Tau – Cross

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Tau  T  400

Suares: Dallet-Mem-Tav (4.40.400): the physical resistance of structures, Dallet (4) finds its purveyor in the maternal waters, Mem (40), where all life originates. Tav (400) is the exaltation of the entire cosmic existence in its utmost capacity to resist to life-death. The root Dallet-Mem (Dam) is “blood” in Hebrew and the root Mem-Tav (Met) is “death.” Thus the two together express the complete cycle of existence.

Meaning of letter symbol
Cross, brand, mark, Tau,
musical note, letter of alphabet, sign, symbol,
cross within a circle; cross branded on camels and horses;
wild ox;
twin, desire, longing, lust,
bed chamber, cell,
holy of holies;
come ye, again, furthermore

∑ Sigil, sign, signature, cross, holy of holies


Tav (400) is the cosmic resistance acting in projection from Dallet (4) through Mem (40) and thus is the ultimate end or finality of all resistance and response. It is also the final Hebrew letter. It can be viewed as the receptacle or tabernacle of the life of Aleph ascending through all of the Autiot. Thus is is here that a rebound or ultimate opposition to Aleph is found by literally reflecting Aleph as would a perfect hard cosmic mirror. Thus it reflects an energy equal and opposite to Aleph and it’s here that the two flows Aleph to Tav and Tav back to Aleph, always giving life when they are in balance, can be viewed as originating. Suares, Spectrograms

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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