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Tarazed (The Plundering Falcon): Spoil and plunder, imagination, strong passions, will, clairvoyance, fame, powerful mind. Fortunate; Mars/ Jupiter

29° Capricorn

Janduz interpretation, rewritten by Astrotheme

“In an aviary, a man plays the flute amid birds and shiny bubbles.”

Superficial, daring, and unpredictable character endowed with strong powers of seduction. One can be successful in animal taming and training, or in prestidigitation. More often than not, wealth is acquired through a nice marriage.

An architect carefully surveying old ruins.
What is to be seen is the outer skeleton of things. What is to be known is the inner essence of things. The code, the extraordinary revelation, the realization is there inherently in the very substance of existence. A practiced eye can see inside, can penetrate and illuminate. The schooling in perception comes between lives and then overshadows each and every idea or notion anybody can come up with. But to access and do honor to this advanced faculty is rare. For seeing the whole truth is excruciating to the ego-mind. And therefore the battle is on to awaken to your innermost truth, or to succeed brilliantly in adapting your truth to the marketplace, selling your soul to the highest bidder.


KEYNOTE: The ability to see the Signature of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one’s attention.

Man has always sought to interpret the meaning of events or situations which baffle him in terms of specific omens or “Signatures.” The reading of tea leaves is only a commonplace modern version of a certain type of procedure used by priests of all ancient religions. The practice is based on a realization of “the relation of everything to everything else” — a definition of astrology given by Marc Jones. Dream interpretation in depth psychology belongs to the same category, as it is based upon the establishment of a close connection between the unconscious and the conscious. But in dream analysis the individual unconscious, at least at first, is mainly referred to, while in omens (or modern fortune-telling at its best) one relies upon the power of occult forces or entities to convey the information that will clarify confusing situations.

This fourth stage symbol can be referred to a specific “technique” of understanding or evaluation. What is implied is the ability not only to perceive the facts of everyday existence, but to see through these facts and discover how they are related to the realm of basic meanings or archetypal processes. This is essentially what is meant by true CLAIRVOYANCE, the capacity to see in everything the Signature of deeper realities.

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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