Qoph – Back of head, occiput

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Qoph Q 100

Suares:   Aleph-Yod-Qof (1.10.100): Whereas Aleph (1) is the beat, or pulsation of life-death-life-death, Yod (10) is its projection in temporal continuity. So Yod (in Hebrew: the hand), is the opposite of Aleph, its partner playing against it the game without which nothing would be. The Qof (100) is the most difficult symbol to understand. It includes Aleph exalted in its principle yet acting through its projection, against itself, and thereby being cosmically deathless. It is best seen in Qaheen (Cain) that mythical destroyer of illusions.

Meaning of letter symbol
The face turned away, the face concealed, the face turned
towards the right; back of head,
skull, skull as hollow vessel,
cup, basket, tub, box, moneybag, pouch,
anus, vulva;
eye (of a needle), hole (in an ax handle);
lance, pole, hatchet, mushroom;
to surround, go around, . encircle; heap, pile, parapet,
arch, doorway;
cast forth, spew, vomit;
ape, monkey, the tail (of a monkey), the ape as a demon

∑ Hidden part = potential – shadow, demon, monkey

And thus we begin the cosmic hundreds. Here we speak of existence beyond ordinary existence, signals moving at speeds beyond the speed of light and thus to multidimensionality of existence.

Qof (100) comes through Aleph (1) — Yod (10) — to Qof (100). It is difficult to understand Qof for as Aleph and Yod play the game of contradiction, in Qof the puzzle is resolved, the duality is. Qof includes timeless Aleph acting through its projection Yod in time against itself — resulting in the cosmic victory of deathless Qof. It is here that the illusion of space-time is destroyed — the game both begins and ends continuously without end. Suares, Spectrograms


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