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Valentine with a Goddess

When you wake up with your wife
– realizing her insight sees you better than you see yourself …….

When you wake up with your wife
– realizing her heart embraces you more than you embrace yourself …….

When you wake up with your wife
– realizing her words opens your heart to the inner most secret chambers of your soul …….

When you wake up with your wife
– realizing her truth also was true before you understood …….

When you realize her touch, words, looks, feelings, thoughts, simply her mere presence in you life heals your deepest wounds and facilitates your development and mastery in life …….

When you wake up with your wife
– realizing her love is beyond the span of this life …….

Then you realize you are married to a Goddess!

Ouroborus, eating the tale with the head – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

In different esoteric traditions man is regarded primarily as a soul. A soul suspended between his body in the physical world on one side and the spirit in the spiritual world on the other.
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The body is just a vehicle for the soul in this lifetime, it is an expression of your roots both genetically as well as from the pre-existing soul. Your soul is the container of all your experiences and how you have digested them. The possible experiences of the soul are endless.

The spirit on the other side, represent what you left to become a soul and will return to as you approach the goal on your journey back to the spiritual world. The spirit is oneness and as you re-unite everything in your soul life you realize more and more of the spiritual unity that always was. The spirit is eternal the soul is endless; time and space.

This are the two driving forces in you, one that moves towards unification of space an other that drives you back from time to eternity. (Read about the driver and the connector here)

As your soul develops you get to a stage called the magic mirror where you star to look at your own journey and see that you are at this stage due to where you came from and that your next step forward is dependent on your last step from the past. To evolve forward you need to deal with your past.

The initiates symbolised this process with the Ouroborus eating its own tail. You use the highest parts of your soul being strongly in contact with spirit to transform the lower aspects of your soul being closely connected to your body.

The first step
Most humans today have reached a stage with a rational mind. Eating the tail in this case is to look at your own emotions and how you deal with things. Reflecting your emotional life on the mirror of your mind makes you judge your reactions. This cultivates wisdom. You realize that your emotions are like a weaver between you and other people. Some emotions create strong ties others cut the tread. Each time you look at your own emotions with the rational mind you become a bit wiser. As your wisdom grows you become more detached and you succumb less and less to the emotional realm. As you approach the second step you have become a wise man or woman.

The second step

As you master your emotions you start to use them to desire what is good for your vitality, life and health. It becomes not so much a question of emotions as health, vitality and life.
You choose to go to bed as it gets dark outside, to expose yourself less to the electrified modern world of www, to eat healthier food, to get fresh air, clean water and spend time in nature. Additionally you do not spend your vital energies just for emotional pleasure but learn to store them and use them to fuel your spiritual growth. You also start to appreciate the journey within your self, inwards to the internal realms. The care for yourself, for nature and for life creates an unconditional love toward everything. At this stage the ouroborus is eating all life-killers in its love and care for what gives you vitality. As you approach the third step you have become a saint.

The third step
This step is rare and requires such a radiant vitality from your previous steps that you eat with the head of the ouroborus the most material dead parts of yourself.
When you have reached this step you are at the gate between life and death and can die at will or consciously. It also frees you from the body and this earth. It is a state of deep inner peace. At this stage you have reached mastery on Earth.

The meal of bread and wine
You have eaten the bread of wisdom and drunken the wine of love and now they unite as truth and the will to follow a higher will within yourself.

After Abram returned from defeating Chedorlaomer and the kings allied with him, the king of Sodom went out to meet him in the Valley of Shaveh (that is, the King’s Valley). Then Melchizedek king of Salem (Peace) brought out bread and wine – since he was priest of God Most High and he blessed Abram and said: “Blessed be Abram by God Most High, Creator of heaven and earth and blessed be God Most High, who has delivered your enemies into your hand.” Then Abram gave Melchizedek a tenth of everything. (Genesis 14:18-20)

The oroborus in Egypt
Here you see the Aker lions of tomorrow and yesterday which represents the magic mirror. The sun disc within the Oroborus contains Harpocrates which is Horus the child or symbol of your inner child or spiritual re-birth.

From the Papyrus of Dama-Heroub. Third Intermediate Period
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The Philosophers Stone by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Here is the site explaining the Philosophers Stone and what we can gain from it. Based on the holonistic exploration we did 1.st of March 2018.

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Explore the best way to treat yourself – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Here you can read the article

Explore the best way to treat yourself
Five important steps to self-healing or increased holonity

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Holonity – The Liver and overview – moving up or down a holon – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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This article was first published in The Magic Happens Journal (December 2016) Holon A holon is a unit a whole­ness that at the same time is a part of a big­ger whole, a big­ger holon. A holon is a part and a whole at the same time. Cells are holons, or­gans are holons and or­gan­isms are holons. A hu­man be­ing is a holon, con­sist­ing of or­gans that are holons, con­sist­ing of cells that are holons. We can per­ceive liv­ing na­ture as a hi­er­ar­chy of holons, a ho­l­archy. A hu­man be­ings big­ger holon can be the fam­ily, the col­legium at work, peers in a class, mem­bers in an or­ga­ni­za­tion, cit­i­zen­ship in a coun­try, one of hu­mankind, a mam­mal and many more. As a hu­man be­ing you both re­late to holons that are big­ger than you, where you are a part, and holons that are smaller that are con­tained in you like or­gans and cells. Is there a re­la­tion in how we hu­mans re­late up­wards to the big­ger holon or down­wards to the smaller holon? Is there a re­la­tion be­tween our or­gans and the way we re­late to oth­ers? Let us ex­plore! Hu­man re­la­tions Re­la­tions to oth­ers are mainly a ques­tion of feel­ings. We have peo­ple we re­late to with no at­tach­ment, al­most like strangers. It could be our baker that we do not say hi to, the barista in the cof­fee shop, a per­son stand­ing at the same bus stop every morn­ing, or the per­son liv­ing in the flat above or be­low you. You also have re­la­tions that are mainly pro­fes­sional with a teacher, a lawyer, your boss, em­ploy­ees, clients etc. These re­la­tion­ships can be with­out much emo­tion they are more prac­ti­cal, func­tional and part of the daily rou­tine. But some re­la­tion­ships mean much more to you they are emo­tional. They can be based on dif­fer­ent good feel­ings of joy, love, care and at­trac­tion or more trou­ble­some like those char­ac­ter­ized by fear, dis­gust, anger or re­sent­ment. These re­la­tions are the ones work­ing on us on the way to mas­tery. A good ques­tion you can ask your­self, is which feel­ings are dom­i­nat­ing your re­la­tions? Why do you end up in sim­i­lar re­la­tions again and again? And do these feel­ings re­flect spe­cific or­gans in your sys­tem? Tra­di­tional Chi­nese Med­i­cine, TCM Al­ready in the old Chi­nese med­i­cine this was ex­plored. Each of the five fun­da­men­tal or­gans were re­lated to a main feel­ing (see il­lus­tra­tion) The Liver was re­lated to anger and ir­ri­tabil­ity, the heart to joy and in­spi­ra­tion, the spleen to worry or pen­sive­ness, the lungs to grief or sad­ness and the kid­ney to fear and shock. This was not based on re­search, but on ex­pe­ri­ence and in­ner-re­al­iza­tion or in­ter-re­al­iza­tion would even be a bet­ter word. We have a source of knowl­edge within that we seem to have for­got­ten in this time in his­tory. We seem to think that re­search in the ex­ter­nal world is the most re­li­able source. De­spite the fact that many of the choices we do are based on this in­ner knowl­edge. Let us look closer at this Chi­nese knowl­edge used by ori­en­tal doc­tors, acupunc­tur­ist, tai chi, mar­tial art and qi gong prac­ti­tion­ers and many oth­ers. A bal­anced in­ner life will re­flect a bal­anced outer life. Each of these feel­ings can be un­der­stood in re­la­tion to the con­nected or­gan in Chi­nese med­i­cine. We will ex­plore one of the five in the fol­low­ing is­sues of The Magic Hap­pens mag­a­zine. We will start with the first, or start­ing el­e­ment which is wood and its or­gans liver and gall­blad­der. Liver and gall­blad­der – The wood el­e­ment The liver is con­nected to the gall­blad­der and we will ex­plore the re­la­tion closer. The liver is de­scribed as the big plan­ner and is re­lated to your overview or per­spec­tive on life. The gall­blad­der rep­re­sents the ex­ec­u­tive func­tion of ac­tion, and self-as­sertive­ness. To­gether they be­long to the el­e­ment of wood, which rep­re­sents the be­gin­ning or start of any process be it spring, early morn­ing or the first months in life. On one side the liver is the planer, hav­ing the overview, while the gall­blad­der is de­ci­sive, ex­e­cu­tion, mo­tion and ac­tion. You need both func­tions when you start a process and go into ac­tion or when you move out into the world. You need to see the sit­u­a­tion and you need to act into it. If the liver is like the court the gall­blad­der is like the po­lice. The liver is in­clud­ing all the as­pect in the whole pic­ture, the gall­blad­der is ex­clud­ing and elim­i­nat­ing. Also in the body the liver has a tremen­dous amount of func­tions while the gall­blad­der ba­si­cally stores and con­cen­trates bile. The liver has more than 500 func­tions and is hence re­lated to func­tions in many other or­gans while the gall­blad­der with its bile is like a knife that cuts the fatty parts of food into smaller pieces. You could say that the un­con­di­tional pos­i­tive re­gard of Roger­ian psy­chother­apy re­flects the liver while be­hav­iouris­tic ther­apy re­flects the gall­blad­der. One is in­clud­ing ac­cept­ing and non-judg­ing the other is con­di­tional and based on pun­ish­ment, re­in­force­ment or mod­el­ling. The liver is yin and go­ing within, the gall­blad­der is yang and go­ing out­wards. Let us see how these func­tions in the or­gans can rep­re­sent sim­i­lar func­tions in your re­la­tions. Let us say you have a fam­ily mem­ber or friend that has stolen some­thing, in­jured or even killed some­one. How do you judge, how do you re­late? The liver dri­ven per­son would try to see the big­ger pic­ture and think that in the same con­di­tions with the same abil­i­ties they might have done the same. The gall­blad­der would take on them­selves to be a part of the re­ac­tions, a judge and then act. They would say; he or she need this to ad­just his or her be­hav­iour. I will not in­vite him or her to the Christ­mas party this year, so she/​he can un­der­stand I dis­ap­prove of his con­duct. Two re­lated or­gans with op­po­site re­ac­tions. The liver and gall­blad­der rep­re­sent a po­lar­ity of yin and yang, of go­ing in­wards or out­wards, mov­ing to­wards a big­ger or smaller holon. The Liver is the per­son that is ex­pand­ing and tak­ing the big­ger per­spec­tive found within, tak­ing the whole group or com­mu­nity into con­sid­er­a­tion. The gall­blad­der is more lim­ited, elim­i­nates and ex­e­cutes. Mov­ing down a holon could also be that the in­ci­dence is not re­acted on in a con­scious way but dis­torts the con­di­tions for or­gans to work op­ti­mally. If they just get an­gry with­out any re­sponse it might in­jure the gall­blad­der even giv­ing gall­stones. Mov­ing up a holon would be to per­ceive and feel con­fi­dent that in the higher pic­ture this is part of a wise and lov­ing des­tiny or plan. That there is a un­con­di­tional pos­i­tive re­gard that is wise and lov­ing for all the per­sons in­volved. The same could be said for the laws of karma or ac­tion and re­ac­tion, that they are not a ques­tion of pun­ish­ment but cul­ti­va­tion and evo­lu­tion. With the higher holon as the ba­sis of per­cep­tion the per­son would ask what does my in­volve­ment im­ply, I got in­vol­un­tar­ily in­volved as an ob­server, but what is the les­son for me since I re­act to it? How can I take part in the heal­ing of the big­ger whole, or big­ger holon? The more evolved per­son would not even re­act, but ac­cept and per­ceive from the big­ger per­spec­tive. The yin or­gans are the ba­sic or­gans in Chi­nese med­i­cine and are writ­ten on top in the il­lus­tra­tion, the func­tions of these or­gans tend to bring you closer to the in­ner core and the big­ger pic­ture. The yang or­gans are or­gans of re­duc­tion, sep­a­ra­tion, elim­i­na­tion and break­ing things down. You can learn a lot from the re­la­tion be­tween the two or­gans within the same el­e­ment. And you can un­der­stand much by see­ing what they have in com­mon. The liver is like a per­son med­i­tat­ing and per­ceiv­ing the whole world from within, the gall­blad­der is like a man on his sports car, try­ing to see the whole world by dri­ving around like crazy. One has a in­ner peace­ful per­spec­tive the other is out­ward and ag­gres­sive. In Chi­nese med­i­cine they would say the real or­gan is the liver, the gall­blad­der is just an as­pect of the liver, or wood el­e­ment. Every or­gan is con­nected with one of the five senses and the liver is open­ing into the eyes and hence re­lated to vi­sion. We can un­der­stand the re­la­tion to the eyes with them be­ing the most im­por­tant sense to get the overview, to see, have a per­spec­tive and to move about in the world. Non of the senses can com­pete with the eyes if you want to move from one lo­ca­tion to an­other. From my stud­ies of both Chi­nese med­i­cine and ar­che­typ­i­cal sys­tems I have come to re­al­ize that the main les­son or gift from the liver ap­proach in life is the cul­ti­va­tion of truth. As you ex­plore the dif­fer­ent chal­lenges from a liver per­spec­tive your higher per­spec­tive and broader vi­sion is bring­ing you closer and closer to truth. We will ex­plore the other or­gans in the fol­low­ing ar­ti­cles. The Liver & Gall­blad­der and anger The Heart & Small in­tes­tine and joy The Spleen & Stom­ach and worry The Lungs, large in­tes­tine, grief and sep­a­ra­tion Re­lated ar­ti­cles Holonis­tic ther­apy and guid­ance – about the in­ner dri­ver and con­nec­tor – the two prin­ci­ples of heal­ing. Holonity – Heal­ing from within Holonity – Heal­ing from above down­wards Mas­tery of Life Crop Cir­cles what are they Or you can visit my BLOG

Mastery of life – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Here you can read my article in The Magic Happens Now Magazine, june 2016

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Or you can copy the URL here:

Mastery of life – you are your own “master piece” – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

Peridot (Chrysolite) 8. th holonistic gemstone exploration – Andreas N. Bjørndal

The 24. th of September 2015 we explored the gemstone Peridot


Peridot was earlier named Chrysolite. Chrysolite has confusingly also been used to name other stones and this name has hence been abandoned. Peridot is the crystalline part of the stone Olivine.

It is a green stone a Silica dioxide with Magnesium and Iron content. The old Egyptians got it from the island Zagbargad, (also called Topaze or St John´s Island). And the stone was often confounded with the more famous green gemstone Emerald (We explored emerald in the spring 2015 – read here).

Peridot has also been called Evening Emerald and Crusaders Emerald, since the crusaders brought it back with them.

The holonistic exploration of Peridot revealed its fine qualities and subtle nature.

Lightness as opposed to materialism or gravitation
It has a lightness that brought us into a state where the hold of gravity and the earth felt like it disappeared. It felt like this heaviness called gravity swiftly evaporated and was instantly gone.


Peridot lifted us up to a higher state where we felt nothing material holding us back or restricting us. This was a state where each of us merged into a higher unit, a higher whole, a higher holon. Peridot created a state where nothing anymore was isolating us or making us feel estranged from this higher unity. We were left with a peaceful energetic feeling of acceptance and presence.

The lightness in Peridot also easily dissolves what holds you down or keeps you stuck in the past, it makes you let go of the past disagreements, making it easier to move on.

If you are stuck in material possessions it makes you understand that we in reality own nothing. All we say belongs to us has sooner or later been taken or given from the external or internal world

If you purchase expensive things Peridot might even leave you with a feeling that it was completely unnecessary, or even like you regressed back to the material world.

The real reality – the origin of it all
What is not real, in the sense of being close to the source of creation, coming from the spiritual inner life becomes unimportant or even meaningless under the influence of Peridot. Through this connection with the real source Peridot helps you to see the limitations in the ordinary perspective most people have in the modern world.
It makes you question materialism, the academic approach, the flat digital world, or any other superficiality.

Modern research seems to have become a golden calf, a new religion, a scientism. The struggle towards objective truth has resulted in a chaotic cacophony of fragmented facts. To make sense out of them, you again need to introduce the subject. Let me explain.

Take a substance like coffee and look at all the research you can find, and ask yourself if you got much wiser? Ask if there are other ways of knowledge that would give you a deeper understanding of coffee? (This blog is dedicated to exploring one such approach, the holonistic way to knowledge). In the modern world experience has lost its value, it is subjective. But if you collected the experience of 20 people drinking coffee, you might get as valuable information for the importance of coffee to your life – I promise to write a blog on that. If you experience the deeper state, the real state that Peridot takes you too, you have to use your subject and you realize the limitations of any objective approach.

The original real world has lost its value for many people today. In cyber you can fly and transform things. You are a flat-screened magician. Many people and particularly young people are lost in the cyber world. (Read more here Which world are you living in?).

Peridot like all gemstones connects you with a deeper reality, a fundamental energetic state, that has been called the world of fire, or Atziluth by the Kabbalists, it is a region of reality where creation is constantly created and sustained. If this region stopped emanating all the rest would disappear according to Kabbalah. It is a region of such stability that from the earthy perspective, past, present and future seems unchanged.

This is reflected in the gemstones. Many gemstones have this ability to connect you with this realm were you realize that the future to come is already there in the past and the present. You reach a realm were you are in a state like a crystal lattice were all direction are just repeating the same. You just are!

There is no change or causations or motion here. It is just pure being. In this state, possessions, academic knowledge or flat digital reality are all extreme reduction and illusions and become thin as paper, superficial, fragmented, short lived and volatile. This explains why you feel the hold of gravity swiftly disappearing. Or why possessions of purchases feels like a regression.

Love for others
It connects you with the future by transcending the limitations of the ego and making an awareness of the group-soul, giving it a place in your life. Making the group soul live in you. Life is alive, life is exchange, and what kind of exchanges you have with other decides what parts of yourself and others you give life to. Giving life to the group soul is acting out the benefit of a bigger whole.
Periodot lifts up your exchange with others to a subtle level, where you use the best in yourself, where you give a gentle touch, a lovely smile of support, a gaze of inspiration and admiration of the spiritual aspects of your brothers and sisters of humankind.

Peridot makes you aware of the care and love for others, it brings life to the connections with the family, with your beloved, but also broadens the circle of loved ones to include people from the periphery.


This also explains how, when conflicts or disagreements are stuck, peridot helps to dissolve, letting go and transforming the situation to create a new future with increased freedom and care by letting go of the small circle and swopping to a bigger where your ego is less important.

With Peridot you see the best most spiritual or the potential in others and you approach them with the most subtle and spiritual aspect of yourself. You become a blessing to others under the influence of Peridot, even your gaze carries the blessing of the spirit.

Flow with the genuine
If you are stuck, Peridot helps you flow again, it eases bowel movements, digestion as well as the flow of vitality, energy and spirituality. It makes the water flow. With Peridot you flow smoothly and harmoniously through situations that earlier were challenging or kept you stuck. It reconnects you with the original belonging and love to all human kind as well as life on earth and all the beings in the universe.
It makes you genuinely understand how we belong together, and hence the connection you now feel is real, truthful and congruent. It takes away any feeling of shame or not accepting of yourself or others, it brings you closer to the truth.

Affinity to lungs and upper respiratory track
Constipation, borborygmus, loose stools

Numbness, paralysis or detached
Stuck, constricted, blocked or twisted feeling
Borborygmus, loose stools and overflowing

Reappearing of old symptoms

TCM: Metal element, Lung-Colon
Archetypes: Young Boy – Mature Woman

Thank you for your time!

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Aquamarine – 9. th holonistic gemstone exploration – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

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Aquamarine in short
Aquamarine, like the clear transparent blue sea unites you with an expanded perspective of reality. It calms, sooths and roots you with trust through a connection and perception of truth that is for the benefit of all. If stuck it makes it easier to let go, be it of conflict by having a truthful and benevolent communication, or by making things flow again.

It is a cyclosilicate with Beryl and Aluminium; Be3Al2Si6O18



On the 29.th of October we explored Aquamarine.
This gemstone gave us an immediate feeling of lightness, elevation and expansion. It lifted up and expanded the mind to perceive the real reality from a bigger space of perspective.

It shared with us the experience of how you can contain, surround and embrace a person and at the same time be deeply united within your deeper roots, the very core of yourself. It is like you expand yourself to also embrace the other person, entering a bigger sphere that contains you both. It is like perceiving yourself and the other from a place where you and others are within the same unit. Any intention you have from this state is about what is beneficial for a bigger whole, a higher holon.

When in this state you are resting or seated in a greater awareness both in space and time. You feel you are in the here an now, in the present, you feel you are as much yourself as you are the other. In this state exchanges and activities that define change of time and difference in location become transcended, like they did not happen. Rather than getting triggered in the exchange of words and mimics you are deeply connected within you and the other. There is no need for exchange of single thoughts or ideas when you emerge into this common mind. It is a more quiet peaceful state.

Aquamarine connects you to a place of bigger truth, with pure intentions of goodness and benefit for the All. This is a good state to connect to when you need to tell something sad, bad, critical or difficult to somebody. It is also a good gemstone to connect to when a person of authority might be telling you something about yourself or your children that is critical or an assessment that you could find challenging. Even if you are in court, aquamarine can help to connect you with a state that transcends the dispute and gives you peace of mind, security of a just outcome and a feeling of freedom from the conflict.

In situations where communication has become stuck aquamarine re-establish the flow or dissolves the conflict. It does this by connecting you with something bigger than the single parts in a conflict, a state that represent a higher purpose, perspective or truth. A truth that transcends your own and the others and that has always been there. That gives you clarity of thought and speech.

Aquamarine also helps you to express the truth, to express yourself in a caring but clear and truthful way with a smooth flow. Rather than things becoming dry, constipated, obstructed, tight, tense and full of contradiction, aquamarine gives a lightness, clarity, freedom and flow to everything.

Anything that is stuck, like if you are obstinate, constipated, dwelling in the past, when things seems heavy and challenging, aquamarine helps you to get out of that state, to make things flow, it lets you make a new start. Actually to be more precise it is not a question of restarting but of returning to the original state of freedom and life. This returning is not a regression as you take with you your gained experience, but perceive it now from a state of joy, lightness and gratitude.

Gratitude of being reconnected with the real reality, of being lifted up to a more truthful and peaceful state, of taking good choices with ease and bringing spirituality into the situation and into your daily life as such.

When connected with aquamarine, you find it natural to help friends and family and the people in your life by letting them enjoy the uplifting, by giving them gentle words, you are in a state of generosity and surplus. This also explains how aquamarine dissolves conflicts, tensions and stuck situations.

The name Aquamarine, aqua-marine is water-sea or sea water. It is likely that when it was given name, the name giver perceived its qualities. With this perspective we can understand how things too condensed and stuck, starts to flow, also the vast perspective and feeling of belonging to a bigger unit. The state of transparency, clarity and flowing are all in accord with this. As water floats so does also Aquamarine dissolves illusion that keeps you stuck. It gives you a new perspective that clarifies your mind and makes your speech and communication smooth and flowing.

The flowing, clear, transparent bluish light is common for the stone as for the name it bears.

Skjermbilde 2015-12-07 kl. 13.18.48

According to the Kabbalah the qualities of Aquamarine corresponds to the sphere of Hesed in The Tree of Life. Hesed means “loving-kindness” and is associated with Jupiter and qualities like truth, justice, expansion, vision and perspective as well as the colour blue.

We can understand aspects of Aquamarine in the polarity that is between Hesed and Hod, Jupiter and Mercury, Pieces and Virgo or Sagittarius and Gemini or Mature woman and Young boy.

All of them have a polarity between something great expansive and the small parts or fragments, or the perceiver rather than the exchanger.

Aquamarine connects you to the qualities represented by Hesed. Aquamarine makes it easier to reconnect with a higher purpose, meditate, establish a sacred sanctuary in your home, a regular spiritual practice etc.

Instead of being stuck in the fragments of Hod, misunderstandings, chaos and restlessness it reunites you with an expanded perception that roots and grounds you to the spiritual world with truthful, genuine peace.

Gemstones and Atziluth
The holonistic explorations of 2015 has shown us that with all the gemstones you get in touch with a state that is more basic, original or even more static, but it is in a peaceful and expanded way. If you imagine the lattice of a crystal moving up or down, left or right it is all the same, movement does not make a difference. It is like all these states unite into a common state that connects them all, or like being in a state where any motion or activity is a manifestation of that potential you are connected with. Even if minerals are crude, and not so developed as the other kingdoms, they seem to be in touch with a more original state. You could compare it with the paradox of evolution and involution. They are both less evolved as well as less involved. They are closer to the emanation of creation. They still have the connection with the creative fire. This world of emanation the world of fire is called Atziluth in Kabbalah.

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Flow – stuck
Let go – hold on
Trust/surrender – Tension/deadline
Justice – injustice
Peace – restlessness
Lightness – heaviness
Playful – serious
Potential – manifested
Generosity – sadness
Truth – lie
Consolidation – conflict
Connected – disconnected
Soothing – quarrelling
Wet – dry
Blue – yellow

One sided
Left side
One-sided pain; left or right


Pressure in the third eye
Ear – membrane

Loss of voice
Throat infection
Sore and dry in throat and pharynx.

Stiffness in shoulders

Pain in gallbladder
Abdominal rumbling, load

Heel pains

Desire, coconut, sweets, healthy sweets
Aversion sugar

Takes away delusion of separation, misunderstand, dispute or disagreement

There where situations with confusion if mobiles and computers were open or closed, black or light on screens at wrong times and questions if things had been published or not online.

Incidences of water pipelines that broke, that could not hold the pressure anymore and water flowing.

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