Saturn – Sun (Binah/Malkuth – Tipheret), Old – Master


Absolute, completed, sealed,

Well Defined
Well defined; sharp, clear and focused and good contrast

Clarity of mind
Intelligent, Wise, Truthful, Knowledgeable, Bringing structure and clarity – illuminating

Consistent, industrious, permetum mobile, strength
Time; Year / day cronology

Foundation, strong cored, throne, inner peace, quiet mind

Heat, glowing carbon,
Sun;  first and last 4th

Build/Re-build etheric (Lords of Karma)
Vitalizing disiplin, prana yoga,
Atmic incarnated

Osiris, Balder, Jesus
Kingdom of the dead
Alchemy; turning lead to gold

Authority, control, master, ruler, disiplin, father, leader, in comand, in charge
structured apperance, self confident, independent, autonomy
majestetic, dignity, rightious, mature
God (severe)
God,Spirit (Fire world)

Units of life; cell, organ, organism
Inkarnated life, organazied life, life containers

Vegan, vegetarian, etherian, living on air

To be or not to be
Inkarnated being, Jesus Christ, Gautama Buddha, being, existing spirit
essens, core, root
Will of God, Your will be done, obediance

Invisible light
Dark sun, inner quietness, unfoldment from within
Quiet bliss
Fundamentalistic, moralistic, dictator, despot, “Better wisser”
Inhibited will/power/action/self-realization ≈ emprisoned, captured, slave, victim, in chains:
Living dead man

Excarnated, instant combustion


Death              Life
Burial              Ressurection
Doomed         Forgiven
Merciless        Mercy/Grace

Dark               Light
Night              Day
Black              White
Cold                Warm
Passive           Active
Old                  Fresh

Triangle        Circle
Square          Circle
Angular        Curved
Tangent        Radius
Container    Content
Perifery        Centre

Devel             Christ
Set                   Osiris
Loke                Balder
Maria              Jesus
Holy Ghost     Christ
IHVH               Abraham
God                 Master/King/Pharao/Emperor
The All            The Self

Father             Son
Mother           Son

Old                  Master
Old                  Matur/grown up/adult

Parlament      Government

alfa og omega
arketus krate vi

Borders          No borders
Rigid               Vital
Hopeless       Hopeful
Rusty             Un-rustable
Corroded       non-corrosive
Above/belov    Belov/above
Dead              Alive
Anorectiv     Healthy
Fasting          Nurishing

Contract          Beam/radiate/shine
Observe          Radiate
Analyze           Synthesise
Limit                Interconnect
Hold                 Radiate, circulate
Hold                Give
Close               Open
Unemotional   Emotional
Strict                 Generous
Contain           Fill
Judge               Forgive
Hide                Illuminate/light up
Absorb            Shine
Reduce            enlive? give life
Exclude           Include
Dying              Living
Hungry           Eating
Knowledge      Fate
Karma              Dharma

Lead               Gold

Fire Triangle  Air Triangle
Earth                Air Triangle
Earth               Heaven
3                       7

The Lovers
Skjermbilde 2018-10-23 kl. 10.13.43.png

Adam and Eve naked in paradise. Behind the man a tree of flame (fire) representing spiritual life; behind the woman the tree of the knowledge of Good (Tov=completed) and Bad (Raa=possible experiences) with apples, representing experiences in incarnated life. This tree has a snake. Mountain at the bottom (Malkuth/Binah) Sun at the top (Tipheret)

An angel with purple cloak and flames around the head with a golden yellow face from Tipheret representing the Malakim that cultiva virtue in us. Tipheret is the sphere of Michael that help us stand up against the dark and evil (saturn).
Stand virtous innocent, pure and vital or feel shame and the need to hide (Sun – Saturn). In the start lovers are in blind bliss, as they realise the other is not the anima or animus the work towards inner realisation is stimulated.

 Zain 7
Victory of death or the dead body
Osiris, Jesus ressurection, Balder (Loke´s arrow), Jesus´lance
Sword – Osiris phallos eaten by fish – gone and replaced by golden one by Isis




Skjermbilde 2018-07-05 kl. 00.24.37

Squaring circle, sirkel med hard skall


Skjermbilde 2018-10-06 kl. 09.17.15.pngSkjermbilde 2018-10-06 kl. 09.19.25.pngSkjermbilde 2018-10-06 kl. 09.23.28.png


Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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