Tak­ing the bull by the horns – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

You can re­peat your mis­takes again and again or face them and change them. You can post­pone again and again or take ac­tion. You can sup­press again and again or ex­press by open­ing the closed drawer, get­ting some fresh air or let the feel­ings flow.

Tak­ing the bull by the horns is all about fac­ing your own mi­rage, go­ing through the gate and take the first step to­wards your po­ten­tial, your fu­ture, your goal.

Tak­ing the bull by the horns is fac­ing your an­i­mal na­ture, ac­cept it as it is, feel what you feel, but ask your­self what is the next step to­wards im­prove­ment, to­wards mas­tery.

Saint Michael or Saint George and the dragon is about the same story, to face, re­late to, be hon­est with what you feel and then mas­ter the an­i­mal, the bull or the dragon.

You can read more sim­i­lar ar­ti­cles at holonity.com

PS: Orig­i­nal draw­ing is in black and white of the catch­ing of the Nor­we­gian rein­deers by Ar­nulf Bjørn­dal, col­ors of the north­ern lights added by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

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