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Paths in Life – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Here you can read the article about the different states and places we are in through our journey in life.

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Archetypes – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Archetypes can be used in many different ways and in most fields of life.

Archetypes make it easy to classify and understand qualities that are related but also to see which qualities that are opposite. Here is a map of Archetypes that I have developed. Let us explore.


Let us first look at some words and make a little exercise.
Try to find which two words that seem not to belong here.


As you look at them you realise they are not synonyms neither a class of words, but most of them express a quality that we can call an archetype. An archetype that could also be expressed with words like; strong, independent, decisive, irritability, cutting, heat, accident etc.
The word tenderness and harmony seems to not only misfit, but even to be almost opposite to the other words. You could say that one of the groups have qualities like the colour red, the other like the opposite green. But what are they? Not synonyms but rather archenyms or semionyms if we should invent a name for them. What should we use as a common word for the red or the green?

We can easily see if we organize the words that “Self-assertive” or a strong person with a strong “I” could represent the red words. The green words are more about adjusting to the other or the surroundings. You can say these represent the focus on myself or the other, I and You.
Skjermbilde 2016-10-24 kl. 12.47.14.png

These two colours or groups of words represent two archetypes; Mature man and Young woman. Both are archetypical qualities that can be expressed in many different ways and in many different fields.

In the schema below you see the six main archetypes with the “Master” as number seven in the middle.

This illustration is a synthesis of knowledge from different fields and even with its simplicity it explains some of the most important aspects in so diverse fields of knowledge as astronomy, taxonomy, psychology, biology and many more.

skjermbilde-2016-10-24-kl-12-53-46You can easily see it has some basic geometric structures.

1: Each archetype has a polarity (The master has centre-periphery)

2: The zigzag from the child to young man, young woman, master, mature man, mature woman and old, represents the stages of development in life.

3: The three top ones represent maturity and age, while the three bottom ones represent the young and immature.

*My courses on archetypes covers more than ten other geometric relations and what they represent in life.

Let us look at the polarity between the two archetypes; The old and The Child.

The Old
As an archetype the old can both be used to describe a personality as well as qualities in nature.

We will start by describing a person that is typical of the archetype “The old” since that is easy to relate to.
This person does not need to be old of age, but will have some qualities that are more common as people get older.
The old is serious, responsible and like to have control. They will easily feel alone, isolated or estranged.  They do not let people get close to them easily and will not show signs of weakness.
The control aspect can make them stuck and fixed particularly in how things should be, used to be or they need them to be.
There is an atmosphere of coldness, constriction and inhibition around these persons.

On a more abstract level you can say that any process that contracts and gets compact, harder and more material represents this quality. This archetype is cold, black, stiff and represents structure.

In chemistry you will recognize it in carbon with its blackness, hardness in diamonds, and being the backbone of the structure in all life as well as what is left when you burn things.
In botany the archetype is represented by evergreen trees. Living into very old age, often creating a dark forest, and not letting other plants grow close to them.

This kind of person has learned to master the challenges in life by taking control, taking charge, by observing how others have coped. It could be that early in life nobody was taking care of them, so they had to take care of themselves. It could be that early in life things were so painful that they needed to supress the emotions and put them deep into a hidden place within. It could also be that things were so scary that they needed to control as much as possible not to end up in similar situations. Some people are also just born serious and with a lot of duty.

These people will particularly get drawn towards persons dominated by the archetype “The child” because that represents what they need.
The child is the opposite archetype and by cultivating that part within “The old” gets closer to a balanced place in the centre, a place of mastery.

The Child
As an archetype anything said about The old finds its polarity in The child.
These persons are dependent of others, clingy, insecure and wants to be taken care of.
They love home life and family life and can be full of care and mothering feelings they are mild and playful.
Often they will be childish, timid, changeable, yielding and demanding.

As a polarity to The old, The child represents people that need to mature, become independent and take charge of the duties in life. They need to grow towards the old to find mastery in life.

Same axis – but opposite
Persons that are dominated by The old or The child will find their own polarity in the other. First we can see that both are concerned about others. The child will often focus on the closest people, people in the family, neighbours or close friends, often people that have been there all the way back to childhood. They will spend a lot of time making sure these close people get their needs of protection, food and care.
The old also has concern for others, but it is often for their staff, people at work, in the community, society or the bigger more extended family. When the old is concerned about the family it is more that they will feel the duty to gather the family together.

We can find common things in the axis The old-The child, but the easiest is to see the polarity. You can say they are inter-connected, that to become The old, you need to “suppress” the child and to become The child, you need to be “blind” to The old.

Often a person being dominated by The old will be attracted to The child as a partner or friend. The polarity will attract but also be the main challenge in a friendship and in a relationship it could even end up being the reason for a divorce.

The old will love the care, mildness and mothering quality of The child, but will feel strangled by the clinging and needy quality. The challenge is these relations can only be solved it they understand that they need to find the qualities they are searching in the other also within themselves.

The old need to challenge himself and be daring enough to be vulnerable, expose his needs, express his weakness and let others take decisions. The child also need to go within and say what can go wrong by making a decision myself, it could always be redone. Only by trying alone will I get the experience and wisdom to take responsibility.

So how can we find that aspect within, how do we use this in our life?

Some exercises
The old need to get in touch with his inner child, with his needs, with the more subtle aspects of life.
Here are a few sample exercises for the old:
1. Lay down for a few minutes when you come home from work, put your hands with the palms on the solar plexus and breath deep and slow. Just feel how your body feels; hot, cold, tired, tens, painful etc.
2. Ask yourself everyday what you should do today that you do only for taking care of yourself with no modal verbs (Should, have to etc.)
3. If you were a child is there any presents you would have liked, that you never got? Why not give them to yourself now? Or maybe a grown up version?
4. Indulge sometimes in something that you enjoy so much that you could imagine your mother, father or partner preparing that for you out of love and care.
5. Try to remember your dreams when you wake up, you might need to get used to snooze a bit.
6. When did you last time ask for a hug, ask for a kiss, a massage or just letting your head in the lap of your loved one.
7. Create nice atmospheres, burn candles, incense and play calming music like if you would prepare for nice company with yourself.

These are just a few exercises for the old to give you a taste.

I am building up a complete archetype online course to be available, press follow to be informed.

Emerald – 5.th holonistic gemstone exploration

The emerald came forward revealing the abundant green vitalizing gifts of life.

As the fifth of our exploration journeys into gemstones (7/5-2015), it confirmed common themes and qualities we did start to see in all the gemstones so far.  But also it gave us its unique qualities as one of the most appreciated gems of them all.


With its graceful gentle but dynamic power Emerald showed it was dissolving the qualities of duty as we see them in the modal verbs such as should, must, would, could, might, into a present state of accepting and flowing with life.

Emerald helps you to make the right priorities in life, so you do not need to regret not having lived at the end of your life or when faced with terminal illness, as cancer. It helps you appreciate and choose the intimate close friendships or relation to loved ones compared to the relations that are defined by duty, responsibility, obligation or commitments based on “shoulds” and “musts”.

This revealed to us its polarity in Kabbalah between Binah and Netzach, planetary between Saturn and Venus or between the Archetypes The Old and The Young Girl.  A polarity that can be expressed with many different words; It is a polarity between the feeling of having limited or unlimited time. Between death and life. Between a closed isolated inhibition and intimate tender loving care. It is the polarity between the old serious duty bound and the young living girl in love. As well as polarity between the authoritarian religious leaders and the inner individual realization of the spiritual world.

Life gives hope, as the  new spring does with its green lush. Hope is like connecting to the life that always is. Hopelessness is being stuck in a dead end road, in a situation that is not nourishing you. A situation that is killing you. Emerald helps you to dissolve that, let it go, let it evaporate as an illusion. You came from a state of life and you are heading back there. What is between is just passing it is not permanent, it is just illusion. With Emerald you can question yourself why you are hanging on to it, and you can let go, you can live again. It even makes you realize that when you stop your life, you live for ever, it is when you die that you stop dying and live alive.

Emerald opens up the heart to humankind and all living beings, it fills you with tenderness and care. It makes you aware of your suffering neighbours in the third world, and as it gives you appreciation of your own manifold blessings it also fills you with the priority of stretching out your hands and giving. It makes you realize that it is more gifts in giving than in receiving, as well as enjoying the blessings of your own life.

Emerald gives a pure, clear etheric  life force streaming through your whole body, your every cell, and particularly the heart and kidneys. But it also makes you accept impurities that are natural and hence delusions.

With its life force it gives you the ability to master and overcome big endeavours step by step when you feel completely overwhelmed by huge impossible tasks or workloads.

When you feel sorrow or forsaken or are missing someone, it gives you the ability to give and hence to open up the limitless source within, and the first to be completed or filled then is yourself.

As nature, is natural, and the word nature means birth, so Emerald gives birth to the most natural in yourself, the life force itself, the real beauty and its connectedness to all living. It transforms you, let you move on when stuck, gives you life when dead, gives you hope when you feel despair, gives you love when you feel isolation.

Emerald lets you give and take on life here and now “Carpe diem

The state and attitude of Emerald is most beautifully expressed in the Prayer of Saint Francis:

Lord, make me a channel of Thy peace;
Where there is hatred, let me bring your love
Where there is injury, your pardon; Lord
Where there is doubt, true faith in you;
Make me a channel of your peace
Where there’s despair in life, let me bring hope;
Where there is darkness, only light;
And where there’s sadness, ever joy.

Oh, Master grant that I never seek
So much to be consoled, as to console;
To be understood, as to understand;
To be loved as to love with all my soul

Make me a channel of your peace
It’s in pardoning that we are pardoned;
In giving to all men that we receive;
And in dying that we’re born to eternal life.


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Sapphire – 4.th holonistic gemstone exploration

On the evening of 9. of april 2015, 75 years on the day of the invasion of Norway by the germans we conducted our holonistic exploration of Sapphire.

Sapphire came forward with a strong sense of perfection, with an eye for the smallest details. On one side we saw an almost rigid crystalline need for perfection, on the other the ability to let go of the fastidious demands and accept things just as they were. People that normally would not go to the office with a spot on their cloths felt themselves at ease presenting themselves with a food stain or two. Or in ways they never would have accepted earlier.

Perfecting and censuring could be said to be two sides of the same coin, or interrelated. A person aiming at perfection or a censorious critical person both needs the combination of objective observation and critical analysis. On one side they need appreciation for a specific shape, form, structure or result on the other an eye for what can be eliminated, adjusted, improved or sense of precision and the ability of cutting away.

This ability requires two archetypes, the archetype “The old” (Binah, Saturn) representing observation, structure together with the archetype “Mature Man” (Gebourah, Mars) representing, elimination and cutting. Together they have a sense of structure and seeing what should be eliminated or modified. Joined they give you the perfect combination for a censorious, critical assessment. Together they give exactness and perfection.

On the other side structure with esthetic sense gives the ability for creating something perfect. Gems are precious stones, and in Sapphire the preciousness seems to be combined with being perfect, being the master, king or guru.

An idealistic aim for ultimate perfection would feel impossible if there were mistakes, traumas, misdeeds or flaws from the past. Sapphire seemed able to resolve such issues through a realization that we came with a sense of perfection and that we will one day accomplish perfection again. In a sense we have always had the matrix of perfection with us, it just seems to be a transit or an illusion that we are imperfect in the here and now. This veil of the manifested reality that makes us far away from our origin or final destination is removed by the gemstones.

All the gemstones we have experienced so far had in common, that they were able to connect us with a timeless state before time and space. This is a state where before and after unites into a crystalline structure where everything is coherently connected. 

In Garnet it was about the illusion of separation with loved ones, and a realization that even the dead are still close. 
In Amethysts it was a sense of disconnection with the highest unity and a realization that we are always one with the Godhead. 
In Jaspis it was about the illusion of separation with your inner autonomy or destiny, and the illusion you had to adjust to others. 
In Sapphire it was a separation from perfection and an illusion of being imperfect.

We experienced that all of them facilitated a connection with a state that could be described as so subtle or primal that it was before separation of time and space, a state that felt like just being, without motion or action, just being as we always were mend to be, or heading back to become again. Almost like in a lattice of a Chrystal were every part is coherently connected or entangled in unity. The one before you above you under you or behind you are all the same as you.

Imagine a guru, spiritual leader a sheik, a king, a kaiser, a bishop, a Khomeini or any other figure of mastery or leadership. His or her idea is to be the perfect leader, like a star or gemstone in the mind and soul of their followers. They have a projection to live up to. But nobody on earth is perfect!

So there would be a polarity of the feeling inside with the external appearance. Imagine a leader being next to perfect, with perfect partner and family, perfect educational and social background, perfect looks, and appearance, a perfect home in a perfect area. Everything is perfect. Can you imagine the pressure and strain one could feel to remain in that perfection? Not to do any mistakes or of the surroundings or his/her family creating a situation that makes cracks in the perfect surface?

Perfection in this sense is static. To evolve you need to get dirt on your hands. What you learn most from are your mistakes.

In the exploration we felt an open mind for change, towards the new. It helped you to let go of the past, to let go of where ever we felt stuck. To let go of your past identity, your past role, your delusion of who you thought you had to be. To be clear, honest and truthful to your self and your identity.

This is like facing the truth. Like standing face to face with the real. A strong feeling of wanting to face things just as they really are, or to have real genuine contact is what we acquired from this gem.

Truth is hidden in the eye, said Omraam Mikael Aivanhov. And many of us felt an affinity for the eye with Sapphire.

Gemstones are created under big heat and pressure.
Many of the participants felt an aggravation from heat, hot spicy food or alcohol together with dryness of lips and skin, with cracking, as well as broken arteries in the eyes or other places. All this could indicate an internal heat, leading to dryness. A pronounced thirst for cold water in many of the participants confirmed that. Heat flushes and burning sensations add to this as well. Also feeling hot with virility, and vitality.

After conducting this experiment we researched some information on the use and application of Sapphire and the resemblance was striking.

Synthetic sapphire is used for shatter resistant windows in armored vehicles and body armor suits. In the “ceramic body xenon lamp”, sapphire crystal output windows are used because they tolerate higher thermal loads. Sapphire glass

Synthetic sapphire as sapphire glass is not only highly transparent to wavelengths of light between 150 nm (Ultra violet) and 5500 nm (Infra red) (the human eye can discern wavelengths from about 380 nm to 750 nm), but it is also extraordinarily scratch-resistant.

So we see her a stuck hard solid substance resistant to scratching and abrasion. With 9 on the Mohs scale, it is the 3rd hardest natural substance next to moissanite and diamonds.  It has an extremely high melting temperature (2030 °C). With its very wide optical transmission band from UV to near-infrared  (0.15-5.5 µm) it become significantly stronger than other optical materials or standard glass windows.

We can sum this up as a clarity or transparent honesty or truth, so you can see things with your eye as they are.
And an identity or perfection that cannot be scratched or broken.

Clear transparent living true identity in contrast with a dead virtual mask as a veil of perfection could be a summary for Sapphire.


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