Sun-Moon (Tipheret-Yesod), Master-Child


Energy, vitality, virility, fertility, life, libido, drive, instinct, industrious, autonomy, source, creativiy

Love, chymical wedding, unification of king and queen, sublimation, anima-animus, balanceSkjermbilde 2018-10-05 kl. 21.06.36.png

Light, clarity, purity, shining, radiating, inspiration, “up lifting”
Truth, honest, coherent, congruent, unity, identity
realisation, transformation, individuation
Cultivation, purification, rectification,
Awareness, Shen (Mind, Spirit-Soul)

Centred, grounded, stability, security, satisfaction, peace, harmonby, balance, family (mother & father)

Light+Love=Truth (Wisdom+Love=Truth)
Eucharist, Holy Communion, Lord´s Supper
Legend of the Holy Grail
3.rd in triangles Throne-Solar centre (Cross/Coffine)-Grail
Circle, cycle; day, month, year – circulation

Negative: Need attention, egoism, narssicism, self-absorbed


Main concepts
Sun – Moon
Tipheret – Yesod
Master – Child
Yang – Yin
Masculine – Feminine
Animus – Anima
Active – Passive
Day – Night
Light – Dark
Good – Evil
Centre – Periphery
Spirit – Matter
Objective – Subjective
Individuality – Personality

Fire – Water
Dry – Wet
Extrovert – Introvert
High – Low
Electric – Magnetic
Light – Heat

Content – Container
Knowledge – Intuition
Know “erkjenne” – Suspect “ane”
Clear – Foggy/Mist
Independent – Dependent
Selfish – Unselfish – vice verse
Virtous – Pure/innoscent
Electrisity – Insulation
qi – xue   qi moving xue, xue nourish qi

Radiate – Reflect
Light – Mirror
Image – Mirror/Copy
Seeing ( I see) – Feeling ( I know) – vice versa
Give – Receive
Fertilize – Conceive
Create – Give birth
Initiate – Complete
Start – Nurture
Drive – Care
Truth – Lie
Conscious – Unconsious
Aware – Unaware
Mature – Immature
Super-conscious – Sub/un-conscious
Inner-knowledge – Understanding/Crasping
Insight – Perception

Virtue – Grail
Love – Wisdom
Wisdom – Love
Wine – Bread
Bread – Wine
Rød – White
Blood – Semen
Warm – Cold
Gold – Silver

Self – Ego
Osiris – Isis
Teacher – Student
Guru – pupil
Master – Neophyte
Parent – Child
Father – Mother
Government – Population
King – Queen
King – People
King – Court jester / fool
Knight – Grail
Master – Fortune teller/Witch
Prince – Princess in tower

Golden Dawn Kabbalah Tipheret-Yesod = Samekh, 60 (LINK)
60 – feminine sexuality – circle
Snake – sublimation
Circle, cycle,
Ouroborus (Link) = master Norse: Midgarsormen – Head eating tale (Sun – Moon)
= Taking the bull by the horns
The golden way – the pillar of balance – a quantum leap
The 11th hour of the night

Sun – Moon Aspects

Sun conjunct Moon: 

Strong degree of coherence and congruence; a true sense of purpose & unity. A natural authority, strong credibility
Intense energy,
Challenge with boundaries of mental-emotional or subjective-objective nature
Spontanity and unity rather than conscious discernment/discrimination

Sun opposition Moon: 

Split, alternation, competing within, selfawareness
Sence of needing (basic split)
Anima-animus awareness

Sun square Moon: 

Inner tention within, irritation and arguments if composite
Avoid getting defensive/offensive putting down your partner or being selfreproaching

Sun sextile or trine Moon: 

Pleasing balance, or perceived balance within or in couple.
You can “give and take”
Self content or satisfying feelings of camaraderie, support, confidence and security.

Sun quincunx Moon: 

Sense of friction/ tention, being stuck or being a failure.
Unexpected, unplanned, unintentional burden; health, financial ++
This can consume a lot of energy.

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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