The Book of Na­ture is in The Heart of The Earth – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

Ha Aretz
is the old bib­li­cal He­brew word for The Earth and has some mar­vel­lous se­crets to re­veal to us. In He­brew, every let­ter is a pic­ture or con­cept and hence closer to the old Egypt­ian lan­guage with hi­ero­glyphic pic­tures than mod­ern Eng­lish. The He­brew lan­guage has its root in the old Egypt­ian lan­guage.

To con­vey mean­ing in Eng­lish, you would need a com­bi­na­tion of a few words what we call a sen­tence. With hi­ero­glyphs, every let­ter is a pic­ture or a set of words.

Take the word Pharaoh or Per aa as it is writ­ten with two let­ters or hi­ero­glyphs, see il­lus­tra­tion. Com­bines two con­cepts; House and great or ruler. That can be read as Pharaoh, or the ruler in the house or the great house or palace. It con­veys the palace the pharaoh and the ruler of the whole coun­try as the biggest house as well as the one that is ruler in his own house and hence a mas­ter.

In mod­ern lan­guages, let­ters are re­duced to a sound and a shape. To­day, they are even re­duced to a touch on a screen or a click on a key­board. Vi­sions be­came paint­ings, paint­ings be­came writ­ing and writ­ing be­came typ­ing.

The word Earth in He­brew car­ries a deeper mean­ing a deeper un­der­stand­ing, let­ters were se­lected to make a com­po­si­tion of the qual­i­ties of the con­cept not to make sounds.

Aretz or A R Tz has three let­ters Aleph, Resh and Tsadde (fi­nal). Each let­ter has a mean­ing. Aleph means Ox, Resh means Head and Tsadde mean hook in its sim­ple un­der­stand­ing.

But go­ing deeper Aleph is the cre­ative en­ergy, the fire of cre­ation. It is the same hot core deep in­side the earth that is the roots of its ori­gin. A fire that as it cooled down and made a crust made it pos­si­ble to man­i­fest the life forms we have now.

Resh is the con­cept of a cos­mic con­tainer or spir­i­tual seeds. The seeds of every el­e­ment, every life form.

Tsadde is the com­ple­tion of cre­ation the re­turn­ing of every spir­i­tual seed to its orig­i­nal state in the bo­som of the cre­ator af­ter its ex­pe­ri­ence of its com­plete jour­ney through evo­lu­tion (read more about the He­brew let­ters here).

The Earth, Ha Aretz is the place that the fire of god, em­bod­ies all life forms to com­plete their jour­ney of re­turn. The re­turn to where they came from, the re­turn to a big­ger and big­ger whole, a big­ger and big­ger holon un­til they con­nect with the biggest whole of all. Evo­lu­tion is dri­ven by the big­ger holon cre­at­ing har­mony within it­self so called holonity. Fi­nally The All is united and the all be­comes the same as noth­ing­ness.

So, deep in­side the earth the seed of God is buried, is burn­ing like a hearth of love that con­nects every­thing to its source and pulls it back through cy­cles of evo­lu­tion and in­vo­lu­tion. Daily cy­cles, yearly cy­cles and many much big­ger cy­cles. The heart of the earth car­ries the se­cret of the book of na­ture.

Holon, unity and wholeness, holonistic knowledge, self-development, spirituality, nature and mysticism as the way to truth

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