Play­ing with holons – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

A holon is a whole­ness and a part of a big­ger whole at the same time. You are a holon. Your or­gans are holons within you. Your health de­pends on the har­mony and co­op­er­a­tion be­tween your or­gans. It is the higher or­gan­i­sa­tion that you rep­re­sent that takes care of that.

But you are also a part of a big­ger holon. In the book Seven Ar­rows by Hye­mey­ohsts Storm about na­tive Amer­i­cans, the Med­i­cine Man was asked about the ori­gin of dis­ease. He an­swered, when the first man acted for his own ben­e­fit in con­tra­dic­tion to the ben­e­fit of the tribe.

We all are parts of big­ger holons. The fam­ily, the pro­fes­sional com­mu­nity, the na­tion and hu­man kind are some of them. When we act to our own good but with a bad in­flu­ence on the big­ger whole, we cre­ate dis­ease at that level.

As hu­mans start to live out the time of the ego more and more peo­ple start to make a pri­or­ity to make de­ci­sions that ben­e­fit the whole com­mu­nity even if it is neg­a­tive for them per­son­ally. (Not like the guy on the pic­ture try­ing to en­ter the tube be­fore peo­ple can be let out)

You can train your­self when in a group of peo­ple by ask­ing your­self what is the best ben­e­fit of the group, what can I do for the whole, what is most needed, is there some work no­body likes to do that I can do?

When dri­ving your car, you can ask to be part of the whole traf­fic and per­haps it is of bet­ter ben­e­fit if oth­ers can drive ahead of you, per­haps some­body on the road that day needs to be taken ex­tra care of in a sub­tle way.

When you meet some­body, ask your­self what can I say to this per­son that is for the best ben­e­fit to our com­mon com­mu­nity.

Many peo­ple still have the main split be­tween their an­i­mal and hu­man na­ture and act out of fear, anger, ego­ism etc.
More and more peo­ple start to tran­scend that split to be­come a ques­tion of me or the big­ger group. The more you act on be­half of the group the greater is your de­gree of holonity.

Step by step you will feel you be­long to a big­ger holon, with a much higher ben­e­fit, with a deeper state of peace and much less to worry about.

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