Teth – Coiled snake



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Tet, T 9


Suares: Tayt, no. 9, as archeytpe of the primeval female energy, draws its life from Hayt and builds it gradually into structures.

Meaning of letter symbol
Serpent, coiled serpent;
something rolled up or twisted together;
cross within the circle;

∑ Coiled, internalized, Seed, hibernation, latent, genetics


Tayt (9). With this Aut we are becoming closer to existence than any other Aut so far, for it is a result of Hhayt — a direct formation of the concept of “come together”, the primary cell. In a sense it is similar to Bayt (2) and Hhayt (8) in its action, but it is more defined than these two. It is any focus or center of concentration of energy. In the theory of General Relativity it may be the black hole. It is female in its action; it is a further summing up of the wave function represented by Hhayt in a special way giving rise to a primary structure of a coil or a womb, a place for birth to begin.

And this ends the first row elements and begins the second row which is the projection of these seeds into existence, space-time on this side of the wall of light. The second row ranging from 10 to 90 because they are actualised i.e. the seeds have reached the first stage of their evolution, these symbols often appear opposities of their seedlings just above them. Suares, Spectrograms

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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