The amazing meaning of the word Kabbalah – QBLH – by Andreas N. Bjørndal

In many of the old languages each letter has a unique meaning in itself.
It started with pictures like we see in China and the Egyptian hieroglyphs. As society evolved the need to write faster made writers simplify pictures. Eventually they developed into the signs and letters used today. The letters of today just carry a sound.

The development of the letter A from an Ox head to the contemporary A

The ox head turned upside down to become the A we use today (See illustration). If you notice the early hebrew version (in bold) you can also see how easy it becomes the modern hebrew letter Aleph (A) meaning ox.

The pictures with meaning and concepts turned into letters with the same meaning and concepts, but as they developed the meanings got lost.

When we want to understand the word Kabbalah, we need to understand it was written with four letters Q B L H, each with a part of the meaning of the whole word.

It is more like putting four symbols or even pictures together to represent a little story.

Let us look at this story hidden in the word QaBaLaH.

But first we need to understand the hidden structure based on 3x3x3 that constructs the Hebrew alphabet.
Each letter represents a number;
The nine first letters are the numbers from 1 to 9.
The nine next letters are the numbers from 10-90
and the last nine the numbers from 100 to 900 ( See illustration below)

As you can see the alphabet consists of 27 letters. Out of which 22 are unique and five have two forms (The red arrows in the illustration goes from their form within a word to their form when written at the end of a word making them the “final” version of the letter).
Kaph or letter with value 20 becomes Final Kaph with value 500. Mem with value 40 becomes Final Mem with value 600 etc.

One last thing before we will explain QBLH. As you can see the letters are also aligned verticaly. Aleph value 1, Yud value 10 and Qoph value 100 represent the same quality in three different stages.

These three stages are:
1. Archetype or principal with nine different archetypes. Here you have the nine basic qualities from 1 to 9. Within themselves they represent a progression that reflects any process in nature or the universe, such as creation itself. All of them divided into nine stages.

2. The second level has the same progression horisontaly (represented in the numbers 10 to 90), but here we talk about the manifested world. Where each archetype is manifested into an existent thing, a holon.

A holon is something that is a part of a bigger whole and at the same time a wholeness itself with smaller holons. That could be a cell, and organ, an organism, a family, the earth, the solar system and many other things. The nine “tens” are regarded as imperfect variations that are on their way towards perfection.

3. The final range of the hundreds (100-900) represent perfection, the complited process where a holon has aligned itself with the bigger whole, the bigger holon it belongs too in complete holonity (degree of alignement with the bigger holon). If your organs are in good harmony with your body you are healthy and the organs have a high degree of holonity.

This structure is also manifested in the Hebrew verbs where we have two forms imperfect and perfect. You are in the action or the action is completed. So the 9 first archetypes (1-9) are either in action (10-90) or they have completed the task (100-900).

So Aleph the first letter with value 1, manifests as Yud with value 10. Or you could say Yud represent Aleph when it is “in action”, incarnated, manifested as a holon. Qoph nr 100 represent Yud when it has completed its process and regained unification with its source, its perfection. Reaching the goal is the same as returning to the start, but with gained experience and mastery. All the hundreds represent this kind of mastery, each of a different of the nine qualities or archetypes

The meaning of QBLH
This brings us to the first letter of QBLH the Qoph with value 100. We now know that the letters just mentioned; Aleph (1), Yud (10) and Qoph (100) are the same quality or stage. We also know that Qoph the first letter in QBLH or kabbalah is the perfected version.

Let us explore Qoph
Aleph is letter nr 1 and represents oneness or unity of the all. When everything is united all becomes the same as nothing. LINK
Let us imagine The All or God as Omnipotent (Allmighty), omniscient (Allknowing) and omnipresent (Allwhere) Oneness. Being everywhere, eternaly and one. Then time and space becomes coherently united.

If you can imagine that everything is united in oneness, there is no space nor time. There is only being, pure existence of God and nothing else. That is represented by the highest aspect of God in the Tree of Life being conceptualised as “I am that I am” (LINK)

The kabbalist Carlo Suares says Aleph is the paradox of all and nothing.

In as much as Aleph represent this Oneness and Allness, yud represents the incarnated oneness, the individuality or self.
God as Jesus or Man as such. The self-awareness of “I”, “Yo”, “Ich” etc in different languages reflects the sound of Yud and represents the feeling of being individable or an individual. Each individuals are just one unique aspect of the bigger whole and as such they are imperfect (10) until they reunite with the All and One again (100).

Individuals that work on perfection, mastery in life or towards the reunion with God, or just with a higher holon like creating lasting harmony in the family, in a group or population are in a Qoph process. When the holon of the individual increases its holonity it adjusts and aligns itself to a higher holon. Of this is all the way to the All and nothing or God. They might express it as: Thy will be done!

The first letter of QBLH is related to the process of connecting with God or the spiritual realm, to connect with a bigger whole and transcend the ego. Any spiritual work where you aspire towards the higher or let the higher take hold of you is a Qoph process.

Let us explore Beth
The next letter is Beth with value 2. Beth means house or the principle of a container. Beth is also the preposition “In and within”. It reflects the idea of a holon. In that sense Beth is both your body, your family or house and any group you belong to. Beth indicates that the process is in a group or embodied within yourself.

Working in a group is like an amplifier. Anybody that has sung in choir or played in a band or meditated in a group has experienced that. Your spiritual group is the bigger holon you as a holon belong to and the first step towards transcending your own limitations as an individual

Let us explore Lammed
The third letter is Lammed, with value 30. Lammed means sheperd´s staff or ox goad. It is the principle of training and educating. It has the quality of exchange and communication incarnated or manifested. This letter is the most vertical letter in the Hebrew alphabet and signifies learning, teaching and scolar work in the spiritual work it represents the vertical process of light, enlightenment and inner knowledge.

So now we know that work of mastering and reconnecting with the spiritual is the first letter Qoph. This work in a group or embodied in to your core is the second letter Beth. If there is exchange of light so you get enlightened in the group or you achieve inner realization and inner knowledge with your work you have incluced Lammed.

Let us explore the last letter Heh
Heh means window and has the value five. In the old times a window was not made of glas, it was just a whole in the wall. It was as much a place for fresh air as for light. Heh is connected with the breath of life. In the spiritual realm it means that you are in an ongoing exchange with the spiritual world.
Jesus sayings “Take up your cross and follow” and “let the dead bury the dead” are about this spiritual life. Let the wordly behind take your challenge in life and master it through a spiritual approach.
Heh means that QBL has to be a spiritual living process to become QBLH.

So any work that connects you back to the source, to the God head to the ALL and Oneness (Q) in a group or within yourself (B) so you become inspired, illuminated and learn (L) in a spiritual living way (H) is QBLH or Kabbalah.

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