Resh – Head

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Resh R 200

Suares: Bayt-Kaf-Raysh (2.20.200): Whereas Bayt (2), the archetype of all containers, has its roots in the cosmic resistance to life, Kaf (20) — in Hebrew, the hollow of the hand — is ready to receive all that comes and Raysh (200), the cosmic container of all existence, has its roots in the intense organic movement of the universe.

Meaning of letter symbol
Face, to see, perceive, brain, head,
countenance, the face turned to the left;
top, apex, summit, crown; the sum, head,
or amount of anything; highest, supreme, first, chief, foremost,
beginning, point, main thing, principle; embryo; capstone;
drug, intoxicant, poisonous plant (wormwood, head of poppy plant, flower
tops of hemp);
to be moved, tremble, be in awe;
crossbeam, triangle, wedge,
ox head;
one after the other, succession;
poverty, poor; dwellers of the North Russia)

∑ Face, countenance, top, head, R: rolling, ruler, rex

Raysh (200) is the cosmic Bayt acting in projection through Bayt (2) — Kaf (20) — Raysh (200). Raysh is the cosmic container, itself, thus is a paradox for its contents is at once its own container. It is the universe wherein the one energy exalted Qof lives. A key to its meaning comes from the Hebrew word Aleph-Vav-Raysh which we interpret as Aleph copulating or fertilising the cosmos. That can that mean? This word is the Hebrew word for light . In relativity physics, light plays a special role for it moves in space-time at one speed, has no rest mass and for it, there is no passage of time or extension of space in the direction in which it moves. It rides the ‘wall of light’.

When we jump off the wall of light we create at one shot space-time and matter or rest mass, provided we jump into existence at speeds less than light. In the game of the hundreds, we are on the other side of this wall.      Suares, Spectrograms



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