The Choice of a Mys­tic God – by An­dreas N. Bjørn­dal

Ex­ter­nal phys­i­cal na­ture is easy to ob­serve and re­late to. The in­ter­nal world is so sub­tle that many peo­ple doubt its ex­is­tence.
The outer na­ture is easy to per­ceive be­cause it is ma­te­r­ial, con­sist­ing of dif­fer­ent com­po­nents or parts and it has a strong de­ter­min­is­tic or causal el­e­ment. We can touch na­ture, we can dis­cern stones, plants and an­i­mals and we can pre­dict out­comes from ex­pe­ri­ence and knowl­edge. In short you can say we are on top of it. We ob­serve it as from the peak of the moun­tain and our in­tel­li­gence can un­der­stand it.

With the in­ter­nal world it is dif­fer­ent. We are not on top. It can­not be touched in the same ob­jec­tive way. It can­not be cut into com­po­nents or pre­dicted as we pre­dict the outer world. Now, we are the part of a big­ger whole or holon.

As long as you limit your­self with your­self be­ing the high­est per­spec­tive, you could say your ego is blind­ing you, you are too closed or not hum­ble enough or too iso­lated and dis­con­nected to the spir­i­tual world.

We have a free will and our life is full of choices. As we start to per­ceive the in­ner na­ture we choose to see things dif­fer­ently.
We choose to ac­cept that na­ture is as much en­ergy as it is mat­ter; even more we see that mat­ter is just the end re­sult. Mat­ter is the phys­i­cal man­i­fes­ta­tion of en­ergy. Func­tion makes struc­ture!
The func­tion of bud­ding and flow­er­ing is en­er­getic, it is a will, an in­ten­tion or de­sire, not the play of mol­e­cules alone.

Next, we start to per­ceive every man­i­fes­ta­tion as a re­sult of an aware­ness. At this point, re­al­ity it­self be­comes an aware­ness or ex­pe­ri­ences of the soul rather than the body. When you choose to per­ceive re­al­ity from your soul and your ex­pe­ri­ence, you start to see that you can change re­al­ity. You can change how you per­ceive things. You start to see that you can ex­pe­ri­ence be­long­ing even with ma­te­r­ial ap­par­ently dead things. You start to see that more and more things are in­ter­con­nected, en­tan­gle­ment and syn­chronic­ity turns up around every cor­ner. All the laws of the phys­i­cal na­ture can be bro­ken with­out any doubt in your mind and you will even per­ceive it as more real.

Re­al­ity, at this stage, is a mys­tery. Deep chal­lenges are met with re­spect, con­fi­dence and trust. Chal­lenges are not only yours but part of a wise, lov­ing plan. You start to re­al­ize you are part of some­thing big­ger, some­thing that is wanted, has a plan and a mean­ing. You be­long to a big­ger whole­ness a big­ger holon.

You per­ceive the hard times as some­thing mould­ing you, trans­form­ing you and mak­ing you a bet­ter ver­sion, ser­vant or player. You be­come more and more will­ing to sub­mit and adapt to the big­ger holon. You are not so much YOU any­more but more and more a part of a group or so­ci­ety. You step out cir­cle by cir­cle as you tran­scend the fam­ily, neigh­bour­hood, na­tion and reach the world with the whole hu­man kind. You can even tran­scend fur­ther and fur­ther to in­clude the eter­nal vast­ness.

As you give up your­self to tune your­self with a big­ger whole or holon, you in­crease your holonity. You adapt more and more, you merge with the spir­i­tual sea, the uni­ver­sal ocean that your soul al­ways was swim­ming in. You also start to recog­nise the small mes­sages that has been talk­ing to your mind or soul, the in­ner com­pass try­ing to show you the course of the path, the im­pulses, in­tu­ition and syn­chronic­ity that takes care of you. Re­al­iz­ing that one cir­cle of aware­ness is part of a big­ger cir­cle and again be­ing part of some­thing big­ger, mov­ing from global to so­lar, from galac­tic to uni­ver­sal or meta-uni­ver­sal you per­ceive God as om­nipresent, om­nipo­tent wis­dom and love as much fa­therly as moth­erly as much vast as eter­nal and at the same time with no ex­ten­sion as well as com­pletely time­less noth­ing­ness.
Good choice of a mys­tic God.

P.S. La­ni­akea is the name of the vast clus­ters of galax­ies close to our own milky way, this is our home in the closer part of the uni­verse.

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