­vate The Child.

These short ex­am­ples are ba­si­cally the same path but in op­po­site di­rec­tions. A healthy per­son can move ef­fort­less in ei­ther di­rec­tion and has cre­ated a nice bal­ance be­tween these two within them­selves. They have united these two as­pects of life.

The po­lar­ity of The Old and The Child can also be seen in our re­la­tion to our par­ents. As we grow up we be­come more and more peers to our par­ents but when they get old, they be­come de­pen­dent and Child like. In a re­la­tion­ship it is also a ten­dency that one tends to be­come The Old, tak­ing charge of pay­ing bills and hav­ing a sched­ule or de­mands, while the other is bet­ter at be­ing in touch with the needs and feel­ing of be­long­ing.

If your part­ner does not take charge, you need to let your­self be­come more of The Child, even if some bills might be paid late so that the other can learn to cul­ti­vate The Old and you The Child.
If you are The Child and feel the other takes charge and con­trols you, you need to grow up and take charge, but also see the lit­tle child hid­den within your part­ner. See­ing that hid­den as­pect helps them get­ting in touch with it and let­ting you take the role of The Old eas­ier.

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